BLU is an American electronic company headquartered in Miami. The name BLU means Bold Like Us. The company rebrands low-cost mobile devices manufactured by companies such as QiKU (China), Koobee (China), Doogee (China), Gionee (China), and Tinno Mobile (China).

    Rebranding means changing the corporate image of a company. It is a marketing strategy of giving a new symbol, name, or change in design for an existing brand to create a different identity for a brand from its competitors. But how can you get a BLU smartphone tablet for free? 

    You will learn how you can get a free tablet from BLU. Tablets are crucial devices that every person in modern society should have. They allow you to carry out various activities, some of which can generate income to fund your needs.

    Most BLU tablets are expensive, and most people may need help to acquire them. However, you can get a free tablet from the government if you qualify. The government is geared towards giving low-income families free tablets for their activities. 

    Usually, people think that in America, everybody is rich and can afford things such as phones, tablets, computers, and other essential things. However, the truth is that we have so many people in the country that require help from the government and other sources to purchase tablets and other necessary electronics. That is why this article is geared toward helping you understand how the government can assist you in getting a BLU tablet.

    Best ways to get BLU free government tablet

    You can get a free BLU government tablet from the government through various service providers. The best way to get one is by applying for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). The program offers discounts to purchase tablets, computers, and laptops. On top of the discount, you can get free internet to use for various online activities. Service providers combine ACP and Lifeline to give you free minutes and texts. Lifeline is a government program offering low-income families free minutes, data, texts, and smartphones. 

    For your information, the Affordable Connectivity Program succeeded the Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB), a government program that offered free broadband services to low-income households during the Covid’19 period. When the pandemic ended, EBB also came to an end. However, Congress saw it necessary to introduce a similar program to continue helping poor citizens with free broadband services.

    Qualifications for BLU smartphones tablet free.

    You can qualify for a BLU smartphone tablet free through the Affordable Connectivity Program in various ways. First, you can qualify through income, whereby you should have a gross annual income of 200% or below. You should also have supporting documents to show that you have a low income. These include the following.

    1. Prior year’s federal, state, or Tribal tax return
    2. Unemployment/Workers’ Compensation statement of benefits
    3. Federal/Tribal notice letter of participation in General Assistance
    4. Child support award, divorce decree, or any other official document with income information
    5. Latest income statement from your current employer or a paycheck stub
    6. Veterans Administration statement of benefits

    You can also qualify if you participate in specific government assistance programs. These include the following. 

    1. Free and Reduced-Price School Lunch Program 
    2. Medicaid
    3. School Breakfast Program
    4. Provision schools. 
    5. SNAP
    6. Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
    7. WIC
    8. Federal Housing Assistance
    9. Veterans Pension or Survivor Benefits

    One can qualify for the program if one participates in certain Tribal Programs. They include the following.  

    1. Tribal TANF
    2. Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations
    3. Tribal Head Start 
    4. Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance 

    You should have any of the following documents to show proof of program participation. 

    1. Benefit award letter
    2. Benefit verification letter
    3. Approval letter
    4. Statement of benefits

    The application process to get a free BLU tablet

    Once you qualify for the program, you can proceed to apply. There are three ways you can apply for the BLU-free government tablet. They include the following.

    1. Apply online

    You can apply for the program online by visiting Once you hit the link, you will land on the National Verifier portal. You will then enter your details, such as your Social Security Number, email address, identification document, physical address, and other necessary details. Once your application goes through, you receive a notification from the relevant body giving you guidelines on getting your free tablet. You must choose a service provider for a free tablet alongside the broadband allowance.

    1. Get it through your service provider. 

     You can also apply for the Affordable Connectivity Program directly through your service provider. You must provide the documents required for the Affordable Connectivity Program. Your service provider then submits the details to the National Verifier portal to know if you are eligible. Once you qualify, you will receive the ACP benefits and your BLU tablet free.  

    1. Apply via mail

    USAC, the ACP administering body, also allows you to send your application via mail. You first download the application form, fill in all the necessary details, attach the required documents and send them to the following mail address.

    ACP Support Center P.O. Box 7081. London, KY 40742.

    After approving your application, the relevant body will send you details on choosing your service provider. You will then be able to get the ACP benefits and the BLU smartphone tablet.

    List of BLU smartphones tablet

    We have numerous BLU tablets that you can choose from. They include the following.

    1. BLU Touchbook 8.0
    2. BLU 211 Tab
    3. BLU MobiTab 1
    4. BLU Touch Book 7.0
    5. BLU Touch Book 7.0 Plus
    6. BLU Touch Book 7.0 WiFi P400
    7. BLU Touch Book 7.0 Lite
    8. BLU M8L
    9. BLU M8L Plus

    Reviews of BLU smartphones M8L tablet

    The tablet is among the best tablets from BLU you can consider. It comes with a screen display of 8 inches and operates on Android 11 (Go edition). The device has 32GB ROM and 1GB RAM. You can use the storage space to store various files, such as music and videos. Also, the phone comes with an 8 MP primary camera and a 5 MP selfie camera that you can use to take photos and videos. 

    Additionally, the tablet supports various communication such as WLAN, Bluetooth, Radio, positioning, and USB. 

    Reviews of BLU smartphones tablet M8L plus

    BLU M8L plus is another excellent tablet you can opt for if you want a nice device. It has an 8-inch screen that you can use to view movies and music videos. Such a large screen is also perfect for gaming. Again, the tablet uses Android 11 (Go edition) as its operating system. It has a durable battery of 4300 mAh and can last all day long when fully charged. The internal storage space is 32 GB, with 2GB RAM.

    Additionally, the tablet has 8 MP rear and 5 MP front cameras that you can use to capture amazing photos. It supports GPS, radio, and USB communication systems. You can also insert a SIM card to make calls and send messages. 

    Is the BLU M8L tablet a free government offer

    If eligible for the government’s Affordable Connectivity program, you may get the BLU M8L tablet for free from some service providers. Also, the device is on sale in various outlets. Therefore, it is not a free government offer, though, as I have mentioned, you may get it for free.  

    What is the BLU smartphone M8L tablet price

    The price of the device varies from one reseller to another. You can get the device for between $65 to $75. It is not that expensive, and well-off people can purchase them comfortably. Other retailers could sell the device at a lower price, so checking various places to compare prices is essential. 

    Bottom line 

    BLU is an American electronic company headquartered in Miami. The name BLU means Bold Like Us. The company rebrands low-cost mobile devices manufactured by firms such as QiKU (China), Koobee (China), Doogee (China), Gionee (China), and Tinno Mobile (China). You can get a free BLU tablet from the government if you qualify and apply for the Affordable Connectivity Program.