Apple is among the best phone, tablet, and computer companies worldwide. Tablets are among the unique products of the company. Apple’s tablets are known as iPads. By the way, iPads are expensive devices because of their high quality. That makes it challenging for most people to afford them. However, you can get a free tablet from Apple. That way, people who need the device cannot acquire it for their activities. 

    For your information, iPads have impressive displays whereby you can watch videos and photos and play games comfortably. The screens are also large enough to watch displayed content without straining your eyes. Additionally, the devices have long-lasting batteries that can last for several hours. Under moderate usage, you may need to charge the device once a day, thus allowing you to save on your electricity bill.  

    How can you use a tablet? Well, there are various ways you can use the device. Suppose your iPad has a SIM card slot. In that case, you can insert a SIM card from your cell phone service provider to make calls, send texts, and access online services using cellular data. Furthermore, iPads and other brands of tablets are essential for schooling kids. They can access information online for their studies and entertainment through gaming, watching movies, and listening to music. 

    Reasons to choose an iPad tablet

    You should choose an iPad tablet over other brands for various reasons. These include the following.

    1. Smooth operations

    Unlike other brands that tend to lag when performing tasks, iPad tablets rarely slow down because they have an automatic refresh function where apps periodically refresh, offloading the memory. You may also turn off the background refreshing as well.

    2. Classy design

    The devices have unique designs that make them look fantastic. They have beautiful colors and shapes that are attractive. People owning the devices are often seen as classy. 

    3. Long-lasting batteries  

    The battery capacity is among the essential features you must check when getting a mobile phone or tablet. iPads have long-lasting batteries that can take you all day long. You only need to charge them at least 80%, and you are good to go. 

    4. High-quality screens

    Another thing that makes iPad tablets amazing is their clear screens. The company has invested heavily in quality screens. Unlike low-quality screens that display low-quality images, iPads have fantastic displays. 

    5. High-quality cameras

    iPads have high-resolution cameras that you can use to record high-quality videos and photos. You can find the devices excellent for your daily life if you are a videographer. The sound output is also on another level. You may not need a professional camera if you have an iPad. 

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    Best ways to get a free tablet from Apple

    You can obtain a free iPad for your activities in various ways. As I mentioned, the devices are expensive, and most people cannot afford them. If you are a needy person looking for a free tablet, you can check the following ways to get one. 

    1. Check with your school

    Apple works with numerous schools and, more so, the K-12 ones. You can check programs like ConnectED, whereby Apple donates iPad tablets to students as learning aids. You may qualify if your learning institution participates in the program or any other similar to the above. Even if you don’t take it home forever, you can use it at school and enjoy its benefits. If you have a child schooling somewhere, you can check the full list of ConnectED schools by following the link below to see if their school is among them.

    2. Check with the US Department of Veterans Affairs

    As a US military veteran, you may be lucky to get a free iPad from the US Department of Veterans Affairs. The VA department has collaborated with Apple to offer free cellular-enabled iPads to veterans to assist them in accessing various benefits and staying connected to the rest of the world. If you need a free iPad, you should contact your local VA healthcare personnel to check if you are eligible for a free iPad device.

    3. Look for cellular company sign-up deals

    Usually, mobile phone providers create deals that may include free iPad devices to lure new customers to their business. You may get one by purchasing a particular plan, switching to the service provider platform, or buying one and getting one free. Unfortunately, you may need to sign a contract to abide by or pay for the device if you go against it. Therefore, it is a do me, and I do you business. 

    4. Trade in your old Apple products

    If you own Apple products that are not useful, you may trade them in and get enough credit to buy a new iPad. Even though you have sold your old devices, it is near to getting them for free since you have yet to use money from your bank account. After all, these old Apple products you exchange with a free Apple could damage and lead you to a loss. To learn more about the trade-in business, you can check out

    5. Request someone you love

    If you have friends and relatives who are financially stable, you can let them know that you need an iPad. They might decide to gift you on one of your special days, such as your birthday or wedding. You can also request them to give you the ones they do not use in their houses. That way, you end up with a free iPad tablet. 

    Does ACP offer free iPad tablets

    ACP means the Affordable Connectivity Program. It is a benefit program designed by the federal government to assist low-income families in getting free broadband services for online work, school, telehealth, entertainment, and communication. Also, beneficiaries get free tablets to use for their various activities.

    However, you cannot get an Apple tablet from the ACP service providers as they usually offer Android-operated ones. Even the Android tablets are only partially free because you must contribute at least $10 towards the purchase price. However, you can get free iPhone devices through ACP and Lifeline from some service providers.

    Final Word

    iPad tablets are among the unique products from Apple electronics company. The tablets are expensive devices because of their high quality. That makes most people unable to purchase them. However, there are various ways you can get the devices for free. You can get one if your school participates in ConnectED or similar programs. Also, you can get one from the US Department of Veterans Affairs if you are a Veteran.