Patriot Mobile is an American-only Christian conservative wireless service provider. Besides, the company offers excellent coverage on dependable, nationwide 4G or 5G networks. Patriot Mobile commits to providing its clients with dependable wireless service and exceptional support. However, according to Patriot Mobile reviews, this company is among the cheapest wireless providers in America.

    Moreover, Patriot Mobile offers five cell phone plans with varying talk, text, and data. All the cell phone plans initially used Sprint’s network to offer service. Besides, Patriot Mobile currently delivers service using the T-Mobile network due to the Sprint merger with T-Mobile. T-Mobile stands out as the best wireless provider leading with 5G coverage. Thus, Patriot Mobile customers will experience a high-speed network with a compatible device.

    In addition, Patriot Mobile provides a bring your own phone (BYOP) to eligible customers. In this case, you can bring a device you love to use with the carrier’s wireless services. The BYOP device must be unlocked, free from any contract and compatible with the Patriot Mobile network. This company operates on GSM technology. Thus, cell phones using this network can work with the Patriot Mobile network.

    Coverage – Guide To Check Your Locations

    The Sprint network powers Patriot Mobile, but recently the carrier merged with T-Mobile. Patriot Mobile customers can access T-Mobile nationwide 4G LTE network and 5G where available.

    Whether you’re a new or an existing subscriber, you can confirm cell phone coverage in your area through your ZIP code. Patriot Mobile provides different networks to deliver the best coverage depending on your geographic location. 

    To check Patriot Mobile coverage on your location:

    1. Proceed to
    2. Then, input your street
    3. Followed by your city
    4. State
    5. Finally, submit your ZIP code

    Phones – All The Latest Brand

    Patriot Mobile provides high-end devices on Android and iPhones that suit your budget and lifestyle. For new Patriot Mobile subscribers, you can pay for your favorite device upfront or embrace the third-party Company, Klarna, for financing options on your cell phone.

    For existing Patriot Mobile customers with an installment plan through Patriot Mobile, you can contact Member Services to check how much is owed on the device. Also, you can settle off the Companys’s remaining installment plan at any time.

    Again, if you opt to return or exchange a Patriot Mobile phone, you can call the Member Services Department to start the return process. The return policy lasts for 14 days from the device delivery day. Immediately you receive your return label through an email, ensure to restore your device to factory reset and eject any SIM/memory cards. You can view the return policy for Patriot Mobile phones

    Patriot Mobile members can use the Special Order program to order a specific device (color, memory level, or model). However, the following conditions apply:

    1. Samsung or Apple are manufactured various compatible cell phone for Patriot Mobile subscribers.
    2. Cell phone must be purchased outright at the total Retail Price plus tax
    3. A Special Order Fee of $75 applies per cell phone
    4. Member agrees to waive the 14-day return option
    5. Special Order devices don’t qualify for expedited shipping or rush orders.

    Plans – Build The Right Plan For You

    Patriot Mobile offers varying cell phone plans that are free from any contracts. However, you can conveniently upgrade or downgrade your cell phone plan anytime at no additional charge. The plans that the company offers to its members include the following:

    Freedom Of Speech (Liberty)


    1. Unlimited Talk and Text Per Line For $25 Monthly Plus Tax
    2. 4G or 5G LTE
    3. Wi-Fi Calling
    4. VoLTE
    5. Hard stop after 0.5GB

    3GB Plan (Liberty)


    1. Unlimited Talk And Text Per Line For $35 Monthly Plus Tax
    2. Mobile Hotspot
    3. 4G or 5G LTE
    4. Unlimited Data – 3GB High-Speed Data
    5. Reduced data speeds after 3GB
    6. Wi-Fi Calling
    7. VoLTE
    8. Data Roaming
    9. HD Streaming

    10GB Plan (Liberty)


    1. Unlimited Talk and Text Per Line For $50 Monthly Plus Tax
    2. Mobile Hotspot
    3. 4G or 5G LTE
    4. Unlimited Data – 10GB High-Speed Data
    5. Reduced data speeds after 10GB
    6. Wi-Fi Calling
    7. VoLTE
    8. Data Roaming
    9. HD Streaming

    22GB Plan (Liberty)


    1. Unlimited Talk and Text Per Line For $65 Monthly Plus Tax
    2. 4G or 5G LTE
    3. Unlimited Data – 22GB High-Speed Data
    4. Reduced data speeds after 22GB
    5. Wi-Fi Calling
    6. VoLTE
    7. Data Roaming
    8. HD Streaming

    40GB Ultimate Plan(Liberty)


    1. Unlimited Talk and  Text Per Line For $75 Monthly Plus Tax
    2. Mobile Hotspot
    3. 4G or 5G LTE
    4. Unlimited Data – 40GB High-Speed Data
    5. Reduced data speeds after 40GB
    6. Wi-Fi Calling
    7. VoLTE
    8. Data Roaming
    9. HD Streaming

    BYOP(Bring Your Own Phone)

    Patriot Mobile offers new customers a chance to use their own phones with its network. Customers can switch to this carrier and sign up for service, provided their phone is compatible and unlocked.

    Any mobile phone compatible with the Sprint or T-Mobile network will work with Patriot Mobile. Nowadays, most cell phones sold unlocked directly from Motorola and Samsung are compatible with Patriot Mobile. Any device with Sprint must be paid off in full and feature no financial obligations before returning to Patriot Mobile.

    Most importantly, if you’re bringing your cell phone to Patriot Mobile, ensure your phone is unlocked with your current carrier. Besides, if you’re keeping the same number with your BYOP, you must have your account number and PIN with your current carrier for a smooth switch to Patriot Mobile. You can confirm if your cell phone is compatible with Patriot Mobile at

    Besides, ensure your phone is unlocked with your existing carrier. If unsure, you can contact your current carrier and request them to unlock your phone. When porting in your phone number to Patriot Mobile, ensure you do not cancel your service with your current carrier until you successfully transfer to Patriot Mobile.

    To bring your own phone to Patriot Mobile:

    1. Order the Patriot Mobile SIM starter kit online.
    2. Insert the SIM card into your BYOP device and follow the activation process.
    3. If you plan to transfer your existing phone number, the process can take up to 24 hours.

    Bottom Line

    Patriot Mobile is the first and lone Christian conservative wireless provider in the USA. The company provides extensive coverage on dependable, nationwide T-Mobile 4G or 5G networks. However, if you are hunting for one of the cheapest wireless services in the United States, Patriot Mobile is your ideal option. Besides, it is a good service provider that operates on America’s leading carrier, which covers about 99% of the US population. So, Patriot Mobile coverage is good enough and a cheap option to consider.