Walmart Family Mobile ACP

Walmart Family Mobile ACP applies to low-income individuals who meet the eligibility requirements, get approval from the National Verifier, and submit the required documentation to prove eligibility.

Metro PCS Free Phone and Tablet

Metro PCS allows you to get a free phone in various ways. They include switching to the network, getting a new line, or subscribing to an eligible plan. You should master the terms and conditions.

Free Google Pixel Government Phone

Eligible low-income families meeting the income-based eligibility criteria or program participation can qualify for a free Google Pixel government phone. You can enroll through the ACP or Lifeline Assistance program.

AT&T $10 Internet

Currently, ATT is not offering AT&T $10 internet. However, you can opt for the AT&T Access program, a low-cost program that provides affordable internet service to eligible households.

ATT Free iPad

Currently, there are no free iPads. However, you may get a AT&T free iPad in various ways, such as “Buy one get one free” (BOGO), trade-in deals, and subscribing to particular plans.

T-Mobile Free iPad

You can get a free iPad from T-Mobile if you Purchase a new TCL TAB 8 LE using a monthly payment plan, pay the relevant sales tax, and activate a new line on an eligible 2GB or higher plan.