One of the biggest internet service providers in the US is Wide Open west, also known as WOW. Since its founding in 1966, Wowway has rapidly grown outside the Denver region. Through a succession of well-timed acquisitions, the company now provides services to approximately 8 million people in nine states. As more and more clients learn about its excellent services, that coverage area keeps expanding. This post informs you about the best Wowway internet and cable packages.

    Wowway takes pride in offering fiber-powered cable broadband. Data transfer is possible at lightning-fast speeds over fiber optic lines during most of the Wowway hybrid Fiber-Coaxial network’s routes. Data is only carried through coaxial cable cables in your neighborhood’s “last mile.” Thanks to a combination of technologies, Wowway can offer you fiber-optic-like speeds at a reasonable cost.

    To meet the diverse needs of its customers, Wowway Cable offers properly thought-out TV tiers. If you don’t watch much TV, a variety of channels from the WOW. Small TV roster, including ABC, CW, NBC, PBS, and FOX, will be perfect for you. There is WOW. for families looking for mainstream entertainment. A medium TV lineup with more than 130 channels. While Wowway’s Large TV has more than 160 channels for TV fans. With Wowway Cable, you can watch TV anywhere.

    Reasons to Select Wowway internet and cable

    You’ll notice a difference in how you’re treated from the moment you phone to place your order until the installation expert arrives at your door and beyond when you sign up for Wowway for an extended period. Customers adore a variety of Wowway features. They consist of;

    i) Whole Home Wi-Fi

    You no longer have to endure a weak Wi-Fi signal in some areas of your home. With WOW, you may sign up for Whole Home Wi-Fi, which uses an Amazon Eero device to provide a strong signal throughout your home.

    ii) All That Data You Get

    When there is a data cap on the plan in your market, the Wowway internet packages give you an ample data allowance. While specific Wowway service locations might obtain fast speeds and almost unlimited data, others get ultra-fast internet. You won’t run out of money even if your allowance is capped because it is so large.

    iii) Entertaining TV

    Your favorite networks are all available on the WOW, cable TV package, ensuring you never miss your favorite shows, games, or series. The WOW, TV digital equipment also includes HD programming. Make watching TV with the family the most enjoyable part of your day by getting Wowway cable.

    iv) 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

    Wowway is aware of how significant a commitment it takes to subscribe to internet, TV and home phone services. Your first 30 days as a user are a trial period. If WOW, isn’t a top-notch provider for you, you can cancel and get a refund.

    The Most Attainable Wowway Internet Packages For You

    There are several Wowway Internet plans to choose from because you can receive a reliable connection at a reasonable price. What you require determines which one is superior in terms of quality. For new clients, Wowway provides 4 plans based on internet speed. Therefore, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to find the ideal fit for yourself. Every home can find a package with download speeds of up to 100 Mbps, 200 Mbps, 500 Mbps, and 1 Gig.

    1) Internet 100- Best for the family on a budget

    Have a few children who are internet addicts and exhausted wallets. The Internet 100 package has a fast enough download speed to satisfy everyone while allowing you to unwind and watch Netflix nonstop. This 100 Mbps service costs about as little as internet costs get.

    The Internet 100 plan doesn’t compromise internet speed despite its cheap monthly cost of $24.99. This price and speed combination is ideal for a small family of three or four people up to a couple of roommates.

    2) Internet 500- Best for remote workers

    You’ll need a little more download speed if going to the office involves stumbling over to your workstation while wearing your pajamas. The $39.99 per month Internet 500 plan offers enough speed to support emailing, uploading, downloading, and generally producing excellent work while you’re in your home office. Additionally, your internet shouldn’t get sluggish down to the pace of a molasses-coated snail if your family or housemates decide to watch a Hulu marathon while you’re working.

