Boost Mobile is among the well-known mobile virtual network operator (MVNOs) in the United States. However, it offers a super reliable, high-speed network covering 99% of Americans. Boost Mobile runs on T-Mobile’s network, the most significant 5G network among the big three carriers (Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T). Signing up with a boost mobile family plan lets you enjoy excellent 5G coverage, and you will have access to a good network without paying hefty T-Mobile prices.

    Notably, Boost Mobile doesn’t have a specific family plan, but you can customize your own family plan through Boosts Unlimited plan. The Unlimited and Unlimited Plus options provide multi-line discounts. You can also build a family plan with varying data allotments per line. Most importantly, the primary line in an unlimited plan is responsible for paying for extra monthly constant services for all lines in the family group. The services include monthly recurring services bought by individual Secondary lines.

    Moreover, each line utilizes its own allowance of high-speed data featured with its plan in a family plan. Interestingly, you can benefit from an autopay discount that applies to the primary account holder of a monthly Boost Family Plan. Besides, the discount will not apply to any secondary family plan lines. If you are a new Boost Mobile customer, the $5 discount will occur the following month after you subscribe to a Family Plan.

    Account Creation for Boost Mobile Family plans

    To create a family plan, the Primary account holder must log in to MyAccount and choose Change Plans or Add Ons for a price plan change. Besides, choose the “With Next Change” option on the next screen before tapping Go.

    After performing the price plan change, each family member will have to do the same thing; log in to MyAccount and change their current plan to match the same offer the Primary selected and tap the “With Next Change” option.

    Your service will stay uninterrupted until the following month’s payment date. The change will apply on your next month’s payment date. Most importantly, before you switch your Family Plan:

    1. The $5 AutoPay Discount doesn’t apply with new plans after 8/22/17.
    2. Some Boost plans are grandfathered, meaning once you amend your plan, you can’t receive it back.
    3. If you’re promotional Family Plan and switched your cell phone number to Boost from another carrier, you may need to contact Boost Customer Service at 1-833-502-6678 to switch plans.

    Our Recommended Boost Mobile Family Plans

    1) $35/month Unlimited data, talk, and text-3GB of 4G LTE High-Speed Data

    You can create a Family Plan and pay $30 for each additional line. The primary account holder pays 2 lines for $60, 3 lines for $90, 4 lines for $120, and 5 lines for $150. However, by adding extra lines to the $35 per month Boost Single Line plan, you will receive a $10 discount off the second line and $5 off any extra lines giving a $25 savings for 5 lines.

    2) $50/month Unlimited GIGs-Unlimited data, talk, and text.

    This plan includes mobile-optimized streaming videos, gaming, and music. You can create a Family Plan for only $30 to add-a-line. The primary account holder pays 2 lines for $80, three lines for $110, four lines for $140, and five lines for $170. Adding extra lines to the $50/month Boost Unlimited GIGs plan will give you a $20 discount off lines 2 to 5, resulting in an $80 savings for 5 lines.

    Change Your Boost Mobile Family Plan

    Generally, you can change your Family Plan in 2 Steps:

    Step: 1

    Sign in to Boost MyAccount for a Price Plan Change on the Primary line

    Step: 2

    Inform each Family Member to sign in to Boost MyAccount and fix their plan to suit the new plan of the Primary. During this process, ensure you have enough funds in the Primary holder’s account balance to cater to the monthly cost for each line plus any additional add-on services they have on their account.

    Boost Family Plan’s Advantages over a Boost Single Line Plan

    Boost Mobile Family Plans gives savings and convenience. You can receive Unlimited Data, Text, and Talk, with 2 different allowances of high-speed data based on the plan you select. Besides, you can enjoy 99% coverage nationwide in addition to domestic voice roaming (up to 50 minutes per month)

    Boost Mobile family plans offer Unlimited Music Streaming with no data charges. You can switch your cellphone into a Wi-Fi Hotspot (select devices, data consumption is drawn from your plan’s high-speed data allowance on the $35/month Single Line plan and limited to a maximum of 8GB on the $50/month Unlimited GIGs plan.)

    Boost Mix-and-Match Boost Family Plans

    Boost allows customers to build a custom family plan. You’ll get two general categories that include limited and unlimited data packages. Boost limited plans include 2GB, 5GB, and 10GB options. On the unlimited side, you can choose from Unlimited or Unlimited Plus. To mix and match a Boost Mobile family plan, you can choose an unlimited data plan for high data consumption.

    The Boost Family Plan enables subscribers on the $50 per month Unlimited GIGs plans to add up to 4 lines on their primary line. However, lines 2 to 5 will receive the benefits of the $50/month Unlimited GIGs plan, but the monthly charge gets discounted to $30/month. That’s up to an $80 savings for 5 lines.

    On the other hand, you can choose the 10GB per month data plan for moderate data usage or the 2GB per month low-data plan for low data needs for those who mostly call and text. The limited data option doesn’t give per-line discounts, but you’ll still pay less than the unlimited plans.

    Moreover, the unlimited plans feature multi-line savings, while limited data plans don’t. Boost’s flexible prepaid family plan is the most selling point. You can opt for an unlimited plan that offers increased savings with every line you add to a family plan.

    Bottom Line

    Boost Mobile’s best family plans comes from the Unlimited and Unlimited Plus data packages. These plans let you pick multi-line plans for more savings with every additional line of service. Besides, you can mix and match limited and unlimited data plans to customize your preferred family package.