A veteran is a retired person who has long served in a particular field or occupation or served in the US military forces. In America, there are more than 18 million veterans. Many PEOPLE Iof this group have good jobs and can easily make ends meet, but others struggle financially. For this season, the Federal Government developed programs offering free tablets for Veterans, survivors, and active duty members. 

    You may be eligible for a free device if you receive benefits for Veterans’ and Survivors’ Pension Benefit needs. This program benefits eligible wartime veterans with certain age or disability criteria. A veteran can get military benefits such as housing, health care,  and education. Free tablet programs help retired Veterans search for a job and deal with deployments. If you’re an active service member or veteran, the military and federal agencies help you manage life through free digital tools.

    Through the Affordable Connectivity Program(ACP), eligible Veterans in qualifying programs can get a free tablet from certain participating providers. Besides, the Department of Veterans Affairs has a  program that gives qualifying veterans free iPads to access telehealth services. The program has helped more than 50,000 veterans across America virtually connect to Veteran Affairs(VA) healthcare services. These tablets allow veterans to attend video appointments with their care team and communicate with the VA medical staff.

    How to Qualify for Free Tablet for Veterans Through ACP

    oIn the States, it’s estimated that there are about 2.5 million Veterans qualified to participate in the ACP. Veterans can also qualify through this program to obtain a free tablet with free monthly service through ACP if they attain the eligibility requirements. One of the requirements is to attain an annual income at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

    Again, a Veteran can qualify for a free tablet if they participate in the Veterans and Survivors Pension Benefit  and one of the below Federal and Tribal programs: 

    1. SNAP
    2. Supplemental Security Income (SSI)  
    3. Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA)  
    4. Medicaid/Medi-Cal 
    5. Free and Reduced-Price School Lunch Program 
    6. School Breakfast Program
    7. Federal Pell Grant 
    8. Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance  
    9. Head Start (only households meeting the qualifying income standard) 
    10. Tribal TANF
    11. Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations  

    How to Apply for Free Tablet For Veterans Through ACP 

    You can apply for a free tablet online at AffordableConnectivity.gov for instant processing. However, after approval by the National Verifier,  it may be easier to reach out to your local internet provider to confirm whether they participate in the federal tablet program for Veterans. The FCC comprised a list of all internet providers participating in the ACP program to follow at there webpage . to assist you in identifying a local provider.

    Most importantly, remember to provide the required documentation with your application. In this case, you must submit proof of eligibility, either a benefits award letter from the Department of Veterans Affairs or another eligible agency. Also, proof of address, copies of identification documents, proof of income, and other documentation. If you are applying through income-based criteria, you may have to submit copies of tax returns or other relevant documents.

    Wireless Providers Offering Free Tablets For Veterans

    In the following we are mentioning most attainable cellular providers whose allow free tablet for troops

    i) Maxsip Telecom

    Maxsip Telecom provides free internet and telecommunication services to eligible people in America. The Company offers 4G internet Android tablets and free internet for a one-time $20 co-pay to Veterans who qualify for ACP. When they sign up, customers qualifying for an eligible government-aided program can get a free tablet with free internet access at Maxsip. 

    Maxsip free tablet for Veterans comes equipped with all the latest features. You can utilize it to stream videos, browse the web,  and much more. Apply at https://maxsipconnects.com/apply/.

    ii) StandUp Wireless 

    Stand Up offers qualifying Veterans the ability to have free tablets and wireless service to stay connected to emergency services, family, friends, jobs, and more. The US government has mandated stand-up Wireless to offer Veterans $100 off on a tablet per FCC guidelines for only a $10.01 co-pay. Apply at https://standupwireless.com/apply-now/.

    iii) Qlink Wireless 

    This ACP and Lifeline provider proudly offers ACP customers a new Tablet and free unlimited cell phone service. However, the Qlink tablet offer varies by state. You can qualify for a free tablet if you receive the Veterans and Survivors Pension Benefits Fund and more. You may obtain the device if your household income is 200% or less of the federal poverty guidelines.

    Qlink’s free tablet for Veterans comes with the latest Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities. ACP-eligible subscribers give a one-time $10.01 co-pay before obtaining their tablet. Apply at https://enroll.qlinkwireless.com/signup.

    iv) Easy Wireless 

    Easy Wireless is a popular Lifeline and ACP provider that offers discounts to eligible households in Oklahoma, Kentucky, and Missouri. If you want to apply for a free tablet for Veterans, you must be enrolled in a government program that gives help to Veterans, like Pension schemes and others. Then, proceed to myeaywireless.com to enroll and complete the online application for a free 8-inch tablet.

    v) AirTalk Wireless 

    This carrier offers eligible customers in government programs like Medicaid, Veterans and Survivors benefits, and others a free government tablet. Eligible Veterans can expect free tablets such as Alcatel Joy Tab, Apple iPad Air, KonnectONE Moxee Tablet, Apple iPad Mini 2, or another high-quality tablet model for just $10.01. Apply at https://airtalkwireless.com/.

    Non Governmental Organizations Offering Free Tablets For Veterans

    Various charities and non-profit organizations are at the forefront of according Veterans free tablets to help them manage their lives comfortably.

    With Causes is a non-profit organization offering low-income families tablets, laptops, computers, and phones. You may also qualify for a free laptop if you’re a veteran, an active military member, or you reside in a women’s shelter for battered women.

    Tech For Troops’ Veteran Improvement Program (VIP) supplies qualifying Veterans and Veteran Assistance Organizations with refurbished computers at low or no cost.

    Computer Banc provides free tablets and computers to disabled veterans. Computer Banc aims to serve various categories of populations, including Veterans, through free device access at home.

    Bottom Line

    Federal Government and other non-governmental organizations have programs that help to transition service members, veterans, and their spouses to get free devices to help transition into civilian life. Veterans can receive a free tablet through Federal Government programs if their household comes from a low-income background. Also, Veterans enjoy benefits in specific federal assistance programs like  Veterans and Survivors and other relevant government benefits.