How to get Free Government Phones from Ohio

Though the United State of America is one of the most developed countries in the world but all are states are not the same developed. Ohio is one of them and the first under the Northwest Ordinance. Most of the area of Ohio is village and rural, the unemployment rate of ohio is 4.2%. 

If you are unemployed and live in ohio and also you no ability to access a new phone, then Free Government Phone is one of the best options for you. There are many cell phone services companies provide Free Government Phones under the lifeline program.

Since LIfeline is a government program so free government phone service processes of all companies is same. If you are eligible for free government phones then you can choose any one operator which is best for you and which is available to your states.

Details about how to get free government phones in ohio

free government phones in ohio

Step 1: Choose a carrier

If you want a free government phone, first of all you need to choose a carrier and register to lifeline program. You have to give right and perfect information to fill up the registration form.

Step 2: Make an application

For a free government phone the application process is so easy and simple, go to their website fill up registration form. If you are the right person then the application approve very fast if you are not then take a few weak.

Step 3: Check eligibility

After fill up the registration form lifeline authority check your eligibility, you get free government or not. The most common criteria of eligibility is your income score must under 135%.

Step 4: Collect your phone

If you are eligible and your application is approved then they give you option to collect your phone.

Step 5: Activate your plan

After the process will done then you collect your phone and your sin card.Then you need to activate which plan is best for you.

The 7 best free phone Providers in Ohio

1. Access Wireless

In the name of Free Government Cell Phone provider Access Wireless one of the major players. Access Wireless provide their services in thirty six states of USA. If you live in Ohio or other states of those, then you can easily get an access wireless free government phone.

Access Wireless offer their customers 1000 minutes talk time, unlimited text and 50MB data pack. (luckily if you are live in California then you get unlimited talk and texts plus 2GB of data).

2. American Assistance

If you search which company provide Free Government Phones, then you obviously see American Assistance name is one of best of them. They provide their services in sixteen states whereby you can get 1000 minutes voice call, unlimited text and 1GB 3G data every month. 

3. Assurance Wireless:

Assurance Wireless spread their free government phone service in forty one states of the United State of America. If you get Assurance Wireless Free Government Phone they also provide their valuable customer free android smartphone, unlimited voice calls, unlimited text and 2GB data so that you can streaming video many more and connected your friend with social media. 

4. QLink Wireless

QLink Wireless is the most popular name in cell phone service provider. They provide also Qlink Wireless Free Government Phone under lifeline program in 29 states. With Qlink service you can get 1000 minutes voice call, unlimited texts plus 1GB data.

5. Safelink Wireless

If you search a treasted cell phone provider and which customer services is best then Safelink Wireless is best for you. Safelink Wireless provide cell phone wireless services at forty states and they also work with lifeline program. Safelink Wireless Free Government Phone offer you 2GB data, 1000 minutes and unlimited texts.

6. Feelsafe Wireless

Feelsafe Wireless work with lifeline program in California, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Wisconsin. Let’s get acquainted with their service 500MB data , 500 minutes  & 500 texts every month.

7. EnTouch Wireless

If you want a Free Government Phone and you live in ohio then entouch wireless can help this process. Entouch Wireless provide free government phone in ohio and nineteen more states of USA. As like other cell phone service provider their cell phone plan is 1000 minutes free talk time, unlimited text, and 100MB 4G data so that you can browse any things fast.


As like other high rising economic states, ohio is little bit behind them. So you can easily get a Free Government Phone In Ohio and decrease your monthly mobile bill.

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