US cellular devices you purchase from the carrier come locked. In other words,  a unique code ensures your phone only connects to a specific network. Thus you can’t use a signal from any other wireless service.

    Interestingly, US Cellular can unlock both pre-paid and postpaid cell phones. However, they must be under certain conditions. First, ensure your mobile device is up to date before contacting the carrier about unlock US Cellular phone.

    Additionally, you can unlock mobile phones from the US Cellular network permanently. The SIM unlock codes apply to many mobile phones, such as Alcatel, LG, Motorola, BlackBerry, HTC,  ZTE, and Samsung.

    US Cellular USA network SIM unlocking service is fast, effective, and safe. The SIM unlock code is sent by email, with simple step-by-step instructions to take you through the unlocking process. You can also unlock US Cellular devices with most third-party unlocking services for a fee.

    Another crucial thing to note is that some mobile phones are ineligible for unlocking due to the age of the device. If you possess a 3G or 1X device, you’ll require an unlock code from US Cellular.

    You can contact the customer service line on 611 from a US Cellular device or 888-944-9400 on another device to request the code. If you face problems using an official carrier unlock, you can go for an IMEI unlock, which works the same as the official carrier unlock. 

    Best Ways To Unlock US Cellular Phone Free – For Android and iPhone

    US Cellular’s unlocking policy states that iPhones must remain active for 120 days, automatically unlocking. All other US Cellular 4G LTE phones introduced after February 2016 are sold unlocked.

    If you have an older cell phone, contact US Cellular customer service at 888-944-9400 to check if it’s technically possible to unlock it. The best way to unlock Android and iPhone devices for free is by requesting a US Cellular phone unlock code.

    Generally, a range of renowned phones from Apple and Samsung, whether postpaid or prepaid, are subject to a 120-day lock policy to prevent theft and fraud. However, an account in good standing that attains the eligibility requirements can still request an early unlock.

    Deployed military personnel can also have their US Cellular device unlocked earlier by submitting their deployment papers, provided their account has no past-due balance.

    What Is the US Cellular Unlock Code

    If you are searching for a simple, straightforward, fast, free and safe method to unlock a US Cellular device, then an unlock US Cellular code is the ideal option. The method is a remote unlocking procedure, and you can unlock US Cellular Phone in the comfort of your home or office.

    US Cellular unlock code represents a combination of numbers that can unlock an Android cell phone from carrier lock. US Cellular will generate the code if you’re eligible for phone unlocking, and it’s unique for every device.

    You can request a SIM unlock code for your cell phone in three simple steps;

    1. Choose the model of your US Cellular locked mobile phone at the carrier’s website and click on Unlock Now.
    2. Complete the SIM unlock code request form and make your payment.
    3. Wait for your SIM unlock code to be delivered to the provided email address.

    Can I Unlock a Blacklisted Phone at US Cellular

    A blocklisted phone can means a phone that is stolen, lost or involved in fraudulent activity. In this case,  US Cellular may not unlock a device that is blocklisted. In some instances, it’s possible to unlock your blacklisted phone, provided you have information to prove the legitimacy of your phone. Several national and international cellular networks might restrict the use of a blocked phone. 

    Consequently, your phone might be dysfunctional even after the unlock. If you want to confirm whether your phone is flagged as blocked or not, you can visit the WipeLock IMEI Checker. This IMEI checker allows you to find all the information about your phone, including the blocklist status, replacement status, and more.

    Unlock the Phone Free With IMEI Number

    To unlock a free smartphone with an IMEI number, follow the below steps:

    Step 1: After attaining the eligibility requirement, dial 611 with US Cellular phone. Alternatively, you can call 888-944-9400.

    Step 2: The customer support team will table and initiate your request and ensure that you meet the criteria.

    Step 3: You will be requested to utilize another SIM card to finish the unlocking process.

    On the downside, you may wait for up to 15 days to have your device unlocked. If you want to do it quickly, you can use another service, like third-party tools, to unlock your US Cellular device.

    Ways to Unlock US Cellular Phones Using Third-Party Services

    You can utilize a third-party tool like Direct Unlocks to unlock your US Cellular compatible device. For just $28.00, you can easily unlock your US Cellular phone for at most 24 hours. The advantage of Direct Unlocks is that it can unlock several phone brands, including iPhone, Sony, LG, and Samsung.

    Again, Direct Unlocks has a team of professionals who ensure the unlock process for your device is seamless. You can follow some easy steps below:

    Step 1: Open DirectUnlocks’ official website and fill out a phone unlock the form.

    Step 2: Enter the IMEI number of your locked mobile phone. To see the IMEI number, dial *#06# or go to the About option on Settings.

    Step 3: Confirm the detected mobile phone’s model number and enter your email address. Once done, choose the Unlock for any SIM card option.

    Step 4:  Agree to the terms and conditions. After that, you will be taken back to the payment page, follow the instruction, and make the payment.

    Step 5:  Direct Unlocks will take up to 24 hours to unlock your device. For Android phones, the device can get unlocked within 6 hours.

    Unlock US Cellular Prepaid and Postpaid Phone

    US Cellular provides unlocking for a wide range of prepaid and postpaid mobile devices, provided you attain their criteria. Additionally, if you are a military person, you can have your US Cellular device unlocked faster than the rest by providing your deployment papers. Besides, ensure that you have paid full payment for your postpaid device.

    Below is the US Cellular unlocking policy that you must understand:

    1. US Cellular cant unlock devices reported as stolen, lost, or have been involved in fraudulent activity.
    2. US Cellular wouldn’t unlock such phones if you purchased a device from other carriers.
    3. If you have a 4G Lite device released before 1st February 2016, such devices may or may not become unlocked.
    4. If you are working with a 1X and 3G device released before 1st February 2016, such devices may or may not become unlocked.

    Bottom Line

    US Cellular provides a simple procedure that unlocks your device for free. Cell phone unlocking allows customers to switch to the carriers with the best cellular deals. Through the US Cellular phone unlock code, you can unlock your device remotely. Follow the instructions sent with the unlock code in your email, and you will unlock your locked US Cellular phone in a blink.