Safelink Wireless

How To Switch from Qlink to Safelink

Safelink allows customers from Qlink to switch by porting their phone number or bringing their own phone to the Safelink smartphone plan. Interesting, there is no fee involved during the switching process.

switch from qlink to safelink

Can I Activate TracFone Using SafeLink 

Any customer can activate TracFone using SafeLink by following the BYOP activation process done online, provided that they have unlocked or compatible mobile phones.

tracfone safelink activation

How To Get Safelink Wireless Free Tablet

Customers qualify for Safelink Wireless free tablet if their income level must match the federal poverty guidelines. Alternatively, you can qualify if you participate in any government programs listed above.

Safelink free tablets

What Can I Do for My SafeLink Wireless Lost Phone

If your SafeLink cell phone gets lost, don’t panic. This carrier provides a straightforward replacement procedure on SafeLink wireless lost phone. If your replacement device is not your type, you can opt for an upgraded device.

safelink lost phone

What Does SafeLink Hotspot Plans

Safelink Wireless does not have any unlimited hotspot plans. With Safelink hotspot plans, you can get free 10GB to 15GB mobile hotspot data per month that varies from one state to another.

safelink hotspot plans