Windstream is a high-speed internet service provider in select areas of the United States. It offers DSL internet, which connects to a phone line at substantially faster rates than dial-up, and fiber internet connections via Gig plans. If your internet alternatives are satellite or Kinetic, Kinetic will provide more value for money. The ISP’s DSL network can give faster speeds than many satellites, fixed wireless, or other DSL providers. This article contains kinetic Windstream internet reviews.

    Windstream has three major broadband plans: Kinetic 200, Kinetic 400, and Kinetic GIG. The ISP may offer reduced bundle options, including TV and phone services, depending on where you reside. The Kinetic 25 and 100, internet-only bundles, are other options that the ISP provides. Kinetic internet bundles begin at $19.99 per month. The price of internet service varies depending on the bundle you select and your area.

    Furthermore, the ISP packages are likely less expensive and have higher connection reliability than satellite or fixed wireless services. Compared to other internet providers’ options, such as CenturyLink and Xfinity, the carrier costs stand up reasonably well. Compared to satellite internet providers like Viasat, another popular rural internet alternative, Windstream’s prices, and speeds look outstanding.

    Kinetic Windstream internet overview

    Currently, JD Power and the Better Business Bureau, two of the biggest names in the oversight sector, don’t give Windstream very high ratings. The corporation’s bankruptcy and restructuring as a private company, which began last year and was finally approved by a judge a few months ago, may have contributed partly to this.

    Although this might raise a red signal, the new strategy dramatically reduces the business’s debt. It offers Windstream access to $2 billion to expand the Gig internet service to the nation’s remote areas. In other words, the corporation is using bankruptcy as a chance to improve service to other regions of America and develop a more substantial product for its current clients. The corporation apparently wants to improve coverage in America’s rural areas, which ISPs frequently ignore.


    • No long-term commitments; month-to-month with no cancellation fees.
    • For clients searching for phone and television services, bundle offers are available.
    • Options for home, commercial, industrial, or wholesale use


    • Varying prices determined by your location
    • Only a few communities in 21 different states are served.

    Where is Windstream internet available

    Currently, 21 different states in the United States offer Windstream service. You’ll find most of the states in the eastern half of the country, the Midwest, and the southwest. Although service is provided in these states, not every locality has access.

    According to the most recent Federal Communications Commission data, only 2.78 percent of the US population has access to Kinetic, despite the service’s extensive coverage area covering more than a third of US states. The fact that Kinetic internet has such a broad service area, but a low coverage % shows how exclusive it is to suburban and rural areas with sparse population density.

    Is Windstream Internet DSL or Fiber

    With speeds of 25 megabits per second or greater access to more than 86 percent of subscribers, Kinetic has the highest proportion of broadband availability of any major DSL provider that I’ve observed. According to the FCC, 65 percent of people can access rates of 100 Mbps or more. AT&T, Century Link, and Frontier, three rival DSL providers, all have a lower proportion of available speeds at or over 25Mbps.

    Kinetic is a frontrunner in providing broadband speeds as a DSL provider, but there is a need for development as a fiber provider. The proportion of fiber-optics in Kinetics’ network is about 30%, which is lower than AT&T (31%), CenturyLink (38%), and Frontier (39%). (33 percent). That does not mean Windstream is ignoring the requirement for more fiber coverage. In reality, plans for fiber expansion are now being made.

    What are the Kinetic Windstream internet plans

    1) kinetic 25

    The FCC defines 25 Mbps as the minimum internet speed in the US, and this bundle offers you data speeds up to that amount. The plan is appropriate for a small family with at least two or three who use the internet often.

    The plan includes DSL services. Thus, the internet connectivity could not function well and will also be impacted by bad weather. Seniors can therefore benefit from the plan because it is affordable.

    2) Kinetic 100

    The internet 100 is appropriate for a medium-sized household with two or three individuals who enjoy frequent internet use, such as browsing extensively, streaming video, and connecting home electronics. A family with an ordinary income can obtain the plan because it is reasonably priced. But obtaining the ideal 100Mbps is unattainable.

    Your location inside the nation will affect the speeds. You will pay more for your TV streaming and browsing if you are fortunate enough to live in a region with good coverage.

    3) Kinetic internet 200

    The kinetic internet 200 package has fast internet connectivity of up to 200 Mbps. It uses the DSL service, meaning the internet speed will vary according to location. The FCC does not track the said 200Mbps. However, the download speeds are about 100Mbps and above.

    The plan is available in 38.2 percent of the carrier DSL coverage. This plan is best for internet users who don’t have heavy depends on the internet, such as a business. 

