Are you looking for the fastest home internet that connects you with your family and everything you do? US Cellular is the fourth-largest wireless provider in the US. Besides, the carrier offers US Cellular home internet service besides its prepaid and unlimited cell phone plans.

    The Company provides the most coverage in Oklahoma City, Milwaukee, and Omaha. Interestingly, there are no data overage fees for home internet plans. To assist customers in getting the reliable internet access they require, US Cellular has improved its Home Internet service by availing unlimited data availability for $49.99 per month.

    Additionally, the Company has expanded access to the 5Gmm Wave network to all Home Internet customers. Customers who combine Home Internet service with a new mobile service line will receive $20 off their monthly bill. 

    Most importantly, the wireless carrier offers high-speed internet wirelessly to homes or businesses. It can deliver speeds up to 300 Mbps based on the network technology in your area.

    Customers who add the new unlimited Home Internet service will get free equipment and professional home installation (where applicable) for a limited time. You can enter your address to know which Home Internet plans are available in your area. 

    Acknowledgement of US Cellular Home Internet

    US Cellular 4G Home Internet requires buying Home Internet Everywhere Plan at $59.99 per month. Plus, a UScellular 4G LTE Router at $3 per month. You also need a Netgear Orbi LBR20 6G5 at $6.66 per month.

    The equipment is offered at UScellular’s discretion and is subject to availability. US Cellular 4G Home Internet equipment fee gets paid using a credit of either $3 or $6.66 per month through 36 months based on the equipment provided. 

    On the other hand, US Cellular 5G Home Internet requires buying of Home Internet Even Better Plan at $59.99 per month plus Inseego Wavemaker FW2010 5G Outdoor Bundle at $24.02 per month.

    You can pay for the 5G Home Internet equipment offer using a credit of $24.02 per month for 36 months. The US Cellular 5G Home Internet needs a professional installation (Installation charges are waived). The regular plan pricing starts after 18 months’ service credit expires.

    US Cellular Home Internet Plans

    More than 12.2 million households in the US have access to unlimited 4G, 5G, or 5G mmWave in-home connectivity thanks to UScellular’s Home Internet service. The available plans include the following:

    1. Unlimited Even Better for $49.99/month

    The above plan goes for $60/month without AutoPay and a paperless billing discount. You’ll receive professional installation so you can connect with confidence. The whole Home Wi-Fi powered by eero offers accessibility anytime, anywhere. Besides, the internet is unlimited, allowing you to game, stream, or work at high speed.

    2. Unlimited Everywhere for $49.99/month

    The unlimited Everywhere plan goes for $60/month without AutoPay and a paperless billing discount. You can experience fast, reliable internet that keeps you connected. The plan features a self-installation option for faster online. You can stream in HD for enhanced video quality plus a great viewing experience. 

    US Cellular Discount on Internet

    US Cellular believes getting wireless and internet service is vital to the communities. The Company offer programs for qualified customers that offer valuable plan discounts. US Cellular participates in the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and the Lifeline Program.

    These programs help low-income eligible households settle monthly internet and wireless service bills. The ACP discount helps eligible households pay for internet and wireless service. If you meet the eligibility requirements of up to $30 off monthly plans for eligible households.

    Plus, up to $75 off for eligible Tribal Lands. A low-income household qualifies if one member of the household attains the following:

    1. A recipient of benefits through the school breakfast program or the free and reduced-price school lunch program  through the USDA Community Eligibility Provision from the current school year
    2. Qualifies for the Lifeline program;
    3. A recipient of a Federal Pell Grant at the current award year;
    4. A participant in a Special supplemental nutrition program for (WIC) women, infants, and children;
    5. Possess a total household income at or less than 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines 

    Working Procedure of US Cellular Home Internet

    Home Internet represents a fixed wireless technology from US Cellular that connects customers through the internet in their homes and businesses. In this case, the carrier features two plans for the home internet.

    The Unlimited Everywhere utilizes a particular router that connects wirelessly to US cellular cell towers to offer a connection to the internet. Again, it gives a Wi-Fi signal all over your home or business. Thus, all your Wi-Fi-enabled devices, such as computers, tablets, smart TVs, security cameras, etc., get connected.

    On the other side, Unlimited Even Better utilizes a professionally installed outdoor antenna. It tethers to a 5G-enabled cell tower and gets paired with an internal Wi-Fi router, giving your whole home Wi-Fi device connectivity.

    The US Cellular Cell Phone Plan

    You can get a basic plan for $29 monthly with US unlimited plans. If you wish to add more features, you can upgrade to the Everyday or Even Better plan for an additional $10 to $15 per month. For prepaid plans, you can pick one with a data cap or unlimited data for the most perks.

    1. Everyday Plan

    This plan is ideal for customers who are not a fan of limits. You can receive unlimited nationwide text, talk, and data streaming. Everyday plan costs $40 per line for 4 lines. Also, the plan features 25GB of Priority Data, HD Streaming, Redbox Movie, Unlimited Mexico & Canada Premium LTE Data, Robocall Solution, plus 15GB of Hotspot Access.

    2. Even Better Plan

    If you want even more data, you can consider an Even better plan. This plan doubles the best parts of the Everyday plan for Even Better features. The price costs $ 45 per line for 4 lines. The plan features Unlimited talk, text, and 50GB of  Data. You can enjoy full HD Streaming, Redbox Movie Nights, Unlimited Mexico and Canada,  Robocall Solution, plus 30GB Hotspot Access.

    Bottom Line

    US Cellular is the fourth-largest wireless carrier in the United States, providing national network coverage and home internet plans. The Chicago-based carrier offers a robust and reliable network supported by the latest technology and provides a wide range of communication services.

    Besides, US Cellular packs many plan options, including unlimited and prepaid options. The home internet helps customers get reliable, high-speed internet access at their homes or business in suburban, urban, or rural areas.