TerraCom is a U.S based communication company. The creators of the company aim to help low-income residents access the communications services they deserve. The carrier is always proud of its ability to assist clients to save money by delivering excellent customer service. The organization employs efficient machinery to conduct efficient services to provide low-cost, high-quality services. For you to obtain free phones from the company, read on to learn about the best way to obtain the TerraCom wireless free cell phones and more.

    For individuals who qualify, the company provides free services such as free plans and free phones. You must present proof of identity to acquire free TerraCom phones and services. You must first go to the National verifier services helpline to authenticate your eligibility and identity. Following that, you can enroll for the benefit. You can apply online on the carrier’s official website and provide your financial eligibility documentation. You must input your zip code to check that the company functions in your area.

    Additionally, the carrier provides this free phone through the government-backed Lifeline Assistance program, which gives low-income households and people who have family members enrolled in government-sponsored programs a $9.25 monthly discount on telecommunications services. You can be sure to get the most out of TerraCom Wireless’ offers because it is one of the cheapest choices for high-quality home phone service. TerraCom Wireless partners with the federal government to offer Lifeline services.

    Application For A TerraCom Wireless Free Cell Phone

    You have a few alternatives for applying, including applying online, setting up an account over the phone, or visiting the offices in person.

    You must first qualify before using the company’s services. To verify your eligibility and identification at the National verifier ServiceNow lifeline, you should go to the Lifeline National Verifier. You may next apply for the benefit as detailed below after receiving approval from Lifeline National Verifier.

    • Method 1: Call TerraCom customer support at 888-716-8880 to get help applying the free phone. Your personal information will be requested from you by the customer service, who will also provide you with any further instructions necessary.
    • Method 2: Online application –
    • Go to TerraCom Wireless’ website.
    • Choose “START APPLICATION” from the drop-down menu in the top-right corner of the webpage.
    • Enter your zip code, and press “GO” just on the screen that follows.
    • Next, complete the form by following the instructions.
    • Method 3: Mailing in an application is an additional choice. In this situation, you can either mail your completed application to the carrier’s corporate office (preferred) or one of their nearby dealers.
    • Method 4: If you’d prefer to submit your application in person, go to one of Terracom Wireless’ regional dealers or representatives with all the required paperwork.

    The Ideal Method To Get TerraCom Wireless Free Cell Phones

    The ideal way to apply for the free phone will be different for each person. For example, suppose a senior does not know how to get internet service. In that case, the ideal method is to go to the carrier’s local dealers and apply in person, call customer service for help with the setup, or even apply through the postal service.

    On the other hand, the online method is best for those who know how to access the internet, which is the majority of people nowadays; it is the simplest and least time-consuming method. You must visit the national verifier to validate your eligibility. If you are eligible, go to TerraCom Wireless website, click the start button on the homepage, input your zip code, and click proceed. Then follow the instructions and fill out the paperwork.

    Qualification For TerraCom Wireless Free Phone

    To be eligible for a free government phone from TerraCom Wireless, you must meet the following Lifeline program quality requirements.

    • A household’s income is 135% or less of the federal poverty line, OR
    • A household member participates in one of the government aid programs listed below:
      • Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP)
      • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
      • Medicaid
      • Federal Assistance for Public Housing
      • Veterans Pension and Survivor Benefit Programs
    • A member of the household takes part in Tribal-specific programs (Tribal Lifeline (extra   benefits)): Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance
    • Tribally-Administered Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TTANF)
    • Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR)
    • Head Start

    It is important to note that:

    • Unless you apply online, you must print and complete the Lifeline Assistance application.
    • Each year, one month before the anniversary date of your registration, the carrier will contact you to re-certify. This is required by law for you to continue providing services. Submit the same information you did when you first joined the program.
    • If you do not re-certify within 30 days of your service expiration, then the company will terminate your service. If your account is turned off, you will be unable to use it until your application is accepted again. You will have the chance to renew your plan up to 30 days before it expires. You may also switch your phone provider at this time.

    Plans You Will Get Through Your TerraCom Free Cell Phone

    After getting your free phone, you will get the following plans to choose from:

    1) Lifeline Assistance Plan

    Provides 250 free minutes as well as text messaging for a penny per minute. There are no minutes to roll over. What is not utilized by the end of the month will be lost.

    2) Oklahoma Lifeline Unlimited Plan

    While the plan is not accessible in Oklahoma, TerraCom Wireless provides a cheap discount plan to Oklahoma residents for $4.58 per month. There may be additional fees and taxes.

    3) Oklahoma Lifeline 1000 Plan

    This plan is available to those who are not eligible for the free phone plan but are still eligible for Lifeline services. For $1.00 per month, you will obtain 1000 free minutes or text messages, as well as additional fees and taxes.

    Conditions For Getting A TerraCom Free Cell Phone

    • If you qualify, your home can receive Lifeline service for either phone or internet, but not both.
    • If you have Lifeline phone service, you can use it for either a cell phone or a home phone, but not both.
    • If you have Lifeline internet service, you can use it for either your cell phone or your home connection, and not both.
    • If you receive Lifeline for bundled phone and broadband service, you can receive the benefit for either your mobile phone or your home bundled service, but not both.
    • You cannot receive Lifeline from more than one phone or broadband provider.
    • You are only permitted to get one Lifeline benefit per family, not per individual. If more than one person in your family receives Lifeline, you will violate FCC guidelines and lose your benefit.

    Final Thought

    TerraCom is a communication corporation based in the United States. The purpose is to assist low-income persons in receiving the communications services they are entitled to. The carrier offers free plans and cell phones to eligible residents; however, the free service is only accessible for one year and must be renewed after that. There are several ways to apply for free phone service, including calling customer service, mailing an application, visiting a carrier dealer in person, or applying online.