Mint Mobile is one of the US wireless carriers that offer fantastic deals on devices and plans. There are no offers on free phones, but the carrier offers six months of free service. To be eligible for this free offer, you must purchase a new device, plus a six-month plan.

    However, getting a Mint Mobile free phone through a buy-one-get-one (BOGO) deal gives you a year of Mint Mobile at a 50% discount. For instance, if you buy a new phone with Mint Mobile, you can receive up to 6 months of wireless data service for free on eligible devices.

    If you purchase a new phone through Mint Mobile, you’ll subscribe for three months of their data plans. In this case, the lowest tier plan of Mint Mobile provides 4GB of 5G LTE data for $15 per month. You’ll enjoy the plan for free for three months, with $45 savings.

    Moreover, Mint Mobile stocks many devices, including most of the current flagship devices from Samsung, Apple, LG, OnePlus, and Google. To save more, you can pick from different budgets and mid-range cell phones sold by Mint Mobile. You can bundle your new cell phone with its premium wireless service through the best cell phone deals on Mint. 

    Mint Mobile Free Phones – A Current Deals

    Mint Mobile packs a bundle of deals on free phone offers such as Android devices from Samsung, such as the Samsung Galaxy A32 and Samsung Galaxy S21. Besides, plenty of iPhone deals available at Mint Mobile allow you to bundle your service with any of the latest Apple iPhones.

    To be eligible for these deals, new customers require a port-in, and a “6 months free” service is applied as a 50% discount on any 12-month plan at checkout. Additionally, you require the purchase of eligible devices, including:

    1. iPhone 12 mini
    2. iPhone 12
    3. iPhone SE (3rd generation)
    4. iPhone 11
    5. iPhone 13
    6. iPhone 13 Pro
    7. iPhone 13 Pro Max
    8. Samsung A02
    9. Google Pixel 6A 

    Current Free Deals On Mint Mobile Plans

    Mint Mobile does not often provide deals on free cell phones. However, you can usually get service discounts when buying a new phone. For instance, you can get 6 months of free service when you purchase a new cell phone through the Mint Mobile 6-month service plan.

    The best Mint Mobile deals are their 3-month introductory rates which include the following:

    i) $15 per month for 4GB of 5G/4G LTE data

    ii) $20 per month for 10GB of 5G/4G LTE data

    iii) $25 per month for 15GB of 5G/4G LTE data

    iv) $30 per month for Unlimited (35GB of full-speed data)

    Notably, after the end of the 3 months introductory rates, you can renew your next plan in 3, 6, or 12 months. The more months you choose, the lower your monthly rate.

    Save With Mint Mobile Cell Phone Deals – The Process

    Generally, all new Mint Mobile customers will pay the cheapest per-month rate during the first three months of service, thanks to Mint’s ongoing introductory offer.

    However, with Mint Mobile, the more service months you buy, the more you save. After the end of the first 3 months, you’ll have the chance to renew with packages starting from 3, 6, or 12 months.

    Mint Mobile frequently provides deals like a free month of service or a locked-in discounted rate for a given period. Mint Mobile currently provides a reasonable offer on the buy 3 months of service, with free 3 months. 

    The following are the free Mint Mobile deals you can take advantage of:

    1. Pick any plan and pay just $15 per month for the first 3 months
    2. Enjoy your first 3 months free when you buy a 6-month plan
    3. Obtain free service when you buy a phone
    4. Get 6 months of free service when you buy an Apple iPhone 13 
    5. Get a 6-month service plan from Mint or 6 months of free service when you buy a OnePlus N100 through a 6-month plan from Mint.
    6. Purchase 3 months of service, get 3 months free.
    7. Get 12 months of free Mint Mobile service upon buying a 12-month plan plus a new cell phone.

    Is Mint Mobile Allow You To Bring Your Own Phone

    Typically, you can bring your own phone as long as it’s unlocked and compatible with the Mint Mobile network. If you are a new customer making a switch to Mint Mobile, ensure you’re not tied to any contract with your current wireless carrier.

    However, if you switch carriers while still owing payment on your device, you’ll have to pay off the device in full before the transition. If your phone is unlocked, compatible, and free from any contract, you can sign up for a Mint Mobile plan and enjoy 3 months of free service.

    Mint Mobile will deliver to you a 3-1 SIM Card Kit for you to put into your cell phone and start your Mint service. Before using your SIM card, you must follow Mint Mobile activation, which takes a few minutes.

    Mint Mobile Network Coverage

    Mint Mobile is one of the carriers under the umbrella of T-Mobile, whose network offers 4G LTE and 5G coverage to its customers. Besides, T-Mobile provides the fastest and most robust 4G and 5G networks. Mint Mobile’s coverage matches T-Mobile’s coverage.

    On the downside, Mint Mobile customers may experience data speeds throttling during peak-usage hours. Most importantly, you can easily confirm whether you’re covered with Mint Mobile’s using its coverage checker available on the company’s website.

    To check Mint Mobile 5G and 4G coverage, enter your ZIP code, and the coverage area will display. Thus, Mint Mobile operates using the T-Mobile network; hence, coverage is generally pretty good. 

    Final Verdict

    Mint Mobile is one of the prepaid carriers with the best deals on cell phones and plans in today’s market. However, the carriers pack amazing free deals on cell phone plans that give customers 3, 6, or 12 months of free service, depending on the deal details. Besides, you can look at fantastic deals on iPhones and Android phones from renowned manufacturers available on Mint Mobile.