Buy Now Pay Later  (BNPL) apps offer services on technical devices and other products allowing businesses to provide their customers the option of owning an iPhone now and paying over time through a predetermined number of installments. In other words, the Buy Now Pay Later services and apps are also called installment payment services. In this write-up, you will know the best Buy Now Pay Later apps iPhone currently for Apple customers.

    Generally, you can find BNPL providers in any online retailer, for instance, Target to Amazon. There is a range of overwhelming BNPL options, and you can purchase your iPhone with zero dollars and pay later at your convenience. When considering the best buy now pay later iPhone platforms to use, consider factors like the loan amount, applicable interest rates, terms, and fees. Also, it’s good to note that some buy now pay later for iPhones run a soft credit check and others don’t.

    Most importantly, if you opt for a monthly installment plan, compare the interest rates offered if you can compare with multiple BNPL providers. Most BNPL providers operate in 4 payment plans, but there are other options such as Pay in 30 Days and monthly installments. If you want to purchase an iPhone with a large amount, BNPL apps, including Affirm and Klarna, may be an ideal choice. Thus, if you have bad credit, it may be advisable to use BNPL for iPhone apps that don’t run a credit check.

    Best Ways To Get Buy Now Pay Later iPhone.

    The most common method you can buy now pay later iPhone is through mobile apps. For instance, Apple provides an iPhone Payments plan in installments when you purchase an iPhone. This method of iPhone applies to eligible customers and consists of purchasing an eligible iPhone through a monthly installment loan and activating service with an eligible carrier.

    Again, you will have to apply for and commit yourself to a 24-month 0% APR installment loan for the total retail price of an eligible iPhone. If purchased at an Apple Store, the financed iPhone may include applicable taxes and fees. If the buy now pays later iPhone is bought on or the Apple Store app, applicable taxes and fees are charged separately by Apple and are not included in the Installment Loan. 

    Buy Now Pay Later iPhone Providers 2023

    1. Apple Pay

    Apple Pay Later is one of the buy now pay later iPhone platforms by Apple Pay which enables users to pay for the cost of the purchase in four separate installments without having to pay for the total purchase up front. Apple Pay is applicable anywhere Apple Pay is accepted. You can use this method when buying an iPhone by using Apple Pay or Apple Wallet to check out.


    • High level of security
    • Easy to manage all tickets and cards with Apple Wallet
    • No transaction fees


    • Supported only on iPhones and Apple devices

    2. Afterpay

     Afterpay is a buy now pay later unlock phone provider best for zero interest. Unlike other buy-now-pay-later options, Afterpay gives one transparent solution to customers with no credit checks, no interest, and no hidden fees. Besides, new Afterpay customers can receive an instant approval decision in minutes. After completing your order, you get paid the total amount upfront. Customers can pay for their iPhone in four installments every fortnightly, directly to Afterpay. 

    On the other hand, you can avoid paying interest through Afterpay. However, late payments attract a fee of up to $8, though Afterpay will charge you at most 25% of your total payment. Like many buy now pay later sites, Afterpay features a 4 pay method whereby you pay off the total cost of your purchase within six weeks. Interestingly, you can link your credit or debit card to your Afterpay account to use their autopay services.


    • Does not charge interest
    • Lower credit limits prevent overspending
    • You can amend the payment due date


    • Charges late fees

    3. Affirm

    Affirm is an excellent long-term financing e solution that helps nullify price as a barrier for shoppers. This platform provides several perks to borrowers, like zero late fees and flexible payment plans starting from six weeks to 12 months. However, with Affirm, you may attract interest on your loan based on your payment plan.

    Besides, there are two categories of payment plans that Affirm users can choose from, including short term, and a long time that provides more time for consumers to pay off the loan. Customers can choose their payment plan, with options starting from 3-36 months.


    • Zero interest applied on the Pay in 4 plan
    • No late fees
    • Purchases up to $17,500


    • It may require to submit of a credit check.

    4. Klarna

    Klarna features the most flexible payment plans on the buy now pay later iPhone market, which may work well for some consumers. This provider’s payment plans start from six weeks to 18 months. However, Klarna may also attract interest on your payment, starting from 0.00% to 19.99%. Late payment with Klarna charges a late fee of up to $7 per missed installment.

    Like other BNPL platforms, you can spread your purchase’s total cost over six weeks, paying just every two weeks. 


    • No interest on Pay in 4 and Pay in 30 Days plans.
    • Flexible payment plans
    • Usable in person.


    • May be charged higher interest rates on a monthly financing plan.

    5. Zip

    Zip (formerly Quadpay) is the best platform for buy now pay later iPhone for customers looking for no credit checks. Customers enjoy the flexibility of spreading their payments into 4 installments over 6 weeks. Zip has over 3,000 incredible merchant partners, and customers pay for their purchases with the Zip app in-store.

    Additionally,  Zip does charge a $1 convenience fee on every payment installment you make ($4 total). However, Zip also enables customers to amend their payment due date, which may be a vital feature for some consumers.


    • Does not impact your credit score
    • Allows you to amend your payment due date
    • Offers physical cards


    • Charges late fee of $7

    Bottom Line 

    The cost of an iPhone is prohibitive to many shoppers. Still, several buy now, pay later iPhone platforms to give savvy shoppers on a tight budget ability to afford such an expensive device. This type of shopping gives customers more freedom and flexibility in purchasing power on expensive devices like iPhones and other tech devices. You can find your ideal provider in the discussion above and enjoy your shopping experience easy.