Mesa tablets are electronic devices that are built for durability. These devices are the ultimate solution for individuals collecting data in harsh environments, including Military personnel and construction workers. Mesa tablets pack the best-in-class features such as a bright sunlight-legible display, ultra-rugged design, superior ergonomics, and long-lasting, all-day battery life. The tablets are available operating on Windows and Android.

    Moreover, Mesa tablets run on a powerful Android 9.0 operating system or carry out a full Windows 10. Thus, you will quickly engage in your daily tasks from beginning to end without any interruptions. The tablet’s fast processor and ergonomic design assure optimum efficiency and less fatigue. Meta tablets feature the functionality of a desktop computer encompassed onto one ultra-tough device.

    For professionals looking for a device that can resist the wear and tear of daily life, the Mesa Tablet will assume your office anywhere. Not only was the Mesa made for extended work days, but a long battery lifecycle as well. With best-in-class features, such as all-day battery life, an ultra-rugged ergonomic design, sunlight-readable display, Mesa Rugged tablets provide the ultimate device for various mobile data collection applications.

    Best Ways To Get Free Mesa Tablet 2023

    Federal US Government runs programs that help low-income people with access to modern telecommunication services. Consumers eligible for Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) can enroll and receive a Meta tablet as part of the program benefits. You can qualify if your annual income is at or less than 200% of the federal poverty guidelines. Besides, participating in specific government assistance programs, such as SNAP, SSI, WIC, Medicaid, Federal Public Housing Assistance, or Lifeline, also qualifies you for a free Meta tablet offer from the Federal Government.

    The best way to get a Meta tablet is through participating broadband providers offering ACP services. Eligible low-income people receive a discount of up to $100 through their wireless providers for purchasing a connected device like a Meta tablet for a household. However, the eligible household pays between $10.01 to $50 for the cost of the device. In other words, you can only get a Meta tablet through your participating broadband provider, and you must co-pay a portion of the cost. 

    Outstanding Features Of Mesa Tablet

    1. Ergonomic Fatigue-Free Design

    Meta tablet’s impressive build quality and design offer the best experience for users. The tablet offers the perfect grip, providing a comfortable working user experience. Employers should provide a Meta device to workers while working within challenging climatic and environmental environments. The Mesa Tablet offers minimal fatigue, and carrying is easier due to an ergonomically-designed tablet made with you in mind.

    2. All Day Battery

    Dead or quickly draining batteries usually bring a productive workday to a stop, thus reducing productivity. For this reason, the Mesa tablet is powered by a long-lasting battery that gets you through a full day’s work under a single charge. For prolonged runtime, you can opt for an internal battery that some hours of additional runtime but permit hot-swapping the external battery. No matter the temperature or climate, you can expect an improved battery life in the extreme environment you’re working in.

    3. Expansive Display

    Each Mesa Tablet includes a large, sunlight-readable display that offers a large viewing area for in-the-field usage. Thanks to the specialized IllumiView technology, the Mesa tablet display offers best-in-class outdoor visibility and clarity in combination with stunning Intel HD Graphics. Through the sunlight legible display, no more squinting in the sun or going to the shade to see content on your screen.

    4. Class 1 Division 2 Certified

     Mesa Tablet is designed to withstand various extreme environments, such as hazardous areas. The Class 1 and Division 2 Mesa models handle potential risks in areas where flammable substances appear. This certification on this device is ideal for employers to keep workers and data safe.


    1. Waterproof, dustproof, shockproof
    2. Extreme temperature endurance
    3. Ergonomic design for minimal user fatigue
    4. All-day battery life
    5. Large  sunlight-readable display
    6. Racing-fast processor options
    7. Designed and assembled in the United States
    8. Live and individualized customer support
    9. Customizable

    Best Mesa Tablet Reviews For Employers

    i. Juniper Mesa 3 – Great Overall

    The Juniper Mesa 3 tablet is a handheld device used in the field that operates on a full Windows 10 or Android 9 operating system that can handle large files and detailed maps. The device maintains an ergonomic, lightweight design that minimizes fatigue and optimizes efficiency. Mesa tablet 3 delivers a powerful new functionality while offering impressive features like 15 hours of battery life. The device features a Quad-core Pentium N4200 processor ready to run even the most challenging field data collection application. 

