Tablets are crucial devices in our modern life. They help us to carry out various activities such as entertainment while playing games or watching movies, and communication by making calls and sending texts. You can also use a tablet to work online or at a physical office. The device allows you to prepare documents, send mail, and access internet services. We shall see how you can get a free Hyundai tablet later. 

    Usually, tablets are expensive devices, making some people unable to afford them. Purchasing the device can be challenging if you are from a low-income household. Most tablets cost above $100, which is expensive for people from humble backgrounds. Such people also need help purchasing smartphones. If you are from such a household, you might be looking for a free tablet to use for your activities. 

    The federal government of the United States usually runs an assistance program for free devices. We have the Lifeline that allows eligible households to get a free smartphone and the Affordable Connectivity Program that offers free tablets when you pay at least $10 towards the purchase price. You must produce various documents to show you are eligible for a free tablet. Additionally, we have Non-governmental Organizations that offer free tablets.

    Procedure to get a free tablet Hyundai

    As devices like tablet is a much needy product for low-income households and families living under the poverty line, it would have been much better if the government organized a program to get tablet. For this, a phone repair, supply, and replacement startup called Everphone, recently announced that it will donate 60,000 Hyundai Technology tablets to low-income households across the United States. Everphone’s significant effort is a component of the FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP).

    ACP, a well-known government program, offers low-income households a maximum $30 discount on monthly internet connection or a maximum $75 discount for those residing on tribal grounds. Additionally, qualifying households can receive a maximum $100 discount when buying a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

    Go Technology Management, a provider of network connectivity and EBF, a top provider of IT services, are partners with Everphone in this program. Participants in this program will receive an Android-powered tablet from Hyundai Technology, along with 10GB of mobile data each month through AT&T’s nationwide high-speed data network.

    Eligibility for Affordable Connectivity Program

    There are various ways you can qualify for the free tablet through the ACP program. They include the following.

    1. By income

    You can qualify for the ACP program if your annual income is 200% or below. The requirements are set based on the Federal Poverty Guidelines. There are documents you should provide to prove eligibility by income. These include;

    • Previous year’s federal, state, or Tribal tax return
    • Divorce decree, child support award, or other documents with income information
    • Veterans Administration statement of benefits
    • Unemployment/Workers’ Compensation statement of benefits
    • Income statement from your current employer or a paycheck stub
    • Federal/Tribal notice letter of participation in General Assistance

    2. Benefit program participation 

    You can also qualify for Lifeline through benefit program participation. Various assistance programs allow you to qualify for the ACP program. These include the following. 

    • Free and Reduced-Price School Lunch Program 
    • School Breakfast Program
    • WIC
    • Veterans Pension or Survivor Benefits
    • SNAP
    • Lifeline
    • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
    • Medicaid

    You must produce certain documents to prove that you qualify for a particular program. Any of the following documents can work.  

    • Benefit verification letter
    • Benefit award letter
    • Approval letter
    • Statement of benefits
    1. Received a Federal Pell Grant within the current award year
    2. Meets the eligibility criteria for a participating service provider’s existing low-income internet program
    3. Participates in specific Tribal Programs

    Suppose you live in the Tribal Lands and participate in particular tribal programs. In that case, you are eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program. Examples of eligible Tribal Lands programs include the following. 

    • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance 
    • Tribal Head Start 
    • Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations
    • Tribal TANF

    Application process to get a free Hyundai tablet through ACP

    The following process is crucial when applying for your free tablet. 

    1. Gather all the necessary documentation, including identification, address, Social Security Number, benefits program participation, etc. 
    2. Check your eligibility at the National Verifier Portal by providing the necessary details.
    3. Apply for the ACP program online at, at your service provider’s website, or through the provider’s website. You can also apply by mail.
    4. Wait for the verification process.
    5. Receive your free Hyundai tablet at your address. That means you should be as precise as possible when giving out your address. 

    List of Hyundai’s best tablet reviews in 2023

    There are various models of Hyundai tablets that you should understand before purchasing one. Each tablet model comes with its specifications. They include the following. 

    1. Hyundai tablet 7

    The device has a screen of 7 inches that allows you to watch your movies and music videos comfortably. Again, playing movies on such a screen is impressive. It supports 4G LTE network technology, and you can also use WiFi. It has 1024×600 IPS and runs on Android 10 Go edition. Its Quad-Core Processor and 2GB RAM ensure that your operations are smooth. Its storage space is 32GB Storage. Additionally, it supports 2MP/5MP cameras. 

    2. Hyundai tablet 8

    The tablet has a large screen of 8 inches. You can see movies and pictures clearly without much struggle. Also, the device supports 4G LTE, which enables faster communication. Additionally, you can use WiFi to connect to online services. The device also has a Quad-Core Processor and 2GB RAM, enabling smooth operation. It also comes with high-quality cameras that allow for taking high-quality photographs. If you want ample storage space for your files, the 32GB Storage may be enough. The tablet operates on Android 10 Go Edition. 

    Interestingly, you can expand the storage space with a memory card to save as many files as possible. You can share files through its inbuilt Bluetooth technology. 

    3. Hyundai Hytab Plus

    The tablet has a large HD screen of 10.1″. Additionally, it has Quad-Core Processor and 3GB RAM that ensures that operations run without lagging. Additionally, the device operates on Android 11, one of the latest operating systems in the market. That makes it run with the latest security features, thus protecting your data. With its ample 32GB storage space, you can save as many files as possible. You can also expand the storage memory using a memory card. If you love taking photographs and videos, you can use the device to capture high-quality photos and videos using the 5MP/8MP cameras. The device supports WiFi connectivity.

    4. Hyundai Koral 10XL

    The device is among the great tablets you can have for your activities. It comes with a large PS 1280×800 HD screen of 10 inches that ensures you have large pictures for your videos and pictures. Additionally, the tablet has a Quad Core processor with a processing speed of 1.1 GHz, ensuring fast processing of tasks. Also, the device has 2GB RAM for smooth operations. That ensures the device does not lag when operating several tasks. You can use the 16GB Storage space to save as many files as possible. 

    Additionally, the tablet supports communication technologies such as BT 4.0 and 4G LTE. You can also connect your device to WiFi and access online services. The tablet runs on Android 8.1 Oreo.

    Hyundai Tablets IMEI Checking Ways

    Every phone or tablet comes with a unique identification number known as IMEI. You may sometimes require the IMEI and thus need to know how to check it. Let us look at the process you can follow to carry out the process.

    1. Unlock the screen and open your phone’s dialer.
    2. Type in *#06#
    3. See IMEI Number on the window that opens after operating. 

    You can also check your IMEI on the device’s settings by checking the About phone section and reading the number. 

    Final Thought

    A tablet is an essential device that allows you to play games, watch movies, and play games. You can also use a tablet to carry out office activities such as typing documents and sending mails. You can also use a tablet to make calls and send texts. However, not everyone can afford a tablet. Despite that, you can get a free Hyundai tablet from the government if you qualify.