Do you wish to know how you can change your CenturyLink Wi-Fi name? This article is for you. Changing your Wi-Fi name (SSID) and managing up to four wireless networks via the SSID setup option on your modem is straightforward. The SSIDs are found on the stickers on the side or bottom of your network’s router/modem.

    The sticker contains the SSID that identifies the default network settings. For CenturyLink’s Wi-Fi routers, you will typically see the SSID or name of the network as well as the name of the data if you click a nearby bar code. Changing your CenturyLink Wi-Fi name for technical and personal reasons is vital. We have explained the precise procedure in the content below.

    CenturyLink is among the best and most popular internet service providers in the US. The carrier is best known for providing reliable speeds and connectivity through CenturyLink Wi-Fi which you can change the name if you wish. After you change your name, a wireless network is re-established. All wireless devices must detach when a switch is made and reconnect using that name. Notably, the Wi-Fi network usually functions even if its name is changed.

    How to Change Centurylink Wi-Fi Name

    How to Change Centurylink Wi-Fi Name

    Your Wi-Fi name is used when you connect your devices to Wi-Fi with a unique password that you create, and you can also change it. If you customize your Wi-Fi’s name, it helps you quickly identify your network. To change your name, you will use the modem by logging into your modem’s user interface and selecting the wireless settings menu as explained below.

    • Connect a gadget, such as a PC or a tablet, to the internet through Wi-Fi or by connecting it to your modem using an Ethernet connection.
    • Open a web browser and type in the web address space.
    • Use your Admin Username and Admin Password to log into the modem’s settings interface (Modem GUI). Remember that these differ from your wireless network name (SSID) and Wi-Fi password.
    • Click on the wireless setup icon in the main menu.
    • Choose “SSID Setup.”
    • Choose the SSID that has to be changed. Your modem’s label will have your SSID printed on it. Usually, your primary home network is the first option in the drop-down list.
    • Choose “Broadcast SSID” to make the network visible to all nearby devices.
    • Select “Enable SSID” or “Disable SSID” from the Set SSID State tab accordingly to turn on or off the network.
    • Select “Set the SSID Network Name” and enter your Wi-Fi name. The SSID does not have spaces. Remember that others will see this, so it shouldn’t contain any private information or password hints.
    • Click “Apply” to save your changes.

    Bottom line

    CenturyLink is a popular ISP in the US that provides reliable internet speeds through CenturyLink Wi-Fi. The modem provides Wi-Fi network, which has an SSID that is your Wi-Fi’s name. It is contained on the stickers on the stickers on the side or bottom of your modem. Using the above procedure, you can opt to change this name due to personal or technical issues.