    Its rugged, ergonomic design can handle a long day on the job in the most challenging environments out there. This device features an internal storage capacity of 128 GB. You can snap a photo using 2MP front and 8MP rear cameras. You can also record field notes,  analyze data and capture a GNSS location all in the palm of your hand. Juniper Mesa 3 meets IP68 and MIL-STD-810G ratings and is dust, water,  and shockproof. Besides,  rain, extreme temperatures, and dirt are never barriers to a  productive workday.


    1. Powerful processing power
    2. Large memory capacity
    3. All-Day Usability
    4. Offer longevity and data protection


    1. Relatively expensive

    ii. Juniper Mesa 2 – Versatile Functions

    Juniper Mesa 2 Rugged Tablet is designed to perform in the harshest environments with the highest-rated protection against water and dust. Mesa 2 tablet brings powerful functionality to your mobile data collection through Windows 10 operating system for powerful versatile functionality. Besides, it features a vast 7-inch, ultra-bright display for convenient viewing maps or images. The Mesa 2 packs an 8 MP rear camera and a 2 MP front camera. The device also features a large storage capacity of 4 GB RAM (LPDDR3) and 64 GB or 128 GB internal storage options.

    The Mesa 2’s operates using a quad-core 1.33GHz Z3745 processor. Intel explicitly designed the chip to offer full Windows performance in small tablet devices while offering exceptional battery life. The Mesa 2’s tablet-sized housing enables significant battery power with the standard 39-watt-hour intelligent Lithium-Ion pack delivering for 8-10 hours. You can opt for an internal second 19-watt-hour battery that boosts up to 12-15 hours. Juniper Mesa 2 has an IP68 rating for protection against water and dust.


    1.  All-day battery life
    2. Fast processor and lightweight
    3. Superior ergonomics and lightweight design
    4. Extra-large display


    1. Small screen

    How To Check Imei For Mesa Tablet

    Every  Mesa device has a unique 15-digit IMEI number known as IMEI number. IMEI and Serial Number are codes designed to identify a device that utilizes mobile networks. In addition to supporting this primary function, the Mesa tablet IMEI Number gives access to crucial information. You can find your IMEI Number and get access details such as warranty date-blacklist status, carrier info, purchase date, and more. You can find your ID by dialing *#06#  on your tablet.

    The IMEI Number also tells you the network and country from which your Mesa tablet originated, system version, device specification, and more details information. You should utilize the IMEI checker before purchasing a used or new tablet to know if the device is valid and original. Also, check if the specification of the Mesa tablet matches the selling offer. 

    Furthermore,  IMEI information offers some advanced services, including  Blacklist Status, Seller Information, Find My iPhone Status, iCloud Status, Network and Simlock checks, Unlocking Simlock, Phone Blacklist, Carrier Check, and Warranty Checks. Besides that, you can use your IMEI number to report a stolen or lost Mesa tablet to the police or network operator. Then, you can block your device, making the device unusable by a third party.

    Can I Use a Mesa Tablet As a Military Tablet

    Mesa tablet is an ideal solution for harsh environments. The devices have an IP68 Ingress Protection that helps a device withstand solids and liquids getting inside the device. Mesa’s rugged tablet for the military is protected against these elements. The first number rates on IP68 represent the device’s protection against solids like sand and dust. The second number represents liquid protection.

    Thus, since the military can be in jungles, deserts, and other extreme environments, they look for devices with the rating IP68. Six denotes the highest level of protection on electronic devices. This quality offers military confidence that the Mesa tablet can withstand the finest dust and solids and still function optimally. Eight is the highest level of protection against water on the Ingress Protection scale. The military can use Mesa tablets since they are powered by extended all-day battery life. Besides, they can be used in extreme temperature ranges.

    The following reasons make the Mesa tablet best for Military use:

    1. MIL-STD-810G rating for shockproof
    2. IP68 rating for dustproof and waterproof
    3. High performance in extreme temperatures
    4. All-day  battery life
    5. Impressive processing power for all military software
    6. Optional Class 1, Division 2 certification for hazardous locations

    Final Words

    Mesa tablets are built with the highest level of protection to survive the harshest environments. These devices feature the qualities of a tablet and a handheld computer delivering a powerhouse performance. The battery life lasts all day and delivers uninterrupted power under a single charge. The devices are dust, shock, and waterproof. Therefore they are highly recommended for military personnel and other users that work in challenging environmental conditions.