    3) Internet 1Gig- Best for exceptional connectivity

    In specific locations, this WOW, Plan delivers a maximum speed of 1Gbps. The price of the plan, which includes a standalone 1Gbps Internet connection, is $64.99. Notably, a two-year contract is necessary. Do anything at once, at any time of day, without restrictions, including HD video streaming and intense gaming. A WOW, Technician will perform a professional installation for free with this plan. A service window that suits your needs will be provided during the installation procedure.

    What are the best Wowway internet and cable TV bundles

    Bundle deals are deals in bundles, just like what you would find in a superstore. They bring you more excellent value for less money while also saving you money. Wowway urges you to combine services because of this. When you combine, WOW, You are charged a package rate for Internet, Cable TV, and home phone, which is less expensive than the cost of each service when purchased separately. Additionally, you get to take advantage of benefits like FREE installation, which has a $50 value.

    You can choose from a wide range of bundle , to find one that works for your home. For instance, you can mix WOW Large TV with the WOW, 1Gbps package. A 500Mbps package with medium TV or a WOW. On the 200Mbps package, a small TV. The number of channels offered, the maximum speed of the internet connection, and the location all affects prices, as seen below.

    Wowway Internet and cable bundle Features Price
    Internet 100+ Medium cable
    • Speed 100 Mbps
    • Cable Connection
    • Contract (24 months)
    • 100+ channels
    Internet 200+ Medium cable TV
    • Speed 200 Mbps
    • Cable Connection
    • Contract (24 months)
    • 130+ channels
    Internet 500 + Large cable TV
    • Speed 500 Mbps
    • Cable Connection
    • Contract (24 months)
    • 160+ channels
    Internet 1Gbps+ Medium cable TV
    • Speed 1000Mbps
    • Cable Connection
    • Contract (24 months)
    • 130+ channels

    Wowway’s internet and cable equipment and service fees

    Like most internet service providers, Wowway lets you choose between purchasing your own appropriate third-party equipment or renting a modem/router from them ($14.00 per month). We advise purchasing your own modem/router if you intend to use Wowway for more than a year; it will more than pay for itself in the long term.

    Eero whole-home mesh Wi-Fi is also available via Wowway for an additional $9.99 per month. If this is new to you, mesh Wi-Fi functions similarly to a range extender (or several range extenders) but doesn’t appear as distinct Wi-Fi points because you are constantly connected to the same network. They work well for bigger homes, but there is yet another item of equipment you might own outright rather than rent.

    Wowway Internet is used to pay extra service charges. But every ISP has a similar tale to tell. But occasionally, Wowway has been known to provide free installation. If you shop about and come upon this offer, it will save you some money. Go for it; any savings are good saves, in our opinion.

    • Installation fee: Normally $75, but if you buy a self-installation kit, you only have to pay a $10 activation charge.
    • Early termination fee: $345 less $15 each month you continue using Wowway.

    Wowway internet and cable stack up against the competition

    Let’s compare Wowway to two of the biggest cable providers, Xfinity and Spectrum. Prices for WOW start a little less than those for Xfinity, but the difference closes after the 12-month introductory period. Xfinity has more plan choices than WOW, but each cable plan has a data cap. Plans from Wowway are all limitless. In terms of cable, Wowway might have a slight advantage over Xfinity.

    Only cable internet is available, and like Wowway, Spectrum’s plans are unlimited. Even once the introductory deal ends, Spectrum is still a superior alternative because its starting pricing is significantly higher than Wowway’s. Wowway’s customer service isn’t known for being particularly good, but it’s not quite as horrible as Spectrum’s.

    Bottom line

    Given its compact size, we could conclude that Wowway is not the best option for you purely due to its unavailability. However, if Wowway is accessible where you are, it might be worth looking at. Fast speeds and unlimited data are desirable for any internet package, and Wowway offers both.

    Given that cable is the superior connection option, we would advise choosing Wowway if you had to choose between it and a DSL or satellite provider. We consider WOW’s use of third-party outsourcing a plus, and the cable TV packages offered by Wowway are acceptable choices.