Xfinity customers can enjoy a device replacement in case a cell phone gets lost, stole, or damage. Generally, the warranty applies for 12 months starting from the purchase date and covers manufacturer defects such as mechanical or electrical malfunction.

    However, the warranty doesn’t cover the physical damage resulting from outside forces, like a cracked screen or water damage. Interestingly, if you enroll for the Xfinity Mobile Protection Plan and your one-year warranty expires, you can call Assurance Wireless at (855) 884-9771 to request for Xfinity phone replacement.

    Moreover, during the first 14 days of phone ownership, you can contact Xfinity Mobile for warranty support. After 14 days, you can contact your device’s manufacturer for warranty support.

    On the other hand, you apply the Xfinity Mobile Protection Plan when you buy your device or up to 30 days later, subject to mobile device condition eligibility. If you are already subscribed to the Xfinity Mobile Protection Plan, you can get a replacement device from Assurance, Xfinity Mobile, or the phone manufacturer.

    In partnership with Assurance, Xfinity Mobile provides a solid mobile protection plan. The Xfinity Mobile Protection Plan features no-fee early upgrades,  loss or theft coverage, accidental damage protection, and the Assurance app for fast and easy claim filing.

    If your Xnifity mobile device is accidentally damages due to drops, spills, and cracks, you need to repair or replace it. If your device develops a mechanical or electrical breakdown after the expiry of the manufacturer’s warranty, your Xfinity mobile will be repair or replace cost-free.

    Things To Do If Your Device Is Lost, Stolen Or Damaged

    The first thing to do if your device gets lost or steal is to trace your movement around when it get lost. Then, you can track your device through tracking apps for stolen or lost devices. If your Xfinity device is lost or stolen, check online to find out if your tracking app is up-to-date with the live location of your device.

    You can also utilize the app to remotely lock and delete the contents of your device to protect your private information. If you are sure that your device is lost, you can contact Xfinity customer care at 1-(800-934-6489) to suspend your service and lock your mobile device.

    This prompt will prevent third-party users from accessing your Xfinity phone and piling up charges. If you get back your lost or stolen device, Xfinity can restore your service. If you don’t trace back your device, you can chat with Xfinity to place an order for a replacement device. When you contact Xfinity customer care,  they will explain your options and have a replacement phone shipped to you immediately.

    Besides you can also order a replacement online on the Xfinity website. For lost, damaged, or stolen Xfinity devices, you can call Assurance Wireless at (855) 884-9771 to request a replacement device if you have the Xfinity Mobile Protection Plan and your one-year warranty has expired.

    The Best Xfinity Phone Replacement Process

    If you’re enrolled in the Xfinity Mobile Protection Plan, you can file a claim for Xfinity phone replacement in two ways, online or by phone.

    1. File a Claim Online

    • Proceed to Assurance Wireless website
    • Input your phone number
    • Submit

    2. File a Claim Using a Phone

    If you decide to file a claim for Xfinity phone replacement over the phone, contact (855) 884-9771

    Best Ways To Fix A Cracked or Broken Comcast (Xfinity) Phone

    If your Comcast Xfinity device gets crack or break, you can receive a replacement under the Xfinity mobile plan. The protection plan helps customers with a phone with physical damage or technical issues. If you have an active Xfinity mobile protection plan, you don’t have to panic about the costs of replacing or repairing your broken or cracked phone.

    Again, to use the Xfinity Mobile Protection Plan, you must pay a small monthly fee, the related service charge, and the deductible for your claim. Contact Assurance Wireless at (855) 884-9771 for more information. The Xfinity mobile protection plan protects your device under the below occurrences:

    • Electrical or mechanical breakdown
    • Accidental damage
    • Theft or loss
    • It covers you after your manufacturer’s warranty expires

    Most importantly, the protection plan also handles the accessories that come with your phone in case of simultaneous damage. On the contrary, the Xfinity mobile protection plan does not offer a replacement for the device if you intentionally break or crack your phone. Besides, it does not protect against defects related to the manufacturer’s warranty.

    Do You Replace Your Xfinity Mobile Phone Online

    When initiating a replacement for an accidentally damaged, lost,  malfunctioning, or stolen Xfinity phone online:

    • Proceed to or utilize the Pocket Geek Mobile by Assurance app to file your claim.
    • If your Xfinity phone is lost or steal, contact Xfinity via chat to cancel your service and keep your device against unauthorize use.
    • After your claim gets approved, you will obtain repair or replacement options.

    However, the options may include service and technical support via an authorized repair center like Apple via AppleCare Services. If AppleCare Services is offered to you, this service applies during the first 24 months from the device purchase date from Xfinity Mobile. When you are enrolled in the Xfinity Mobile Protection Plan, provided your Xfinity Mobile Protection Plan coverage remains active.

    Additionally, your device will be repaired with renewed parts or replaced with a similar refurbished device. If your exact device model is unavailable, you will receive a replacement device of a new model. Besides, device color may vary based on availability. Within 10 business days, you should return the damaged device. You will be given details on how to return the device. You will pay an unrecovered equipment fee if the device is not returned.

    Bottom Line 

    It’s usually a sad day when your device gets damaged, lost, or stolen. With Xfinity, you can get a replacement phone when such an ordeal occurs. During the 12 months from the device purchase date, you can only get a replacement device due to manufacturer defects, including electrical or mechanical malfunction. For physical damages, like a cracked screen, your warranty won’t help, but if you have enrolled in the Xfinity Mobile Protection Plan,  you can obtain a phone replacement.