You might be interested in knowing about the monthly cost of Xfinity Mobile. This article highlights the carrier’s plans and their pricing per month. The content can help you plan on your monthly phone-related budget. The carrier offers cheap and flexible plans with free 5G, and neither plan includes a monthly line access fee, which helps you save on your monthly bills.

    Xfinity Mobile is a popular service provider in the US that operates as an MVNO under Verizon’s CDMA network. Notably, Xfinity Mobile is only available to Xfinity Customers as part of a bundle; hence you must acquire Xfinity Internet service first and then sign up for your preferred mobile plan. The carrier plans include Wi-Fi hotspots extending to over 20 million.

    Xfinity Mobile offers 4G LTE and 5G networks using Verizon’s towers; hence has extensive coverage. If the coverage reaches your area, you are assured of enjoying a stable connection. However, the carrier does not include family plans or multiline discounts. So what plans does Xfinity Mobile have, and what is their monthly cost?

    How much is Xfinity Mobile per Month

    How much is Xfinity Mobile per Month

    To analyze the cost of Xfinity Mobile per month, we shall check the carrier’s monthly plans. Xfinity Mobile offers two main plans to its customers. These plans include mobile data and free nationwide talk and text. Notably, you can switch Xfinity plans at any time with no penalty, and the plans can help you save on your bills. These plans are:

    i) Unlimited plans

    The plan’s price depends on the number of lines on your account. You can get a maximum of 10 lines. The more lines you have in your account, the lower your monthly cost per line. The plan in terms of the number of lines is divided as follows:

    • One line costs $45/month.
    • Two lines cost $40/ month per line.
    • Three lines cost $33.33/month per line.
    • Four lines cost $30/month per line.
    • Five lines cost $28/month per line.
    • Six lines cost $26.66/month per line
    • Seven lines cost $25.71/month per line
    • Eight lines cost $25/month per line.
    • Nine lines cost $24.44/month per line.
    • Ten lines cost $24/month per line.

    ii) By the Gig Data plans

    The plan can be shared on all the by-the-gig lines on your account regardless of whether you have a tablet or a phone. These plans are:

    • The $15/month plan comes with 1 GB of mobile data.
    • $30/month plan, which has 3 GB of mobile data
    • $60/month plan, which has 10GB of mobile data.

    Xfinity Mobile also has tablet pricing, and the tablets are eligible for unlimited and by-the-Gig data plans. You will pay a $10/line fee per month with no data included and $45/line per month for the unlimited data. Additionally, you can acquire a connected smartwatch which counts as a line of service on your account for $10/line per month.

    Bottom line

    Xfinity Mobile’s price per month is not that high. As explained above, the carrier has two plans that you can acquire at affordable monthly prices. With these plans, you are assured of saving on your monthly bills. You can opt for unlimited data plan or by the Gig data plans. Additionally, you can acquire the tablet and smart watches connected to your account as a line of service at the stated monthly prices.