T-Mobile is an American Wireless provider with the most extensive, robust, and reliable 5G network coverage. Besides, the Company offers affordable cell phone plans with free phones featuring unlimited text, talk, and data on its robust 5G network. For customers looking forward to purchasing a new phone, you can take advantage of T-Mobile plans with free phones currently available for a limited time. This write-up takes you through some of the plans eligible for a free phone and how to get started.

    T-Mobile plans come in different categories. You can subscribe to prepaid, postpaid, and family plans with free phones depending on your specific needs. If you enroll for an eligible plan, T-Mobile offers you a free select smartphone through 24 monthly bill credits to activate a new line of service or switch from another wireless provider. Additionally, you can get a free device by leasing a phone as low as $0, regardless of your credit score, when you join T-Mobile and lease an eligible device.

    The eligible T-Mobile plans that feature free phones help you to shop for phones and plans in one stop. The eligible plans with free phone offers include the Essentials, Magenta, Magenta MAX, Magenta Plus,  Magenta Plus Unlimited 55, Essentials Unlimited 55, Magenta Unlimited 55, and Magenta MAX Unlimited 55. To get a free device through this plan, you must purchase the phone via a 24-month (EIP) Equipment Installment Plan on your newly activated line. Most importantly, these plans come with a Price Lock Guarantee. Thus, there is no incidence of unexpected price hikes.

    T-Mobile Plans Eligible For a Free Phone

    1. T-Mobile Essentials

    The above plan is the cheapest of T-Mobile’s unlimited data plans that only cost you $60 per month with autopay or $100 monthly if you enroll for a four-line plan. The package offers unlimited calls, texts, and 5G LTE data. Besides, you will only receive 50GB of premium data. However, you will be limited to SD video streaming and unlimited hotspot, limited to 3G speeds. Notably, Essentials doesn’t include taxes and fees to the cost of your plan.

    1. T-Mobile Magenta 

    T-Mobile’s unlimited data plans feature Magenta, which costs you $70 per month for one line with autopay. Besides, t costs $140  monthly if you enroll for four lines. This plan also features unlimited texts, calls, and data. You will be limited to SD video streaming and obtain 100GB of priority data and 5GB of high-speed hotspot data. Additional perks like Netflix Basic for free are included when you enroll for two or more lines. Interestingly, the Magenta plan offers you a year of Paramount Plus and 6 months of Apple TV Plus.

    1. T-Mobile Magenta Max 

    T-Mobile is the true definition of an unlimited plan that costs $85 per month with autopay or $200 per month with autopay if you enroll for four lines. Magenta Max offers unlimited texts, calls,  and data without limitations on premium data. You also get Netflix Basic for a single line of data, or a Netflix Standard account for more than two lines. 

    An Apple TV Plus subscription is also featured with Magenta Max plans plus one year of Paramount Plus. Hotspot data plan include 40GB of high-speed data and video streaming up to 4K UHD. Magenta Max offers travel benefits like 5GB of high-speed data in 210 countries. 

    Best Ways of Getting T-Mobile-Free Phones

    i. Through Switching to an Eligible T-Mobile Plan

    You can obtain the below free phones when you switch or activate a new line on an eligible T-Mobile plan. 

    1. Samsung Galaxy S23

    You can get this device for free if you enroll in a qualifying T-Mobile unlimited Magenta Max plan without a trade-in required. Magenta MAX is the first 5G smartphone plan that gives unlimited premium data that can’t slow you regardless of how much data you use. Plus, the plan offers 40GB of high-speed mobile hotspot data on T-Mobile.

    Samsung Galaxy S23 smartphone is available for pre-order at the Company’s website. If you attain all the offer criteria and you order the smartphone within the promotional window, you are eligible for the offer.

    1. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

    You can get one for $800 off without a required trade-in with a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra available for pre-order. The $800 off applies via 24 monthly bill credits when you enroll a new line on a Magenta MAX plan.

    1. iPhone 14 Pro

     Receive up to $1000 off when you activate a line on the Magenta MAX unlimited plan and trade in a qualifying phone.

    1. Google Pixel 7

    Get Pixel’s 7 for free when you trade in an eligible phone on Magenta MAX. Alternatively, you can save up to $600 on the Pixel 7 Pro.

    1. OnePlus 10T logo

    Get the above device for free through 24 monthly bill credits by adding a new line on Magenta MAX or through an eligible rate plan.

    1. Get 4 iPhone 14

    Get 4 iPhone 14 ON US through 24 monthly bill credits by adding 4 lines and trading four eligible devices. Besides, you can obtain 4 lines for only $ 25 per line if you switch.

    1.  Galaxy S21 FE 5G 

    You can obtain Galaxy S21 FE 5G through T-Mobile for free when you activate your new phone with a new line for $800 cash back. You must activate T-Mobile’s Magenta MAX unlimited plan to get this deal. Besides, you can enroll in one of the T-Mobile’s other unlimited options and receive up to $400 off instead. Regardless of your choice, you must buy your phone through monthly payments. 

    1. Free Apple iPhone 13 series 

    You can get this deal by switching to T-Mobile from another provider, trade in your old phone, and purchasing any device in the new Apple iPhone 13 series on the Magenta MAX unlimited plan for up to $800 bill credits. This discount is applied as a monthly bill credit for 24 months, and it’s enough to get you a FREE iPhone 13 or 13 minis.

    ii. Through Leasing

    You can lease the latest smartphones for as low as $0 down. Customers can select a free phone from specific top brands and obtain as low as $0, regardless of their credit score. This offer applies to new customers joining T-Mobile and leasing an eligible device.

    How to obtain a down payment from $0: 

    • Switch to T-Mobile with an eligible plan via JUMP! On-Demand.
    • Lease an eligible cell phone on a monthly payment plan.

    The eligible phone for lease includes Galaxy A11, Stylo 6, LG K51, LG Aristo 5, Nord N10 5G, Nord N100, Moto G Play, and  REVVL 5G.

    T-Mobile offers free phones to new and existing customers who enroll or add an eligible cell phone plan. You can get a  free phone with T-Mobile Plans if you activate a new voice line on an eligible voice rate plan to be used with the qualifying new device. You can get top brands for free phones, including iPhones, Motorola, and Samsung, with qualifying plans for new activations.