What is Verizon Lifeline Phone Service?

We start by discussing what the lifeline program is. This is a program by the government to provide communication to low-income individuals in the country. This isn’t a new service but has been there since 1985 where it offered landline services to subscribers. It’s only in 2012 where it gave a free government phone to subscribers. From then new subscribers were given a phone and some fantastic plans. This depended on the service provider. Subscribers get all this at a discount. This enables low-income earners to get phones, which were only accessible to rich people.

Verizon Wireless is the phone provider of under the lifeline program. It’s the most extensive network provider in the country covering nearly all the States in the country. Even the remotest place can get Verizon wireless free government phone service. Upon subscription, you get a wireless phone and data, and calls offer. First, you need to qualify to get the service.

Verizon Lifeline Phone Service

Who can qualify for Verizon wireless phone service?

As stated earlier, low income people qualify for this service. These are people below 135% of the poverty level line. Other eligible people are those who are subscribed to government aids such as Medicaid, housing assistance, child’s health insurance program, supplementary security program.

Generally, Verizon lifeline phone service aims to provide a phone to those people who cannot get one because of their poverty level. If you satisfy, and if the above conditions, you are free to enroll.

 Verizon lifeline phones

If you qualify, you are given a basic phone. The phone you get is among the ones which are available in the store. This does not end there. After sometimes, you can upgrade to the phone you want as long as it’s Verizon compatible. You can upgrade if your phone is damaged, stolen or if you want a new model.

Verizon phone plans

From this service, you get unlimited data plans at $80. This data plans will enable you to stream very high definition movies and videos online. In addition, you will enjoy how fast the service is. Verizon uses 4G LTE in all the states. Besides, it continues to strive to increase internet speed by adopting the 5G network.

You also get unlimited calls, both domestically and internationally. For instance, you get a free call to Mexico at $5 and to other countries worldwide for $15. Still, you get virus and malware protection for your phone to prevent malicious people who want to get your private information. Viruses pose a risk to your phone. Thanks to Verizon lifeline phone service, you don’t need to worry about your phone’s security.

Bottom line

There are so many reasons why you should subscribe to Verizon lifeline phone service. You get the fastest network connection, coverage to all parts of the country, and unlimited data and call plans. This translates to the high charges they charge for their services. If quality is what you are after, you certainly have to subscribe for Verizon wireless.

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