Total Wireless operates on the Verizon network, so you will have nationwide coverage with fast and reliable internet speeds, which are more prevalent in metropolitan areas. Furthermore, the carrier provides a wide range of individual and family plans at affordable prices. If you’re wondering what the best Total Wireless plans 2 lines are, look no further because this article has you covered. By reading this article, you’ll get an answer to your question as well as learn more about the carrier.

    The carrier has options for you whether you want a single line package, multiple lines, or a plan that covers you for multiple months. The two-line plans begin at $30 per line and include 30GB of shared data at high speeds, as well as hotspot capability of up to 10GB per line. Additionally, the plan includes unlimited minutes and texting. As a result, if you have a family, this plan is ideal for you, as it offers an affordable package of $60 for two lines. 

    There are add-ons for when you run out of anything, and talk and Text are unlimited as standard, with no contracts or extra fees when you purchase the plan. However, the package does not support 5G access, VoLTE, domestic roaming, global data roaming, eSIM, or adding a smartwatch to the plan. Therefore, if you require any services that are not provided by the plan, you should look into the one-line or four-line package. That’s just the tip of the iceberg! Continue reading to find out more.

    What is Total wireless 2 Line plan

    As stated previously, the company offers both individual and family plans; the individual/ single line packages are meant for single devices, while Total Wireless plans can connect to more than one device.

    The carrier offers three types of family plans; one line, two line, three line, and four lines, all the lines having their prices, with prices reducing as you increase the lines. Therefore, the 2 Line plan is within the family, two people plan. That being said! Let’s now dive into the prices and features of the plan.

    Why choose Total Wireless plan 2 lines

    • No contract: You will not get a 12-month commitment when you subscribe to the plan.
    • Fast internet: You will get access to fast 4G LTE internet speeds since the carrier is under Verizon, the nation’s top provider of 4G network. Once your family has used its monthly allotment, speeds are throttled to slower than 4G.
    • High coverage: You will enjoy nationwide coverage under the Verizon coverage; with most of the availability in the metropolitan areas
    • Affordable prices: Since this is a shared family plan, the cost per line is lower than when you buy a single-line plan
    • Retail store availability: You can purchase the plan not only from the carrier’s website but also in retail stores like Amazon, Walmart, and other retail stores.
    • Hotspot access: You will get up to 10 GB of hotspot with the package, so you can even enjoy using your family 2-line plan with more people. You can use your plan’s data allotment for a mobile hotspot, which turns your phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot!
    • Unlimited Text and calling: Though you will not get international calling, the carrier gives you unlimited calling and texting, so you to stay connected to your family and friends throughout the month. 
    • No overage charges: The carrier does not charge any overage fees.

    How does the Total wireless 2-line plan compare with the other family plans

    As previously stated, the carrier offers three family plans, each of which includes unlimited talk, text, and data with varying high-speed data allocations. The 2 line plans are the most affordable on the list because they are designed for two people. The price starts at $30 per line with 30GB of shared data at fast speeds, then 2G, and is hotspot activated up to 10GB per line. As a result, this plan is appropriate for two people with an additional device that can connect via the hotspot.

    Furthermore, the three-line plans begin at $28.33 per line and include 60GB of shared data at fast speeds, followed by 2G and hotspot capability up to 10GB per line. Furthermore, the four-line plans begin at $25 per line and include 100GB of shared data at high rates, followed by 2G and hotspot capability up to 10GB per line. As a result, these plans are best suited for families of up to four people, as they will be linked, and you will be charged $25 per line.

    Is Total Wireless plan 2 lines best

    Since the Total Wireless offers only one plan for the two-line plan, you will have to consider first the number of devices you have and the amount of money you wish to spend on purchasing the package. The plan is best if you have two devices, that is, if you need to connect two people, and also when your budget is limited to $60 per month. However, if you have more than two people to connect to the plan, you can choose either the three or four-line plan.

    Additionally, you will have to consider your data usage, the 2- line plan is best if you are an average internet user since you will get up to 30GB-fast speed. Therefore, for you to enjoy fast internet connectivity, ensure that your data usage is at least in the range of 20G-30GB per month. However, if you are a heavy internet user, you will have to reconsider your choice. The 4-line plan will be fit for you since you will get access to up to 100GB of high-speed data.

    Bottom Line

    Total Wireless is one of the Verizon network carriers; hence you will have access to fast 4G LTE internet connectivity with nationwide coverage. Moreover, the carrier provides 2, 3, and 4-line family plans at reasonable prices, as well as single-line prices that are slightly higher than the family plans. Furthermore, the 2 Line is the most affordable; for $60, you will have access to unlimited data of up to 30GB at fast 4G LTE speeds.