SafeLink is a federal program that offers low-income persons free phone service and airtime each month if they qualify and meet the requirements. One user at a time may use this service. SafeLink Internet, LLC is a wired and wireless telecommunications operators company based in Rupert, Idaho, in the state of Idaho. You could then wonder if I can upgrade my SafeLink phone. Yes, that is feasible. As a result, this article will walk you through the complete SafeLink phone upgrade procedure.

    Before proceeding, everyone needs to understand what is meant by the “SafeLink Wireless phone upgrade.” Any purchase or other means of obtaining a new or secondhand smartphone that outperforms the current one is referred to as a phone upgrade. For this reason, it is called an Upgrade. The opposite of an upgrade is a downgrade, in which case you would buy or switch to a phone that was inferior to your prior one, which is something we rarely do.

    We will discuss the “SafeLink phone upgrade” if you are a SafeLink customer who wants the upgrading process. Any other phones bought elsewhere and subsequently connected to the SafeLink network are also considered part of the “SafeLink phone upgrade” (used with their SIM card). They provide a Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) option, which makes this possible. We’ll start by examining the reasons for and timing of your desire to upgrade your SafeLink phone. The SafeLink Phone Upgrade Policy and the activation process will then be discussed.

    Various Reasons To Upgrade Your SafeLink Phone

    New phone models are hitting the market at an unprecedented rate these days. People are continuously drawn to desiring the newest model because each major firm typically releases several versions each year. Thus, one of the primary motivations for phone upgrades is the sheer desire to own the newest model.

    A more sensible option, though, would be to upgrade your phone when the one you already have starts to malfunction or entirely fails. These days, this usually occurs after two years. You can decide to upgrade your phone because you’ve misplaced it, it was stolen, or you simply desire some features that your current model lacks.

    The same justifications support upgrading the SafeLink phone. But as you are undoubtedly aware, SafeLink is entirely committed to the Lifeline plans. They also provide free government smartphones as part of their deals (in specific locations). These phones are entry-level models, so while they can easily handle simple activities, they might not be adequate for your needs. As a result, you might choose to upgrade your SafeLink phone.

    About SafeLink Phone Upgrade Policy

    There isn’t a fixed upgrading policy in place at SafeLink for your upgrades. You can upgrade anytime, provided you have completed all eligibility conditions and submitted a valid application for one of their Lifeline plans.

    Whether or not you receive a free smartphone with your SafeLink Lifeline plan depends on where you live. If not, you will need to bring your own phone, which you can use with the SafeLink SIM card if you already have one, buy a new one somewhere else, or both.

    There won’t be any compatibility problems if you are upgrading by buying your new device from SafeLink, but if you are bringing a device from somewhere else, ensure it is unlocked and compatible with SafeLink Wireless’s network.

    Upgrade Your SafeLink Phone for Free – The Steps

    You must sign up with the provider and be an eligible member of SafeLink to upgrade your SafeLink phone. When you upgrade, you have the option of bringing your own phone or selecting from a selection that is offered. Your preferred phone should function with the SafeLink wireless network. However, the steps I took to upgrade my SafeLink phone are described in more detail below.

    1) Ensure your phone is compatible with the SafeLink network

    You must ensure that your phone is compatible with the SafeLink wireless service to upgrade your SafeLink phone. Purchasing a phone only to discover later that it is incompatible can aggravate. To prevent such a mix-up, you must be informed about which phone providers provide SafeLink compatible phones. Mobile devices such as the LG221c, The Big Easy, Samsung S425G, SamsungT330G, LG 840G, and Motorola W376g are examples of those that work with SafeLink.

    2) Gather all the information

    You can call your service provider, in this case, SafeLink Wireless, to find out which phones are compatible with their service to be sure that you have all the necessary information. Do some internet research on the phone’s features and offerings. The camera, computing power, memory, display, and other significant aspects should be considered in this situation. The features you consider should be better than those on your phone right now.

    3) Get the right device

    When you’re happy with the phone, check with your provider to make sure you made the appropriate decision. A good choice meets your needs and fixes your issue with your old phone. Contact SafeLink Technical Assistance if you require any additional help with your phone selection.

     Bring your own phone (BYOP) or pick from a choice of phones they sell are both options for upgrading your SafeLink phone. Also available is a free phone upgrade. Only SafeLink Wireless subscribers who sign up for a free government phone are eligible for this promotion.

    Your primary phone is given to you once you sign up; however, it depends on what is available. The advantage is that you can freely upgrade to the newest models of phones accessible; you are not forced to keep with it.

    4) Activate the phone

    The activation of SafeLink is quick and easy. Since it is done online, you may complete it at home in the comfort of your own home. You must physically insert your SafeLink SIM card in your new or existing phone as soon as it or your free SafeLink phone arrives in your mailbox, whichever comes first.

    Enter the PIN code after turning on your phone. Next, go to their official website and scroll until you find the “Activate Now” button. You can click on it to get to another page, where you must click the “Activate” button. Your phone number will need to be entered to finish the activation procedure. Simply adhere to the directions as written.

    You can contact SafeLink Wireless customer service by phone at 1-800-723-3546 or 1-800-378-1684 or look through their website’s FAQs if you have any issues.

    SafeLink Phone Upgrade Devices

    The options are virtually endless, and you can upgrade or downgrade at your discretion if you buy your phone elsewhere and connect it to the SafeLink network using their BYOP option.

    But we’ll provide you a complete list of the SafeLink Upgrade Devices offered here on their store. The cheapest phones will be listed first, and as we scroll down the list, we’ll start looking at the more expensive SafeLink phone upgrading alternatives. Phone prices range from $29 to $1499; some are brand-new while others are refurbished.

    • Alcatel MYFLIP
    • Alcatel 1X Evolve
    • Coolpad Defiant
    • Samsung Galaxy S8
    • Apple iPhone 7 Plus
    • Apple iPhone 8
    • Google Pixel 2
    • Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max
    • Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G
    • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G

    Final Verdict

    The best assortment of mobile phones and lifeline plans are SafeLink’s claims to fame. It is one of the most reliable MVNOs in the Lifeline category, offering fantastic services. Because of this, many individuals find it challenging to comprehend the idea of upgrading their phones to this network. Additionally, other advantages of upgrading should be considered rather than just the immediate ones. You receive a better phone with more modern features and capabilities. You should also be pleased with that.