Due to the emergence of numerous wireless providers in the United States, it can be challenging to settle for the best cell phone plans for your telecommunication needs. However, there are dozens of the best cell phone plans for 1 line options for customers.

    Moreover, the individual needs and habits determine the plan you’ll consider as the ideal cell phone plan varies from one customer to another. Most importantly, many consumers can not live without a cell phone plan, which necessitates identifying the best option for individual usage.

    Luckily, in this guideline, you will get a simplified methodology on the best single cell phone plans from different wireless and how to choose the best. You can get a cell phone plan that fits all your needs from any of the three significant phones (T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T) and their MVNOs.

    On the other hand, you need to understand the type of plan to sign up for, whether postpaid or prepaid plans. The major carriers and MVNOs may offer the best prepaid and postpaid plans for 1 service line.

    For post-paid plans, you’ll pay the monthly bill at the prior or end of getting the month’s services. However, prepaid plans are cheaper but have fewer perks and little data(high-speed data). 

    The 7 Best 1 Line Cell Phone Plans for your Better Selection

    This tremendous cell phone plans are divided into two attainable parts like Unlimited plan & Prepaid plan both are describe sharply to select your best ones.

    a) Unlimited 1 line Cell Phone Plans

    1) Mint Mobile Unlimited data for $30/month 

    Mint Mobile is one of the mobile virtual network operators that use T-Mobile’s network to give its customers coverage. Besides, it is one of the affordable options for unlimited data. Mint Mobile’s unlimited plan costs $30 and is ideal for budget-conscious users looking for the best 1-line unlimited cell phone. On the downside, Mint’s 4G and 5G speeds slow after your first 35GB of data usage. Besides, Mint’s plans can get expensive after the first three months.

    2) Visible Unlimited for $30/month 

    Visible is an MVNO operating using the Verizon network. However, you can consider this carrier if you don’t want to sign up for a year with Mint to get the carrier’s best price. Since it’s a Verizon MVNO, you can enjoy the benefits of Verizon’s network, such as 5G coverage on supported devices. Besides, if you pay an additional $15 per month for the Visible Plus plan, you can experience Verizon’s fast Ultra Wideband 5G network plus other perks.

    3) T-Mobile Magenta unlimited data for $70/month 

    T-Mobile is among the three best giant carriers offering the best 5G network coverage. However, T-Mobile’s $70 option provides a big carrier’s best value unlimited plan. You can enjoy a few features, such as HD streaming, at an affordable price. Besides, you can get unlimited priority data and free Netflix if you have 2 or more lines on your plan. This plan includes a free year of Paramount Plus, Apple TV Plus, and ViX Plus.

    4) AT&T Value Plus plan for $50/month 

    AT&T rates third on the list of US significant carriers. The above plan is the cheapest for customers looking for the best cell phone plan for 1-line. The AT&T Value Plus plan costs $50 per month for 1- line of data, which is $15 less than the carrier’s Unlimited Starter plan. Besides getting unlimited data, you also enjoy 5G access, coverage in Mexico and Canada, and texting to 200-plus countries. 

    B) Prepaid 1 Line Cell Phone Plans

    1) Mint Mobile 10GB for $20/month 

    Mint Mobile is among the best wireless prepaid plan providers in the US. Although the carrier has few available options, the ultimate best value is 10GB for $20 per month. Through this plan, you will enjoy free hot spotting and access to 5G. 

    2) AT&T 16GB 12-month prepaid for $25/month 

    it’s tough for big carriers to offer the best value prepaid plans, but AT&T is an exception offering 16GB for $25 per month. However, you can pay for this plan one month at a time, but the best price comes through investing in a 12-month prepaid with AT&T.  If you want monthly payments, you can opt for 5GB of data from AT&T, costing $30 per month.

    3) Metro by T-Mobile  Unlimited data for $60/month 

    The above is one of the best prepaid unlimited data plans in the market. You can enjoy the best pack of add-ons with Metro’s $60 monthly plan. Besides the unlimited text, talk, and data, you have 15GB of hotspot data, 100GB of Google One cloud storage, plus an Amazon Prime membership. 

    Identification ways to choose Best Cell Phone Plan For 1- Line

    The following are the tips you can use to find yourself a suitable plan that gives you peace of mind while using your internet and other wireless services:

    Set your budget

    Before subscribing to a particular cell phone plan, see if the monthly cost will lie within your budget of how much you plan to spend per month.

    Evaluate your data usage

    Typically, you need to know your internet usage habits and how much data you use per month. If you choose more data for one 1-line than you require, you will end up with higher bills.

    1. Check coverage

    It can demoralize choosing a cell phone plan that the provider doesn’t offer coverage within your area of residence. Thus, check if the provider you want to enroll with offers good coverage in your state.

    1. Compare the available options.

    In this case, you can weigh the post-paid and prepaid options to see which offers the best value for your money.

    Bottom Line

    Looking for the best cell phone plan for 1-line it’s not a walk in the park, but it doesn’t have to be hectic anymore. However, several renowned wireless providers in the United States offer the best cell phone plans for individual consumers.

    Depending on who provides the best deal, you can choose between the three major carriers’ cell phone plans or the mobile virtual network operators(MVNOs). This research summarizes some of the best cell phones plans you can shop for a single person’s wireless needs.