Are you looking for a free satellite phone? If so, then you are in the right place. Someone might also wonder what a satellite phone is. For your understanding, a satellite phone, also known as a satphone is a mobile phone that connects to the telephone network by radio via orbiting satellites other than the terrestrial cellular towers ordinary cell phones do. You will discover how you can get a free satellite phone shortly.

    Satellite phones are expensive. Most of the devices cost above $200 and not everybody can afford them. However, you may get a free satellite phone. If you need one, stick around to learn more. The advantage of a satellite phone is that it is not limited to areas with cell towers. You can use it in most geographic locations on the Earth’s surface.

    However, some satellite phones may be heavy and thus difficult to carry around when moving from one place to another. Also, you may find it challenging to use the device indoors due to obstruction caused by house roofs. Ordinary cell phones can be used inside houses with no major challenges. Despite the challenge, they are still wonderful phones that you can find useful for day-to-day usage.

    How do satellite phones work

    Satellite phones amazingly go where cell phones cannot. They let you make calls from almost anywhere since their primary infrastructure is unlimited. As mentioned, satellite phones do not rely on terrestrial cell phone networks. Instead, they send and receive their data directly through satellites orbiting the earth.

    In satellite systems, phones are not always known as phones. Many people call them terminals because the devices work with satellites. Satphones look like ordinary phones although they are a bit heavier, and are stripped down to only making calls and sending messages.

    Satellite phones can work with either low earth orbit systems or higher geosynchronous. When you make a call or send a text to someone else, the signals are picked by the satellite and relayed to the receiving phone. The phones use radio signals to communicate. Therefore they have radio receivers to receive and transmit radio signals. 

    Best ways to Get a Free Satellite Phone

    If you are looking for a free satellite phone, Remote Satellite Systems is offering a free Globalstar 1700 phone to its customers that activate a qualifying  Globalstar service plan. You can sign up for a monthly Orbit or annual Galaxy plan to get one of the smallest satellite phones on the market. The device is also among the lightest phones you can have today.

    Remote Satellite Systems International has been operating for 15 years and has some of the best satphones you can find around. The Globalstar 1700 is one of the small devices that fit in your pocket like an ordinary phone.

    Despite its small size, the device has quality sound. It gives you a crystal clear voice and fast data speeds. You can get data speeds of 9600 bps data for critical usage such as sending emails, documents, and images 4x faster than other services. Additionally, you can stay connected wherever you go even in the most remote areas in the country. 

    Again, the Globalstar 1700 has a US number so that you can start using the device immediately. Your friends and family will not need to struggle to reach you through high-cost international calling rates charged by mobile cellular service providers. 

    For your information, the Globalstar 1700 free phone offer is for a limited time. You should ensure you contact Remote Satellite Systems International as soon as possible and sign up for one of their affordable plans and get your Globalstar 1700 free satellite phone.

    Do Satellite Phones Use SIM Cards

    Similar to terrestrial mobile phone technology, satellite devices also use SIM cards to transfer data, personal details, and other digital items specific to your device. That’s how you can communicate with specific people through their unique phone numbers and SIM cards. Satellite phone service providers also have communication plans that you should purchase to enjoy their communication services.

    As mentioned, you can use your satellite phone anywhere since satellite phone services operate from anywhere in the world. That’s contrary to the terrestrial phones that may be limited to a certain region.

    Can I use a Satellite Phone With Cellular Mobile Phones

    Currently, you cannot connect satellite phones to cellular devices. The GPS chips in cell phones only receive signals from satellites for positioning purposes but they don’t send anything to the satellites. For the system to work, you must turn on your GPS settings on your cellular device. 

    However, reliable sources indicate that plans are underway to enable future smartphones to receive signals through satellites and cellular towers. That will help to eliminate dead spots and ensure excellent signal transmission even in remote areas.

    For example, T-Mobile and SpaceX announced that they will collaborate to provide 100 percent coverage in the US. That will allow T-Mobile customers to access connections no matter where they are. Additionally, Google has plans to enable satellite capabilities in their Android phones. That will be a great milestone in the communication sector.

    Limitations of Satellite Phones

    Despite the devices being so useful, there are still some disadvantages that come with them. They include the following.

    1. Some are heavy to carry around.
    2.  They do not work well indoors due to obstruction by rooftops.
    3. They are expensive compared to ordinary phones.
    4. Not easily available 
    5. Limited functionality. You can mainly use the devices to call and text.

    Does Lifeline Program Offer Free Satellite Phones

    Lifeline is a government program that offers free phones to low-income families. However, it does not offer free satellite phones. The free devices you can get through Lifeline are just ordinary devices that use cellular towers for the transmission of signals. 

    Bottom line

    A satellite phone, also known as a sat phone is a mobile phone that connects to the telephone network by radio via orbiting satellites other than the terrestrial cellular towers ordinary cell phones do. The devices allow you to remain connected anywhere including the most remote areas. Similar to ordinary phones, the satphones use SIM cards with unique phone numbers. Unfortunately, the devices do not work well indoors. Remote Satellite Systems offers a free satellite phone.