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Why Is Verizon Senior Plan Only in Florida

Verizon is offering senior plans in Florida as a trial project because Florida has the highest proportion of people 55 years and above. Senior plans come with unlimited calling and texting.

Free Phone When You Switch To Verizon

Verizon offers free phones when you switch to the network. Currently, the company is offering free iPhones when you switch. You do not need any trade-in to get the free phone offer.

ipad pro deals verizon

If you want to save money on a high-end device, you can get amazing deals on iPad Pro at Verizon Wireless. What’s more, you can couple your iPad with unlimited data plans that offer a decent amount of data for streaming, gaming, working, and surfing the internet.

verizon wireless free phones

You can get a Verizon Wireless free phones as a part of their promotions when you switch to their network and through the Lifeline Assistance program. Don’t hesitate to contact their customer care team for any inquiries about their free phones.

Verizon Get More Unlimited Plans Review

The Verizon Get More unlimited plan is the most expensive Verizon unlimited plan, costing $90 a month per line; nevertheless, it comes with incredible benefits, as mentioned in the article.