A tablet is an electronic device that resembles a smartphone. However, it is much bigger than a phone. Tablets have screen sizes ranging from 7-12 inches. Android tablets use similar operating systems to those of mobile phones. Some allow you to use SIM cards, make calls, send SMS, and access internet services like smartphones. We shall check how you can get a free Android tablet later. 

    Tablets are expensive devices and, thus, require more money to acquire. Most cost $100 and above, which makes most families unable to purchase them. We have families who cannot afford three meals a day. Can such people afford tablets? Definitely not. Leave alone tablets; such people may not be able to afford a smartphone. This article explains how one can get a free tablet and enjoy various services.

    For your information, tablets are essential devices for modern schooling. Children can use the devices to learn online or through various software loaded with suitable content. That way, they can improve their learning experience. Again, the devices are essential for executing office work. You can do various tasks such as typing documents, sending emails, editing photos, etc. Above all, the devices are essential for entertainment. 

    Factors to consider when choosing a Android tablet

    When looking for a tablet, there are various factors you should check to ensure you get the best device ever. These include the following.

    1. RAM and ROM

    It is vital to check a tablet with sufficient Random Access Memory (RAM) and Read Only Memory (ROM). The RAM is responsible for keeping the memory of the device’s operations. The bigger the RAM memory, the more your device can handle various tasks. Tablets with 2 GB RAM and above are appropriate.  

    The ROM of the device allows you to store files such as videos, music, documents, and photos. You are okay if you get a ROM of 32 GB or more.

    2. Screen size

    If you are getting a tablet for watching videos, getting a large-screened one will significantly help. A 10-inch tablet will be helpful to see large pictures even when the device is a few inches from your seat. 

    3. SIM slot

    Getting a tablet with a SIM card slot is helpful since you can communicate with your friends and family through calling and texting. You may not require a phone with such a device since it will be enough. 

    4. Operating system

    You should get a tablet with the latest operating system to benefit from the latest features. The recent Android OS release is Android 13, although Android 10, 11, and 12 operating systems are perfect. 

    5. Battery capacity

    If you need a tablet that you can use for a long time, you should get one with a large battery capacity. 5000 mAh battery and above will be okay to ensure that you enjoy operating the device for a long time. 

    6. Camera resolution

    Tablets come with cameras so that you can capture your moments. Choosing a tablet with a high-resolution camera is wise for better videos and photos. Getting a device with 5 MP cameras and above is okay.  

    Best ways to get a free Android tablet 2023

    There are proven ways you can get a free tablet for your various uses. These include the following.

    i. Through the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)

    The ACP program is a federal government program that offers free tablets to low-income households. Even though the devices are not completely free, the amount you pay towards the purchase price is minimal. Most service providers require you to pay around $10. The federal government requires you to pay at least $10 and, at most, $50 towards the device’s purchase price. 

    How to qualify for the ACP program

    You must qualify for the ACP program to get the highly discounted tablet. You can qualify by income or by program participation. Your gross annual household income should be 200% or below the Federal Poverty Guidelines to qualify by income. 

    Additionally, you can qualify through program participation. Various benefit programs allow you to qualify for the program. They include the following.

    1. Free and Reduced-Price School Lunch Program 
    2. School Breakfast Program
    3. SNAP
    4. Medicaid
    5. Federal Housing Assistance
    6. Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
    7. WIC
    8. Lifeline
    9. Veterans Pension or Survivor Benefits
    10. Tribal programs such as the Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance, Tribal TANF, Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations, and Tribal Head Start. 

    How to apply for the ACP program to get a free Android tablet

    You can easily apply for ACP online when you visit affordableConnectivity.gov and submit documents online. After that, you will receive communication in your email address to know whether you qualify. Upon qualification, you will choose your broadband service provider, who will offer you a free tablet from the government. 

    You can also apply by mail to the relevant authorities. You should attach all the necessary documents and wait for communication. Once you apply, you will receive communication to choose your service provider. 

    Thirdly, you can apply for a free tablet through your service provider. Remember, you can use ACP together with Lifeline. Your service provider will dictate the amount you should pay to get the service. 

    Documents needed for ACP application to get a Android tablet for free

    To prove that you are eligible, you should bring various documents. These include program participation, household income, date of birth, Social Security Number or Tribal ID Number, Address, and Life documents. 

    We have numerous options under each category of documents. For example, to prove your program participation, you can bring any of the following.

    1. Approval letter
    2. Statement of benefits
    3. Benefit award letter
    4. Benefit verification letter

    ii. Through Non-governmental organizations

    Various NGOs offer free tablets and even computers to needy families and individuals. They use the same criteria as the ACP program. Examples of such organizations include the following. 

    1. Salvation Army
    2. Adaptive.org
    3. Computers for education
    4. Accelerated Schools Organization
    5. Everybody
    6. City.org
    7. Computer Technology Support Corps

    Final Verdict

    Tablets are essential devices since they allow us to perform various tasks. You can use the device to prepare office documents, for entertainment, and to store files. Schoolkids can use them for educational purposes. However, people from low-income families need help to afford the devices. Fortunately, you can get a free tablet through the ACP program or certain NGOs.