Most people don’t choose satellite internet as their first option, but if you live in a rural or isolated place, Viasat can provide you the best value while still providing the quickest speed. Viasat offers various plans with varied speed possibilities to satisfy its client’s needs. Even though there aren’t many internet options in general, Viasat has plans to make sure you may watch Netflix and access the internet without interruption. Are you interested in more information about the best Viasat home internet plans? This article got you covered.

    Even if you live incredibly distant from a major metropolis, Viasat home internet allows you to have a high-speed internet connection at home. Viasat home internet plans offer rural residents the much-needed bandwidth for daily tasks like checking email, reading the news, and shopping online, with download rates starting at up to 12 Mbps. Viasat has been providing internet solutions for customers and governmental organizations for more than 30 years.

    Viasat tends to be an economical option at the lowest tier, with costs ranging from $39.99 to $149.99, although plans with faster download speeds and more high-speed data are more expensive. Customers can select between plans with data limits of 40 GB to 150 GB and download speeds ranging from 12 Mbps to 100 Mbps. All packages include a 24-month contract, 3 Mbps upload speeds, and unlimited data. Read on to learn more about the top Viasat home internet plans.

    The best Viasat home internet plans for you

    Viasat provides six distinct home internet plans. These plans have 3 Mbps upload speeds, unlimited standard data usage, and 24-month commitments. The only factors that differ between the plans are the cost, the amount of high-speed data offered, and the download speeds. We’ve listed a few best internet plans and features below.

    1) Viasat Unlimited Platinum 100- Overall best

    The Unlimited Platinum 100 plan from Viasat, which offers download rates of up to 100 Mbps, is the most incredible unlimited package. 150 GB of full-speed data are included in Viasat’s Unlimited Platinum 100 package each month. Additionally, for the first three months, it costs a staggering $149.99 to $199.99 every month, and then it costs $249.99. That’s a lot, but it’s among the most excellent options for unlimited high-speed internet in rural locations.

    2) Viasat Unlimited Gold 50- Best for occasional streaming

    The Unlimited Gold 50 Plan offers 50 Mbps download speeds and 100 GB of high-speed data. You still have unlimited access to Standard Data after using 100 GB of High-Speed Data. However, it can be prioritized behind other users when the network is congested, and slower speeds result.

    The first three months are $99.99/mo on a promo rate and $149.99/mo on regular pricing. With its ability to accommodate up to four medium and large devices, this plan works well for small households with modest streaming requirements.

    3) Viasat Unlimited Platinum 50- Best for larger families

    One of Viasat’s top-tier plans is the Unlimited Platinum 50 package. It offers download speeds of 50 Mbps and 150 GB of internet data. The first three months of the plan are $149.99 per month, and the regular price is $199.99 per month. The plan works well for larger households because it can accommodate up to five medium and large devices. It’s also the best plan if you intend to stream videos or frequently engage in other data-intensive activities.

    4) Viasat Unlimited Silver 25- Best for Light streaming

    The Unlimited Silver 25 plan offers download speeds of 25 Mbps and 60 GB of high-speed data. You continue unrestricted access to Standard Data even after using 60 GB of High-Speed Data. The plan goes for $69.99 monthly for the first three months and $99.99 monthly after that. This plan is suited for occasional light streaming and mild to moderate internet usage. For up to three tiny screen devices, it works well.

    5) Viasat Unlimited Bronze 12- Budget-friendly plan

    The Unlimited Bronze 12 plan from Viasat is the cheapest one, offering 40 GB of fast data and internet rates of 12 Mbps. The plan price is $49.99 per month during the first three months and $69.99 monthly after that. This plan is advised for email and online browsing on up to two small-screen devices.

    Reasons to get the best Viasat home internet plans

    In the following we are discussing more attainable causes why you as a reliable customers go with viasat home internet.

    i) Faster Speeds

    Viasat speeds in some places can be even quicker than broadband internet access, reaching up to 12, 25, 50, and 100 Mbps.

    ii) 2-Year Price Lock

    Viasat’s plans start at a discounted price for three months and then maintain that price until month 24. This helps you manage your money better.

    iii) Available Nationwide

    Viasat links residences that aren’t qualified for broadband because of its significantly larger coverage area than typical internet providers.

    iv) Built-In Wi-Fi

    One device only needs to be plugged in to receive your internet signal when using Viasat internet routers because they include a built-in modem.

    v) Unlimited Data

    If you use more data than is customary, there are no additional costs with Viasat’s unlimited satellite internet.

    vi) Short-Term Options

    You can choose a shorter-term duration for an additional cost if you’re moving soon or want more freedom.

    Viasat home internet plans-only deals

    Currently, Viasat offers several plans with varying speeds and costs. Depending on your plan, speeds between 12 and 150 Mbps and savings of up to $300. The monthly cost for Viasat internet services ranges from $49.99 to $199.99.

    Each package has a soft data cap, the largest of which is 300 GB per month. Because there are no strict data limits with Viasat internet, if you use more than your permitted amount, your speeds may go down, but there are no additional fees.

    The free zone times offered by Viasat are an additional benefit of joining up. Time slots are available under various plans that let users utilize data without adding it to their monthly cap. Therefore, downloading a movie within the Free Zone time won’t harm your data consumption if you’re prepared to watch it.

    Bottom line

    We advise Unlimited Gold 50 if your home wants a plan that balances performance and price. It is quick enough to support numerous users simultaneously, with a generous 100 GB data cap and up to 50 Mbps download rates. The Unlimited Bronze 12 plan from Viasat is the company’s entry-level package; however, it doesn’t include high-speed internet.

    With this plan, you can get speeds of up to 12 Mbps and 35–40 GB each month. Even though it’s not the fastest Viasat plan, it’s still an excellent deal if you need basic, low-cost satellite internet service.