As an AT&T customer, you might wish to know how fast AT&T’s internet is. Due to this, we have analyzed the service provider’s plans in the content below to see their internet speeds. It will help you on deciding on the appropriate plan to buy or upgrade to a faster plan if you want to browse faster, stream, or even gaming with faster speeds.

    AT&T upgraded its internet provision and now offers fiber internet, a more reliable type of connection to its customers. The carrier is among the leading internet and phone service providers in the US and hence has a lot of customers. The speed you will get depends on the AT&T internet plan you purchases. Additionally, it would help if you upgrade your current plan to get faster internet than your current one.

    You need fast enough internet to do all your everyday online activities without experiencing any lag, long load times, or dropped connections. Most internet users are content with 100 Mbps, but if you frequently engage in high-bandwidth activities like streaming 4K movies, you may require more. Let’s see the speed of AT&T’s internet.

    How fast is AT&T internet

    We have discussed AT&T internet plans and their respective speeds, which determine how fast a plan can be if you acquire it. You can use the online AT&T speed testers to see how fast your plan is, but the indicated ones are the highest the plan can reach. 

    1. Fiber Internet up to 300 Mbps

    The plan costs $55 per month plus taxes. It is 15x faster upload speeds than cable and is ideal for the whole family. You can connect up to 10 devices, stream HD videos, perform online gaming and share large files.

    1. Fiber internet up to 500 Mbps

    The plan costs $65 per month. It has fast speeds and bandwidth for multiple users, with 20x faster upload speeds than cable, and allows you to connect 11 devices. It is ideal for Binge streams, and also, you can share large files.

    1. Fiber internet up to 1 GIG speed

    This plan goes for $80 per month. It has the fastest speed for smart homes and mostly suits severe online gamers and home office power users. It has 25x faster upload speeds than cable. You can connect up to 12 devices.

    1. Fiber internet 2 GIG speed

    This package costs $110 per month. It has ultra-fast speeds to support intelligent home activities, home learning, and work-from-home demands. You can connect up to 12+ devices. It is ideal for powerfully interconnected smart homes.

    1. Fiber internet 5 GIG speed

    The fastest online speed supports cutting-edge technology like elite gaming and truly immersive experiences. It costs $180 monthly, and you can connect over 12 devices. It enables you to stream, engage, and connect at unsurpassed speed.

    Bottom line

    With AT&T being among the US’s leading phone and internet service providers, it has several internet plans with respective internet speeds. As discussed above, the speeds range from 300 Mbps to 5 GIG. The speeds are ideal and favor light and heavy internet users like online gamers. You can upgrade your current plan to get faster speeds.