The Jitterbug Phone Plans Verizon in 2022

Jitterbug is one of the most prominent phone providers for seniors across the US. They offer two types of phones; jitterbug flip and smart 2, one of them is a smartphone while the other is a flip phone. Since its inception, users joining Jitterbug have increased due to their high-quality phones and affordable pricing for the plans. Jitterbug also offers its services under the Verizon network; hence the Jitterbug phone plans Verizon is a great choice.

Jitterbug phones have so many features that are hardly found in other devices. Some perks like the emergency SOS button and many more are vital for seniors to ensure their safety, making it easier to use the phone. With Jitterbug on the Verizon network, you are assured of no network issues since Verizon works across the country.

The Jitterbug phone plans also have no contracts; hence you can opt-in and out at any time without paying termination fees. This article will give insights on some of the plans you can get on Jitterbug under GreatCall incorporations. The plans vary with the type of phone you want and many other perks. Let’s get started!!

What are the types of Jitterbug phone plans?

jitterbug phone plans verizon

Below are some of the plans you can get:

1) Monthly Minutes

Here are some of the best plans offered:

i. 250 minutes at $14.99
ii. 1000 minutes at $19.99
iii. 2500 minutes at $29.99
iv. Unlimited talk and text at $39.99
v. Unlimited talk, text, and data at $59.99

2) Monthly texts

i. 500 texts at $3.00
ii. 1000 texts $5.00
iii. 2500 texts at $10.00
iv. Unlimited texts at $15.00

4) Monthly data

i. 100 MB $2.49
ii. 250 MB at $5.00
ii. 1 GB at $10
iv. 2.5 GB at $15.00

Jitterbug also offers health and safety packages which entail:

i) Basic plan

This plan offers Urgent response and brain games, and it goes for $19.99/mo.

ii) Preferred plan

This plan gives you an urgent response, brain games, urgent care, and GreatCall Link services at only $24.99/mo.

iii) Ultimate plan

With this plan, you get everything in the preferred plan and a personal operator who will help you in an emergency. You can always contact the personal operator by pressing the 5-star button.

How to apply for jitterbug phone plans?

Below are steps are taken to apply for a jitterbug phone plan:

a) Choose a jitterbug phone

Ensure to choose a suitable phone among the lively flip and Jitterbug smart 2. Both phones are of excellent quality, but one is a smartphone while the other is a flip phone. You can also choose the other 2 devices if you find them convenient.

b) Choose a prepaid plan

You can opt for minutes only, texts only, and data only for the prepaid plan. However, in most cases, it’s recommended to mix talk and text if you use a flip phone and talk, text, and data if you use the Jitterbug Smart 2.

c) Pay and wait for shipping

Once you have the device and plan of your choice, you can activate it by powering it up and doing a test call to see if everything worked out.

What are jitterbug phone Verizon senior plans?

In this modern era, everyone would like to connect with their friends and family, especially seniors who have to need social security and assistance for their daily life for recreation and take care through communication technology. One of the most essential take parts the Jitterbug was explicitly built and make two following plans

Affordable Phone Plans

While you are tired of using a poor call rate at that time, Jitterbug Flip2 and Jitterbug Smart3 plans are affordable and do not charge you for unnecessary services. Monthly value plans are as low as $14.99, and Unlimited Talk & Text is only $19.99. A data plan as low as $2.49 per month is required for the Jitterbug Smart3.

Simple Phone Plans

Jitterbug cell phone plans are reasonable for seniors and fit their requirements – whether they only use their phones for emergencies and occasional calls or regularly chat with family and friends. Monthly Jitterbug phone plans are as low as $17.48, and new Unlimited Talk & Text plans are just $19.99, with data for your Jitterbug Smart3 as low as $2.49.

What devices are available on the Jitterbug network?

If you are looking for the best Jitterbug devices, here are some options to consider;

1. Jitterbug Smart2

This phone comes with many cool features, and it goes for $112.49/mo. The phone has many excellent perks, like a large 5.5″ screen with an ambient display. The phone also supports voice typing and makes texting simple.

It has a front-facing speaker for more transparent conversations and supports video chat with family and friends. The phone has a stunning 13 MP camera with flash and uses a 5Star urgent response button.

2. Lively flip

This is a flip phone offered by Jitterbug and comes with many cool perks. The device supports Amazon Alexa. It has a large screen and big buttons. Lively flip comes with a powerful speaker and an 8 MP camera.

It also has a long-lasting battery with a magnifier and flashlight. It comes in red and graphite colors. You can also get other devices like the lively wearable 2 and the Lively Mobile Plus.

Can I bring my phone to Jitterbug?

No, at the moment, no phones can be brought to Jitterbug. This is because Jitterbug offers their plans based on the type of phones provided by them. However, you may bring your own phone to Jitterbug in the near future. The phone most likely should work on GSM networks.

Are there any contracts with Jitterbug?

There are no contracts on the Jitterbug Verizon network, so you can opt-in, and out anytime you want. There are also no hidden costs or taxes to the plans’ pricing, making them more transparent and reliable.

Can you get a free phone from Jitterbug?

Jitterbug is not a designated free government phone provider. They only offer prepaid plans and selected devices to their customers. If you want a free government phone, you should consider lifeline providers like Qlink wireless, American Assistance, and many more.

To apply, your income should be 135% below the federal poverty level, and you should also participate in federal assistance programs like food stamps, housing assistance, and many more.

Bottom line

Jitterbug is an excellent option for people looking to get a simple phone and plan at an affordable price. Their phones work perfectly with seniors and children. With perks like a warranty and emergency services, you will never have any issues with Jitterbug smart 2 and Jitterbug flip phone. To get started, visit the nearest GreatCall Inc store near you or simply go to great call.