Safelink Wireless is one of the largest wireless carriers offering free phones and internet assistance to low-income citizens through the Lifeline and the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). These programs offer a given amount of minutes, texts, and monthly data to eligible customers. However, before you add minutes to Safelink Wireless services, you must apply at Safelink wireless website. You must provide the documentation to prove eligibility for Safelink free minutes during the application process.

    After successful application, the next step is to choose the best SafeLink plans that best fit your needs. Most importantly, SafeLink plans depend on your state of residence. If you deplete your monthly minutes’ allotment or require more, you will need to pay for the additional minutes. However, some cell phone plans are unlimited. On the contrary, many plans have a specific number of texts, minutes, and data allowance monthly.

    Moreover, when you sign up for Safelink Wireless, you will get a FREE Smartphone applicable to some states. In addition, you will receive 350/500/750 depending on your state or unlimited free monthly voice minutes and unlimited text messages plus 4.5GB of data. Additionally, Californians can get Unlimited minutes and texts with 6GB of data every month. Apart from the free monthly minutes, you can load more minutes to your phone, if need be, within the month.

    Best Ways to Add Minutes to SafeLink Wireless Phone

    SafeLink Wireless is one of the renowned providers participating in government programs offering free and discounted plan services to eligible customers. If you run out of your minute’s allowance, you can add minutes to your SafeLink phone through one of the following ways:

    Ways to Add Minutes to your SafeLink phone

    1) Add Minutes By Feature Phone

    • You can add minutes through the “buy now” option. Follow the below these steps to get started:
    • Proceed to the main menu on your cell phone.
    • Next, the “prepaid” option will display on your screen; press “OK.”
    • Scroll down to “buy airtime” with the arrow button that goes down. Then tap “OK.”
    • Different values of airtime will display on your phone screen. Scroll down to pick the applicable airtime and then tap “OK.”
    • You must enter the promo code, either the Tracfone or SafeLink promotional code. Submit your promo code and then confirm by tapping “OK.” If you lack a promo code, you can check one by googling Tracfone promo codes. Notably, include the current month and year to obtain active promo codes.
    • Next, you will get the question to “buy XYZ” minutes. To confirm, tap “yes.” To decline, tap “no.”
    • After reviewing the correct amount you want to buy, tap “yes.” In this step, enter your PIN and press “OK.” You will get a pop-up saying “processing.” Wait for your phone to receive the confirmation message.
    • Shortly, you will receive a confirmation message indicating the received amount of your airtime.

    2) Rapid Refill for Active Phones

    This method of Safelink Wireless buying extra airtime takes the below steps:

    • To top up minutes through, press “OK.” and a “prepaid” pop-up will appear with an option to “add airtime” highlighted, then press “OK” to confirm.
    • You will see the add “airtime PIN,” which you will submit by keying in the 15-digit airtime code and then pressing “OK.”
    • Next, you will have to give either Safelink or Tracfone promotional codes. If you have, tap “yes” and type in the five-digit code, and if you don’t have this code, tap “no” and proceed to obtain an active promo code.
    • You will see a “processing” pop-up on your screen. Then, wait for your airtime refill confirmation message.
    • You will get a confirmation message of your airtime shortly.

    3) Through Recharge Option

    This method of adding Safelink minutes requires you to choose a provider to add minutes online on your SafeLink cell phone through the recharge service:

    • Proceed to the Recharge Safelink wireless refill website.
    • Choose the minute plan that you prefer.
    • Then, follow the guideline after you have pressed “order.”
    • Wait for your minutes to load into your phone.

    4) Contacting Customer Care

    The customer care department is one of the valuable resources in a Company. The department assists customers in nearly everything. You can add minutes to your SafeLink cell phone by calling customer service. However, this option is one of the simplest recharging your minutes.

    Contact the SafeLink customer care team for assistance on 1-800-378-1684. In this case, you will have to answer some questions, follow the provided instructions, and automatically get additional minutes directly to your Safelink phone.

    5) Self-Retrieval And Adding Airtime

    This option is available for customers using feature phones. Besides, only active customers can complete this process. You may retrieve your monthly minutes through the below instructions:

    • Tap the MENU key.
    • Then, a “Prepaid” pop-up displays on your screen.
    • Tap on OK or SELECT.
    • Proceed to “Redeem Airtime” or “Add Airtime.”
    • Then tap OK or SELECT.
    • If your screen shows a message, scroll down and press OK until you find “Card #” or “Airtime PIN.”
    • Next, enter 555 and press OK.
    • If you asked for a promo code, tap NO.
    • Afterward, you will receive your Minutes shortly.

    How To Check The Balance After Adding Minutes On Safelink

    The best way to check your remaining SafeLink balance after adding minutes is to text the word ‘Balance’ to 611611. However, you can visit SafeLink’s website and log into your account. Apart from signing in to your SafeLink’s website, you can confirm your balance at Tracfone balance inquiry.

    In this case, you need to log into your account or use your phone number to confirm your balance and review all the details. Additionally, if you have a feature cell phone, you can confirm minutes the exact way you add minutes.

    Bottom Line

    SafeLink is a Lifeline and ACP provider that offers discounted and free government phones, plans, and services to eligible customers. If you consume your minutes and finish before the next billing, you can add more Safelink minutes to your account. You can purchase and add minutes, such as 30 minutes for 30 days up to hundreds of minutes with a limit to use within a year. Once you purchase a  card, you can purchase more minutes through your phone or online.