Google’s Fi cellular service is one of the best options for finding a cheap phone plan. The most well-known cellular carriers in the US may be Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T. However, Fi offers more excellent data options, broader international coverage, and the most straightforward set up and billing processes. You might wonder how to activate google fi sim card to take advantage of these incredible MVNO benefits. You will find this and other important information in this article.

    Google will mail you a SIM card after you choose your plan and sign up. Your package will take a few days to get to your location. However, if it prevents you from having to visit a physical carrier store, it is preferable to accept the minor delay joyfully. If you have an iPhone or Google Pixel, you can set up Fi with an eSIM instead of waiting for a physical Google Fi SIM card.

    Once your chip has been delivered, you’ll need a SIM tool to remove the SIM tray from your phone and insert the SIM card. Then, download the Google Fi app and follow the on-screen instructions (you’ll need Wi-Fi for this because your chip won’t connect to the network just yet). Would you like to know more about activating a Google Fi SIM card? Let’s get going!

     How to set up Google Fi and order a SIM card

    You’ll need an internet connection and a Google account to order and set up a Google Fi SIM card

    • To get started, go to Fi Google website.
    • Press Join Fi.
    • Your Google account will be required to be signed in. Please verify that this is the account you wish to use with Google Fi and that it belongs to you. To administer your Google Fi account, use this account.
    • Whether you require unlimited or flexible data, choose the plan you desire.
    • Bring your own phone or choose your phone. If you purchase your phone through Google Fi, it already has a SIM card. If you plan to bring your phone, make sure your phone Google Fi is compatible with it and purchase a SIM card.
    • Check out your cart. To input, your service address, click proceed. This is how the area code for a new phone number is determined.
    • To order your SIM card, follow the instructions and provide your billing information.

    You will need to wait for the delivery of your new SIM card. Once you have it, follow the instructions below to finish activating it on your phone.

    How to activate a physical Google Fi SIM card on your phone

    If you buy a Fi phone with your SIM, follow the instructions below to activate your physical SIM card and start using Google Fi.

    • Turn off your device and insert the Google Fi SIM card. This step won’t be necessary if you’re using an eSIM device, like the Pixel 4 series. To finish the setup, you might still need to take out the SIM card from your previous carrier.
    • Turn on the device and have some patience. The SIM card configuration needs to be read by your phone, which could take a minute or two depending on your phone.
    • Ensure to be connected to the internet, ideally with a reliable Wi-Fi connection.
    • If your Google account is not already signed in on your device, you must do so now. Your billing information will need to be verified.
    • Confirm your plan choice and complete setting up your phone number by following the app’s prompts. It can take some time for the final activation.

    You’re prepared! In the Google Fi app, you may review your account details. To obtain help with your account, you can use the app’s support feature if you need it.

    How to activate Google Fi eSIM on an Android phone

    When you initially switch on your Pixel phone, adhere to the instructions on the screen to activate Google Fi and configure your embedded SIM (eSIM). The steps below should be followed if you’ve already activated or bypassed your phone. Use a physical SIM card to activate Google Fi if you don’t have a Pixel 2 or a later model.

    • Ensure that you have Wi-Fi access.
    • Download the Google Fi app from Google Play or launch it.
    • Log in with the Google Account you created when you registered for Fi.
    • Tap Continue when prompted to activate Google Fi.
    • Enter your current carrier’s number and account details if you’re transferring a number.

    The Pixel phone is not eSIM compatible with Google Fi if purchased from Verizon. Activate the Pixel phone using a physical SIM. A US location is required for activation.

    Avoid attempting to change your SIM if you are outside of the US. Your ability to roam abroad can be lost. Outside of the US, new SIM activation is not feasible. You can change cell networks if you have an activated Google Fi eSIM and a physical SIM card from a different provider.

    How to activate Google Fi eSIM on an iPhone

    An embedded SIM card (eSIM) can be activated on iOS instead of a traditional SIM card. With an eSIM, you may also access cellular services.

    Step 1: Join Fi and check iPhone compatibility

    Visit and touch on “Join Fi” in the top right corner of the page to see if your iPhone is compatible or not. Choose your desired iPhone model from the list. For Fi with an eSIM to activate, choose “Quick Setup” if you have the most recent iPhone. You must adhere to the on-screen directions if you have an earlier model.

     Step 2: Go to the Google Fi iOS app

    Install the Google Fi iOS app if you haven’t done so already. The Google Fi iOS app will run device and iOS compatibility tests after you choose to use eSIM activation on the Fi website. Select Get started to start the eSIM activation process if both are compatible. Any incompatibility will result in an error. You’ll be prompted to upgrade your iOS or order an actual SIM.

    Step 3: Begin eSIM activation

    Visit on any individual device, such as a PC, after ensuring that your iPhone and iOS version are compatible with eSIM. This page needs to be accessed on a different device since your iPhone needs to scan the QR code.

    You are prompted to log in as soon as the website has loaded. After signing in, you must scan the QR code on your iPhone to activate Google Fi and follow the on-screen instructions. Refreshing the page will display a new QR code if the one displayed does not work for you. Try scanning the updated QR code.

    How to switch between a physical Google Fi SIM card and an eSIM

    You can switch between a physical SIM and an eSIM if you already utilize Google Fi.

    To switch from a physical Google Fi SIM to an eSIM:

    • Ensure that your physical SIM card is in.
    • Reinstall the Google Fi iOS app after deletion.
    • Connect your Fi account to the app and log in.
    • Tap Set up using eSIM when requested to set up the physical SIM card or eSIM.

    To switch from an eSIM to a physical SIM:

    • Make sure your physical SIM is inserted and that your eSIM is active.
    • Reinstall the Google Fi iOS app after deletion.
    • Connect your Fi account to the app and log in.
    • Tap Continue when requested.

     Bottom line

    One of the simplest carriers to join is Google Fi. You can activate your SIM card on your phone in the Google Fi app after setting up your SIM card and Google account. The steps to activate Google Fi on your phone are as outlined in the article. Thanks to a Flexible plan that keeps costs down for light users and an unlimited plan for heavy users, Google Fi is one of the top MVNOS available and will be an excellent fit for most customers.