You might be a new Boost Mobile customer or just interested to know how you can set up your Boost Mobile phone. This article takes you through the entire process, and thus you will start enjoying Boost Mobile services with Boost Mobile. The carrier operates as an MVNO using T-Mobile and AT&T’s networks to offer its services to customers.

    Boost Mobile is owned by Dish Wireless and offers prepaid phone services like plans and phone deals. The carrier has fantastic deals for new and existing customers. New customers can join Boost Mobile with their current phones as the carrier has the BYOD or Bring Your Own Device option. If you need a new device, Boost has amazing phone deals too.

    Boost Mobile uses the GSM network from its primary providers to offer its services. With the carrier, you can get a monthly plan for as low as $10. With cheap and affordable plans, Boost Mobile has everything you need in an MVNO. However, how do you set up a Boost Mobile phone? Let us take a look.

    How to Set up Boost Mobile Phone

    To set up your phone and start enjoying Boost Mobile services, you should ensure it is compatible with the carrier’s GSM network. You should ensure that the phone is unlocked from your previous carrier for new customers who opt to switch with their current devices. Again, ensure you have your Boost Mobile SIM card with you.

    After that, you should follow the activation process so your phone can connect with the Boost Mobile network. To activate a boost Mobile phone, visit the carrier’s activation website, choose “New customer,” and then “Activate New Device.” Choose “New Number if you opt for a new number or port an existing number from your current/old number. Input your phone’s ESN number, and create your account as per the instructions.

    After that, insert your Boost Mobile SIM card and also activate it. You should have your SIM card serial number and one valid ID form such as a driver’s license, medical card, learner’s permit, visa, or passport. Then follow the prompts to complete the process.

    To update your data profile on your Android phone;

    • Tap the phone icon from your device’s home screen and dial ##72786#. Your phone will power off and then restart, where the ‘hands-free activation’ will start automatically.
    • Tap ‘ok’ after the process is over. The device will also turn off and restart once the PRL update is complete.
    • After that, swipe the phone’s screen to unlock it, and the phone will update the firmware. Follow the instructions given to install the update if it is available.

    To update your Apple iPhone;

    • Tap the phone icon from your phone’s home screen.
    • After that, dial ##873283# and call. Then tap ‘OK’ to start the service update.
    • Afterward, choose ‘OK’ after the service update is complete.

    Bottom line

    Boost Mobile, a popular MVNO in the US, operates using T-Mobile and AT&T’s GSM network. The carrier offers phone services, including phone plans and deals. Notably, you can bring your current device to Boost Mobile as a new customer when switching. If you have a Boost Mobile compatible phone, follow the content above to set up your device and start using the carrier’s services.