Lyca Mobile is the world’s prominent international Mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) with over 16 million subscribers. The Companys’s mission is to connect friends and family around the globe by providing low-cost, high-quality data and voice services across 23 countries.

    LycaMobile plans allow customers to choose from the best national and international plans, free from contracts or commitments. At Lycamobile, you will find affordable prepaid plans that enable you to make long-distance calls at a cheap cost. 

    At Lycamobile, you will get unlimited talk and text prepaid plans ranging from $19 and high data plans going up to $50 per month. Besides, new customers will receive free SIM cards compatible with almost all GSM smartphones.

    The prepaid cellphone plans come in different monthly prices that are affordable for any budget. These varying prices allow customers to customize services and settle for their needs. Again, the Company doesn’t charge you any roaming or add any other hidden fees.

    However, you can sign up for the auto recharge feature to automate the process of adding Credit to your account. In this case, your Lyca Mobile plan gets renewed every month on its own, and you never run short of minutes to connect with your loved ones. With advantages such as no contract and affordable international calling rates, a prepaid plan from Lycamobile may be an ideal choice for you. 

    Our Top Picks LycaMobile Affordable Plan

    The Best Process to Join Lyca Mobile

    New customers can join Lyca Mobile and enroll in its cheap plans through the below steps:

    Step 1:Purchase the Primary Line

    Buy the primary Plan. Upon successfully submitting your order, you will get a confirmation email featuring a PIN. You will require your PIN to activate your cell phone plan. Besides, Lyca Mobile will also give an additional 4 SIM cards to be used when you are ready to enroll for additional lines.

    Step 2:Activation and Registration

    In this step, you can visit the SIM activation page to start the activation process online. Immediately your SIM is activated, add your Plan. 

    Step 3:Additional Lines

    Log into ‘My account if you need more lines and follow the directions to add extra lines.

    The LycaMobile Plans – Most Trustable & Worthy Prepaid Monthly Plans

    $10 Plan- Valued


    • Unlimited National Calls and SMS
    •  250 MB high-speed data
    • Unlimited Talk and Text to 75+ Countries

    $19 Plan – Worthy

    With this Plan, you can save 50% and pay only $9.50 for your first month. You must sign up for auto-renew and pay $9.50 for up to 6 months. This offer lasts for a limited- time and is available on new lines of service only.


    •  Unlimited Plan with 2GBsof up to 5G data in your first month
    •  Unlimited nationwide Talk and Text
    •  Unlimited Talk and Text to 75+ Countries
    •  $1.50 Calling Credit

    $23 Plan – Affordable


    •  Unlimited Plan with 3GBs of up to 5G data in your first month
    •  Unlimited nationwide Talk and Text
    •  unlimited talk and text to 75+ Countries
    •  $1.50 Calling Credit

    $29 Plan – A Great Plan Overall


    • Unlimited Plan with 6GBsof up to 5G data in your first month
    •  Unlimited nationwide Talk and Text
    •  unlimited talk and text to 75+ Countries
    •  Bonus International Minutes

    $33 Plan – Free Calling opportunities


    •  Unlimited Data with 12GBat up to 5G data in your first month
    •  Unlimited nationwide Talk and Text
    •  unlimited talk and text to 75+ Countries

    $40 Plan – Spectacular


    • Unlimited national and International Calls, SMS
    •  15GBData with 15GB high speed

    Lyca Mobile Multi-Line Plans – Additional Features Are Available

    With these plans, you can save up to 50% if you add a line of service to your monthly plans. The discount is a limited-time offer, and your account must remain active to get an auto-renew discount. Again, you must sign up for autopay and pay half the multi-line plan price for 12 months. These plans feature unlimited Nationwide text, talk,  and data. Plus, unlimited International text and talk to 75+ countries.

    1. $49.00 for 60GB Plan- Pay $24.50/Line 


    • 60GB’s Data at up to 5G speed
    • Unlimited Nationwide Talk and Text
    • Unlimited International Text and Talk to 75+ Countries
    • Bonus International Minutes

    2. $59.00 for Unlimited-Pay $29.50/Line Plan


    • Unlimited Data at up to 5G speed
    • Unlimited Nationwide Talk and Text
    • Unlimited Talk & Text to 75+ Countries
    • $5.00 international Calling credits

    How To Choose The Right LycaMobile Data Plan

    If you are uncertain about how to pick the best Lyca Mobile phone and data plan, you are in the right place. At Lycamobile, you need to know the current plans and choose which Plan works best for you under the below criteria:

    1. What is your phone usage?
    2. How much is your data consumption every month?
    3. Do you plan for a shared data plan?

    Typically, if you utilize your phone periodically to check your email and send calls and texts, you can opt for the low-cost $23 Lycamobile plan. Besides, if you browse social media apps and websites frequently, make calls and send texts, the ideal Plan for you is the $29 Lycamobile plan.

    On the other hand, heavy data users who stream music, use GPS, and watch online content require the $35 Lycamobile plan as the most suitable. Again, if you don’t want restrictions on a limited data plan or mind using up all of your data, then the unlimited high Lyca Mobile data plan is your best pick.

    LycaMobile Pay As You Go – A Great Plan

    Pay As You Go or PAYG is typically an option in which you top up/add Credit and receive the flexibility to enjoy services offered by the mobile operator. When you select Pay as you go with Lycamobile, you can purchase a SIM card and top up Credit to start calling the world for less. Notably, the Pay-As-You-Go service is unavailable for new or Plan customers even after plans expire and are not recharged.

    What is LycaMobile BYO Mobile Phone Plans

    BYO, also known as Bring Your Own phone plans, are similar to SIM plans. Thus, when you purchase a Lycamobile SIM card, you can bring any compatible mobile device of your choice (unlocked) to start using Lyca Mobile services. Lyca Mobile BYO plans do not need you to sign a contract, giving you the chance to enjoy the same great rates.

    Bottom Line

    LycaMobile allows customers to settle for a cell phone plan that suits their lifestyle and needs. However, you will get the flexibility to switch from one Plan to another if your wireless needs change. The Company offers prepaid monthly plans that no longer tie you into lengthy contracts and commitments. You can subscribe or leave a plan without any early termination fees.