    4) Kinetic Internet 400

    The package offers a better kinetic DSL compared to other ISP providers. It has a speed of up to 400Mbps, and the deal is fast and therefore suitable for heavy usage. However, the company cannot guarantee that the internet speeds will be up to 400Mbps.

    Most user reviews show that internet speeds range from 250Mbps to around 380Mbps. The plan comes with unlimited data, and there is no need to worry about data caps; you will use your internet without restrictions or limits.

    5) Kinetic Gig

    The Gig plan is the best for users who need the fastest broadband speeds, with upload and download speeds of 1000Mbps. However, this plan is not necessary for a moderate household. But if the kinetic Gig is your option, you’ll be surfing the web on fiber internet, which is the most desired since one gets access to fast and reliable internet. In addition, this is the best plan if you will need a lot of devices to be connected to the internet.

    Windstream Kinetic internet ricing and data speed explained

    The services provided by the company differ per state. One thing to keep in mind is that the broadband speeds available to you are also affected by your location. Some localities receive rates of up to 1 Gbps, while others may have far slower speeds. As a result, cost varies significantly by region. To determine whether Windstream is the best option for you, examine what it offers in your city.

    The fast speeds and affordable beginning pricing become even more appealing as you get closer to the urban centers where a Kinetic fiber-optic connection is available. However, rates and pricing will vary depending on region, and these places often have more internet options, such as a cable internet provider and possibly another fiber-optic provider. In that situation, you should compare Kinetic to other available providers to find the most satisfactory internet service for your needs.

    Windstream Broadband usually plans costs between $19.99 and $90 per month. The price of internet service varies depending on the bundle you select and your area. Contact a customer service representative to obtain price information for your unique location. There are also some other pricing considerations to consider. The initial cost of internet service providers is often a promotional cost, and the price rises when the offer period expires. It is critical to determine whether the price you are paying is a standard or promotional offer.

    Do Windstream Kinetic internet services come with security and Tech Support

    Depending on the level of protection and support you select, the three internet security and tech support packages offered by Kinetic service cost between $10 and $15 each month. Kinetics’ security options can potentially be disregarded entirely.

    Unexpectedly, not every plan includes internet security software. Kinetic Internet Security on the Go is only included in the two most expensive options, Total Secure and Connect Secure. Self-Secure, the mid-tier package, does not include internet security software but does include premium tech assistance and identity theft protection.

     It makes sense to charge more for quality tech support and identity theft protection since most providers also provide comparable security packages. However, I’d want to see Kinetic’s proposals come with minimal internet security. Even the most affordable Kinetic security package will increase your annual price by $120, which is enough to pay for almost any antivirus program. You’re probably better off choosing the antivirus program that best meets your needs and avoiding the extra costs associated with Kinetic security plans unless you anticipate a need for premium tech support service.

    What are the Kinetic Windstream internet contracts, equipment, and fees

    Windstream internet comes with no contract, so you can cancel your Windstream account whenever you want without incurring early termination costs. Paying bills on time and continuing with the same internet plan with ISPs like Suddenlink and Optimum allows you to pay the exact cost even after the promotional period ends. In our reviews, you may learn about Suddenlink’s and Optimum’s price-for-life assurances.

    In addition, the carrier charges roughly $9.99–$11.99 a month to lease equipment. That amounts to an extra $120 to $144 per year, which is approximately the cost of purchasing your equipment.

    If you wish to avoid renting and buying your equipment, make sure the carrier supports it, and be aware that the company offers minimal support for internet DSL modems that Windstream does not issue.

    How does Windstream Internet stack up with the competition

    Kinetic is typically quicker than competing DSL providers. Kinetic is also less expensive than most DSL providers if you’re fortunate enough to live in a market with the $27 initial offer. There isn’t anything that distinguishes Kinetic from other fiber providers as a fiber supplier. Pricing with Kinetic is comparable and, in some instances, may be somewhat less expensive. Additionally, speeds are almost the same.

    Kinetic will likely be more affordable and provide better speeds than satellite, albeit some regions presently only have access to 10 to 20 Mbps, whereas HughesNet plans offer a 25 Mbps maximum. Viasat satellite internet subscriptions can deliver speeds of up to 100Mbps in some areas. You might think the minor speed loss is worth it because kinetic still has some big benefits.

    Bottom Line

    According to our Windstream Internet review, the provider is undoubtedly a contender in the ISP market. For those without a need for high-speed service, Windstream offers a “slower” option. There are two high-speed options comparable to the quickest options on the market. In conclusion, Windstream is unquestionably a good choice. More affordable pricing and service expansion outside of the company’s existing service area of 21 states would be welcome.