How to Get Free Government Phone in Texas

Texas is the second largest state of the USA after Alaska. Texas is mostly known as developing economic state in the USA. Since Texas is a developing state, many industrial enterprises are established for business purposes. Which will create a lot of job opportunities there.

Although the United States is known as the most developing country in the world, there are still some people living below the poverty level. For those people the US government started the lifeline program under Federal Communication Commission. So that people can easily get Free Government Phone who live under the poverty line. if you live in Taxes also you can apply for the free government phone.

How can I get a free government cell phone in Texas?

Free Government Phone in Texas

When you want to get a free government you have to follow some rules and steps this are below:

Check Your Eligibility

First step to get a free government phone check your eligibility. If your income score must under 135% of the poverty guidelines, then you can easily apply for the lifeline program. 

When you apply for the lifeline program, the lifeline authority check your document. If your document is correct lifeline authority approved your application within one week, if your documents have any lack then take one month or more.

Find a Lifeline Provider

Once your application is approved, the second step you have choose a lifeline provider. There are many cell phone service providers work under lifeline program in our country. Some popular lifeline providers names are below: 

  • Access Wireless 
  • Assurance Wireless
  • enTouch Wireless
  • Life Wireless
  • Q Link Wireless
  • Safelink Wireless
  • TruConnect
  • Terracom Wireless
  • Tag Mobile
  • True Wireless

When your document is approved and lifeline provider also collect then you can sign up to get a free government phone under lifeline program.

The 5 Best Free Government Lifeline Providers in Texas

When you come to choose a lifeline provider you are confused because there are a lot lifeline provider in Texas. We are discussing about 5 best free government lifeline providers below. So that you can easily choose your best lifeline provider.

1. Access Wireless

Access wireless is one of the most popular government cell phone providers in all over the countries and texas. They provide their services more than thirty states. Access Wireless phone plan all state other than California

  • 1000 minutes talk time
  • 50MB data
  • Unlimited texts.

2. Assurance Wireless

Assurance wireless is a subsidiary of Sprint network it has a good cell phone carrier. If you live in taxes then assurance wireless might be the first choice for you to get a free government phone. Assurance wireless offer their subscribers below:

  • Free smartphone
  • Unlimited Talk and text
  • 2GB data

For california users unlimited data and texts plus 5GB data.

3. EnTouch Wireless

Entouch wireless also one of trusted free government cell phone providers of our nation. They also provide services in Texas. EnTouch wireless phone plans are below:

  • 1000 minutes talk time
  • Unlimited talk time
  • 100MB 4G data

4. QLink Wireless

Qlink wireless is one of the major players of the free government cell phone providers they also provide their services in twenty nine stases. Qlink Wireless free government cell phone plans are below:

  • 1000 minutes voice call
  • Unlimited text
  • 1GB data every month

5. Safelink Wireless

Safelink wireless is one of the biggest and old free government cell phone providers under lifeline program. They provide their services in forty states of the USA. Safelink wireless phone plan is below:

  • Free Smartphone
  • 1000 minutes talk time
  • 2GB data
  • Unlimited text


Above all are the best free government cell phone providers in taxes and most of the states of the USA. But there are also many free government cell phone providers in the USA you can choose one of them.

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