Simple Mobile is among the mobile virtual network operators(MVNO) that use T-Mobile’s wireless network, the leading 5G network coverage in America. You must unlock your device if you want to enjoy this excellent coverage by switching to this carrier from another carrier.

    Most importantly,  having an unlocked phone is advantageous and allows you to use your device on another network. Simple Mobile provides you with a simple mobile unlock phone procedure that costs you nothing.

    Simple Mobile unlocking lets you enjoy your favorite phone plans instead of purchasing a new phone. When traveling abroad, you don’t have to worry as device unlock has a lot of flexibility.

    Unlocking your Simple Mobile cell phone allows you to utilize a universal SIM card or a local carrier’s SIM card, which offers reduced rates than roaming using your US carrier. Ultimately, you will save a considerable amount on data charges and other phone bills.

    Additionally, Simple Mobile offers you the option to activate a phone you own, provided it has been paid for in full and is compatible and unlocked by the previous carrier. Simple Mobile runs on GSM wireless network.

    Thus, an unlocked Simple Mobile phone can operate on any GSM-capable network, including T-Mobile, AT&T, TracFone, Metro PCS, etc. After a Simple Mobile phone unlocks, you need to insert a new sim card, and you are good to go.

    Ways To  Unlock Simple Mobile Phone Free 

    Different methods exist you can use and request for your Simple Mobile device unlock. You can use third-party apps or advanced methods, but you will incur some costs.

    However, the best way to unlock your device for free is to forward an unlock request to Simple Mobile. The process is entirely cost-free and can take up to 30 business days to get a sim network to unlock the code via your email.

    Additionally, the carrier may unlock your device if you have not attained the required minimum period of active Simple Mobile service. In this case, you will incur a cost of up to $300, depending on how long your service was active before the unlocking request.

    Simple Mobile Unlock Code Process

    This process requires an IMEI to request the unlock code from Simple Mobile. First, check for the model and IMEI number of your locked handset. Afterward, contact 1-888-442-5102 and submit what they asked (usually the model, IMEI, and answer a few questions). The next step is to wait until the Company sends an unlock code to you. This process can take up to 30 working days. After receiving the Simple Mobile unlock code, you enter it, and that’s it.

    If you have a phone that meets the eligibility requirements, Simple Mobile will offer you a unique code to unlock your device for free. The unlocking conditions include:

    1.  The code must get used at any participating retail store.
    2. You must have your original evidence of purchase or the device’s IMEI number to get the code.
    3. You must also activate your new Simple Mobile CELL phone within 30 days of obtaining it.
    4. The code is valid for a short time only.

    Simple Mobile Unlock iPhone, Samsung, and LG for Free

    Simple Mobile unlocking requests get processed on a first-come, first-served basis. However, based on the phone type and other qualifications, it can take up to two business days for a request to get processed. To submit your request for iPhone, Samsung, and LG free unlock, you can call us at 1-888-442-5102. 

    Notably, Simple Mobile will give you an unlock code for free if you match the following criteria:

    1. You must request device unlocking.
    2. A cell phone must be active on the Simple Mobile network for not less than 12 months with Plans redeemed for not less than 12 months.
    3. A handset must be in good standing – not blocked, flagged as stolen, or lost) or involved with fraudulent activity
    4. A Simple Mobile account must be in good standing.

    Eligibility for sending an unlock request applies once every twelve months. Besides you can also confirm if you qualify to submit an unlock request by contacting 1-888-442-5102 or via an online portal at the Company’s official website.

    Best Unlock Simple Mobile Phone For T-Mobile 

    Once you’ve confirmed device eligibility for unlock, proceed to their page and follow the instructions. For unlock guidelines, scroll down until you see Unlock your device. Next, follow the below steps if you get a notification that your cell phone qualifies to be unlocked. If the notification states an unlock code, contact Simple Mobile; they’ll provide it. 

    1st Step: Ensure you are connected to the T-Mobile network or Wi-Fi.

     2nd Step: Swipe up on your Home screen to display the Apps tray and take the steps below:

    1. Samsung Newer devices: Go to Settings > Connections > More Connection Settings > Network Unlock
    2. Samsung Older devices: Utilize the Device Unlock app pre-installed on your cell phone. If you lack this app, your device is unlocked or on a 2019 or newer OS.
    3. OnePlus (6T and newer): Proceed to Settings > Wi-Fi & internet > SIM and network, then select Advanced or Network Unlock.
    4. T-Mobile REVVLRY: Open Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile network > Advanced > Network Unlock
    5. Other Manufacturers: Select your device on the Devices page. Then, tap the Security drop-down to check Mobile Device Unlock steps.

    3rd Step: Choose Permanent Unlock and wait while the device finishes the unlock.

    4th Step: Restart the device.

    How To Unlock A Phone For Any Carrier For Free at simple mobile 

    If you want to unlock your device for any carrier for free at Simple Mobile, call or walk into your current carrier to request a “network unlock,” since different carriers have different phone unlock requirements. 

    1. First, dial *#06# on the cell phone you want to unlock to get a unique IMEI number. Then, note down the IMEI number. Your wireless provider requires the IMEI number to unlock your cell phone. Your service provider will verify your account to see if you meet all requirements to have your cell phone unlocked for free. Notably, you may be ineligible to unlock your cell phone if you have debts or have not fulfilled the service contract.
    1. The next step is to provide your wireless carrier with the information necessary to process the unlock request. You must submit your carrier’s phone’s unique IMEI number, name, and contact information. In this case, the wireless provider works directly with the device manufacturer to get your unlock code.
    1. Wait for your current carrier to send you your phone’s unlock code via email. Then, follow the instructions given by your wireless carrier to unlock phone at Simple Mobile. In most cases, you’ll receive instructions to insert a SIM card from another carrier, then put the unlock code at the prompt.

    Simple Mobile Imei Check

    The convenient method to unlock a Simple Mobile cell phone is to use an IMEI number. Your device’s IMEI or serial number must be availed to proceed with the unlocking process. Every device comprises a 15-digit code known as the “International Mobile Equipment Identity,” or IMEI. This unique and exclusive number for a device can only be owned by one device.

    To identify the model and IMEI number of your cell phone. There’re three ways to receive the IMEI number:

    1. Contact *#06#
    2. For iPhone: Open Settings > General > About
    3. For Android smartphones: Proceed to Settings > About device

    Bottom Line 

    Simple Mobile cell phone users can switch between compatible wireless carriers, with the option of “unlocking” their phones. The process offers flexibility to enjoy incentives on the new service provider’s network free of charge.

    However, you can request free simple mobile if you meet the eligibility requirements. You can unlock some locked devices remotely if they meet the eligibility criteria. You can contact Simple Mobile to see if a device it’s eligible to be unlocked.