Top 3 Total Wireless Compatible Phones 2020

Total Wireless is a Tracfone firm that was established in twenty fifteen. This mobile phone service supplier is a mobile virtual network operator offered solely by the fourth generation LTE network of Verizon. The firm provides ideal free government smartphones, talk, texts, and unlimited data to all its consumers.  It offers a worldwide calling card that comes together with their mobile phone plans for consumers who need. It allows you to relish calling at a dollar per minute.

You’ll get to enjoy up to thirty days validity after the final day of service or a hundred and eighty days after your ultimate use. When your data is completed, you can purchase extra at ten dollars for five gigabytes or hold up for the subsequent billing cycle.

The firm enables consumers to top up their service monthly by taking part in Walmart retailers and web. So the question that might arise is what phones are compatible with total wireless? Here are some of these phones. 

Total Wireless Compatible Phones

The Best 3 Total Wireless Compatible Phones 

1. Samsung Galaxy S9

If you’re looking for total wireless compatible phones, this phone is the ideal bet. It comes with a duplex pixel camera and an immensity screen to provide you the ideal of pleasure experience. Its camera has a Pro Mode alternative that will make your pictures appear incredibly professional.

Additionally, it characterizes an AOD display that can remain on up to fifty-one hours. The presence of AOD technology will enable you to configure the phone, thus presenting you notifications that you would desire to emerge on your screen saver.

This technology, by default, can show you time, date, and cell status. The smartphone is resistant to water and can resist splashes, rain, and spills.

2. Samsung galaxy S10e

This smartphone will sparkle you with its pro-grade camera that offers you pro standard and attractive images of your neighboring. Its immensity screen is additionally cinematic, providing you coherence and extra details.

The smartphone also comes with an exceptional cell that enables sharing. Wireless PowerShare is another vital attribute of this smartphone. It enables you to enhance the energy of adjacent mobile phone wirelessly.

You can perform this by putting the mobile phone at the rear of your galaxy. Furthermore, this smartphone has a smart cell that does not dishearten. 

3. Samsung Galaxy S10 

This smartphone comes with a multitude of quality attributes that will take your mobile phone experience to an entire brand new level. It characterizes an AMOLED immensity –O screen of 1440 x3040. It has a big QHD screen measuring 6.1 inches.

Its back and the front glass is built of gorilla glass. It characterizes an aluminum framework that’s water and dust proof. However, you’re recommended against utilizing it on a beach, or a pool.

In terms of its memory, the phone comes furnished with a hundred and twenty-eight gigabytes of microSD and eight gigabytes of RAM. Its memory can be enlarged to five hundred and twelve gigabytes.   


Consumers who move to total wireless will still relish the advantages that other end users who purchase Total wireless labeled smartphones obtain. The great thing is that you will get to utilize the smartphone of your choice as you make use of exceptional deals and discounts that the firm provides in its plans.

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