Phones are crucial devices in the modern communication system. Almost every person over the age of 18 and above considers smartphones important in their lives. We also have lots of children who use phones for communication, entertainment, and studies. However, not everybody can afford the devices since they are expensive. You will learn how you can get a free government phone Washington state for inhabitant shortly.

    Every state in the United States of America offers free phones to low-income families in collaboration with the national government. If you are needy, there are steps you must follow to ensure that you get the free device as we shall see shortly. Most importantly, you must have the necessary documents to apply for a free phone since that is the only way the government can prove that you are legitimately in need.

    You may wonder why someone needs a phone so badly. Why can’t we live without phones? The answer to the query is that we cannot live without phones since they are integral tools for modern communication. You can communicate with others with ease by calling, sending messages, and chatting online through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp among others. Therefore, we cannot live without phones.

    The Best Ways To Get A Free Government Phone Washington State Inhabitants

    If you live in Washington and are looking for a free phone, then there are ways you can get one. Similar to other states, Washington offers free devices through the Lifeline Program. The program offers free phones and communication plans to needy people so that they can stay connected to their friends and family.

    Lifeline is a federal aid program that lowers the monthly expenditure of phone or internet service. Eligible people can get up to $9.25 off the cost of internet, phone, or bundled services.

    Qualifications for Lifeline 

    As mentioned, you must qualify for Lifeline to enjoy various benefits. There are various ways you can qualify. First of all, you can qualify through income whereby your gross annual income should be at 135% or below the Federal Poverty Guideline. 

    You may also qualify through various assistance programs. These include the following.

    1.  The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program 
    2.  Medicaid
    3.  Federal Public Housing Assistance
    4.  Supplemental Security Income
    5. WIC
    6. Veterans and Survivors Pension Benefit

    You may also qualify through certain Tribal Programs if you live in the Tribal Lands. These include;

    1. Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance 
    2. Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations
    3. Tribal Head Start
    4. Tribal TANF

    You can see if you are eligible by reviewing the information available at by clicking “Do I Qualify?” You will then enter the necessary documents and see if you are eligible.

    Remember that you can qualify with a single benefits program since you do not necessarily need to benefit from all to qualify for Lifeline.

    Documents are Needed for Lifeline

    You must show the necessary documents to prove that you are eligible for Lifeline. To prove eligibility by income, you can bring any of the following documents.

    1. Unemployment/Workers’ Compensation statement of benefits
    2. Prior year’s federal, state, or Tribal tax return
    3. Your current employer’s income statement or a paycheck stub
    4. Veterans Administration statement of benefits
    5. Federal/Tribal notice letter of participation in General Assistance
    6. Child support award, divorce decree, or other documents with income information

    To qualify through a benefits program, you can bring any of the following documents.

    1. Approval letter
    2. Benefit award letter
    3. Statement of benefits
    4. Benefit verification letter

    Additionally, you should bring documents that prove your physical address. Document examples include the following.

    1. Mortgage or lease statement
    2. Most recent W-2 or tax return
    3. Utility bill
    4. Driver’s license or other government, state, or Tribal ID

    Other documents that you should bring include Date of Birth proof. You can bring any of the following.

    1. Government, military, state, or Tribal ID
    2. Government assistance program document
    3. Driver’s license
    4. Birth Certificate
    5. Certificate of U.S. Citizenship or Naturalization
    6. Permanent Resident Card or Green Card

    You also need to bring a Social Security Number or Tribal ID Number document. Examples of documents you can bring to prove the above include the following.

    1. Military discharge documentation
    2. Social Security Card
    3. Most recent W-2 or tax return
    4. Government, military, state, or Tribal ID
    5. Government assistance program document
    6. Unemployment/Workers’ compensation benefits

    Ways to Apply for Lifeline

    To get a free government phone, you must apply for the Lifeline Program since the government does not come looking for people to give free phones. There are three main ways you can apply for the benefits program. These include the following.

    1. Through the whereby you will land on the National Verifier page and enter the necessary details. 
    2. Online through your service provider who then checks if you are eligible for the program. 
    3. Via mail to; Lifeline Support Center
    • PO Box 7081
    • London, KY 40742

    When sending via mail, you should download the application form and fill out the necessary details. You should also attach the documents needed. Whichever method you use, you will receive your free government phone Washington State at your physical address so long as you qualify.

    Lifeline Program Rules 

    There are various program rules that Lifeline users must follow. They include the following.

    1. You should never transfer your service to someone else. The program is only made for you. If the other person is eligible, they should apply by themselves.
    1. Only one person per household is eligible. You cannot apply for the program if there is someone else in your household benefiting from the service.
    1. You must keep the service active or else your free service will be discontinued. You can send a message once in a while, make a call, or use the internet to remain connected. 
    1. You can only get a free phone once. If you need a new one, you will need to pay some amount towards its purchase. 
    1. You must recertify once a year to remain connected.


    A phone is an essential device that allows you to communicate with others. You can call, text, or access the internet. However, not all people can afford phones due to financial challenges. However, you can get a free phone from the government if you qualify by income or benefit program. You must have the necessary documents to prove your eligibility.