If you live in Oklahoma, you might wonder where you can get a free phone to communicate with your friends and relatives. Phones, especially smartphones, are expensive, and thus some people cannot afford them. People from low-income families struggle to put food on the table. Such people can find it challenging to afford a smartphone. You will learn how to get free government phones Oklahoma shortly. 

    The federal government understands that some people in the country cannot afford phones. Due to that, it came up with a program that offers free phones to eligible persons. You must qualify and apply for Lifeline to get a free government phone. One can do the qualification and application process online when they visit a service provider’s website or send their application by mail. There are various documents that you must provide to qualify for Lifeline.

    You might be wondering what Lifeline is. Since you are here, I will explain briefly. Lifeline is a federal assistance program offering free phones and cellular plans. When you qualify, you get a one-time free smartphone, then free texts, data, and minutes. You get the free cellular plan monthly if you keep your account active. The benefit applies to one person per household. Therefore, others in the family can benefit from one person. 

    Qualifications For Free Government Phones In Oklahoma

    The qualification process for a free phone is usually the same in all states. However, there might be a slight variation. To get a free government phone, you must qualify for Lifeline, then apply for the benefit. The following are ways to apply for Lifeline.

    i. Qualify by Income

    You can qualify for Lifeline if your household income is 135% or below the Federal Poverty Guidelines. With such an income, a household finds it difficult to afford the basic needs and thus the need to get assistance from the government. There are significant differences in how the 135% bis are determined in Alaska and Hawaii. For one person, the 135% is set at $22,937 in Alaska and $21,101 in Hawaii. For the rest of the 48 states, DC, and territories, the 135% mark is set at $18,347.

    ii. Program eligibility

    You can also qualify for Lifeline if you participate in various assistance programs. These include the following:

    1. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
    2. Medicaid
    3. Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
    4. Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA)
    5. Veterans and Survivors Pension Benefit
    6. Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance
    7. Tribal Head Start
    8. Tribally-Administered Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF)
    9. Tribal Head Start
    10. Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR)

    Documentations For Free Government Phones Oklahoma

    As mentioned earlier, you can only succeed in your Lifeline application to get a free phone if you have the necessary documentation. These include the following.

    i) Documents to Show Program Participation

    To prove that you are a participant in a particular benefits program, you should provide any of the following documents. 

    1. Benefit award letter
    2. Statement of benefits
    3. Approval letter
    4. Benefit verification letter

    ii) Household Income

    If you are qualifying through income, you can bring documents such as;

    1. Previous year’s federal, state, or Tribal tax return
    2. Income statement from your current employer or a paycheck stub
    3. Unemployment or Workers’ Compensation statement of benefits
    4. Veterans Administration statement of benefits
    5. Tribal or Federal notice letter of participation in General Assistance
    6. Child support award, divorce decree, or other document containing income information

    iii) Date of Birth

    It is crucial to declare your date of birth so the government can know your age. Various documents can show your age. You can bring any of the following. 

    1. Government, state, military, or Tribal ID
    2. Government aid program document
    3. Driver’s license
    4. Birth Certificate
    5. Permanent Resident Card or Green Card
    6. Certificate of Naturalization or US Citizenship

    iv) Social Security Number or Tribal ID Number

    You can bring various documents to prove your Social Security Number or Tribal ID Number. They include the following. 

    1. Recent W-2 or tax return
    2. Social Security Card
    3. Government, state, military, or Tribal ID
    4. Military discharge documentation
    5. Government assistance program document
    6. Unemployment or Workers’ compensation benefits

    v) Address

    The federal government requires that you declare your address so you can receive your free phone and any accompaniment, such as a SIM card tool. You can use any of the documents below to show your address.

    1. Utility bill
    2. Most recent W-2 or tax return
    3. Driver’s license or another valid state, government, or Tribal ID
    4. Mortgage or lease statement

    vi) Life

    You must also prove that you are alive. Someone might fraudulently use documents of a dead person to apply for Lifeline. The following are the various documents you can submit.

    1. Government, military, state, or Tribal ID
    2. Birth certificate
    3. Government assistance program document
    4. Prior year’s tax return or W-2
    5. Social Security card

    You may also bring other documents, which include the following. 

    1. Government assistance program document
    2. Current utility bill
    3. Current income statements, such as a paystub
    4. Current mortgage or lease statement

    vii) Emancipated Minor

    If you qualify as an emancipated minor, you can bring any of the following documents.

    1. Certificate
    2. Court document

    Applications For Free Government Phones Oklahoma

    Applying for the Lifeline program to get a free phone is free and easy. You can apply online by mail. There are three main ways you can apply for Lifeline. They include the following:

    1. Online

    You can visit NV.fcc, create an account online, and then upload the necessary documents. After passing the National Verifier, you then wait for confirmation. If you pass the eligibility tests, you will get a notification requiring you to choose your service provider to receive your free monthly plan.

    2. Through Your Service Provider

    If you already have a participating service provider, you can apply for Lifeline through them. You only need to visit their websites, create an account, then submit the necessary documents. You must also undergo the verification process.

    3. Via Mail

    You can send your application by mail to;

    • Lifeline Support Center
    • PO Box 7081
    • London, KY 40742. 

    You should download the application form online, then fill in the necessary fields. After that, put the form plus the necessary documents in an envelope and send it to the above address.  

    Best Free Government Phones Providers In Oklahoma

    Suppose you plan to apply for a free phone through a service provider. In that case, knowing the various service providers that offer Lifeline services in Oklahoma is crucial. They include the following:

    1. Life Wireless

    The telecommunication company is among the various free phone service providers you can opt for when applying for Lifeline. It gives you a free smartphone, unlimited data, talk, and text, plus 5 GB of hotspot data. You can also bring your phone and enjoy the free cellular plan.

    2. TruConnect

    TruConnect allows you to apply for Lifeline and get a free 5.5” Android smartphone with 4G/LTE connectivity. You also get a free cellular plan comprising free minutes, data, and texts. The carrier also offers the Affordable Connectivity Program. 

    3. StandUp Wireless

    The carrier offers you a free phone, unlimited talk, text, and free data when you bundle your Lifeline and ACP to save around $40 monthly. The plan includes 10 GB of high-speed data, unlimited additional data, and unlimited talk & text with nationwide coverage. 

    Bottom Line 

    Oklahoma is among the various states in the United States. Like the other states, you can apply for a free phone through Lifeline. You get free texts, minutes, and data alongside your free phone. You can qualify for Lifeline through income or a benefit program and must produce the necessary documents to prove your eligibility. Eligible persons can apply online or by mail.