Changing carriers can be thrilling. You could be able to pick up a new phone, or you might desire more excellent coverage close to where you live. Either way, you have to know how to get set up.

    Although each carrier handles SIM cards and activations varies, it is not a complicated process. As a result, this post will primarily focus on how to activate US Mobile phone and SIM card.

    US Mobile draws a large number of new users each year due to the many alluring features it provides. When new customers purchase or bring a phone and choose a plan, they must immediately activate their service.

    You have arrived at the proper spot if you are one of them and are unsure exactly how to activate your US Mobile service. But before we go any further with the US Mobile activation procedure, let’s find out why you should activate US Mobile and what the advantages of signing up for the service in the first place.

    Offering clients choice, flexibility, and affordability is US Mobile’s mission. Their monthly minimums for their plans are $5. Additionally, US Mobile places a lot of emphasis on delivering the most pleasing user experience.

    You can manage your account, buy add-ons, activate extra lines, and monitor data consumption metrics with their designed mobile application. US Mobile offers smartphones, tablets, and 5G compatibility on Verizon’s countrywide 5G and Ultra-Wideband 5G networks.

    Ways To Activate US Mobile phone with a physical SIM Card

    Most users will activate their US Mobile service with an actual SIM card. All phones accept physical SIM cards, making future phone switching considerably simpler.

    You have ordered your SIM Starter Kit. Your SIM card needs to be activated right now. It only takes 2-3 minutes. We’ll go over each step with you.

    1st Step: Create or sign in to your US Mobile account

    Go to the US Mobile website and log into the account you made during the checkout process after you have your SIM cards in hand. Once you have everything you require, click “Add Line” and “I’m Ready to Activate.”

    2nd Step: Pick the network you’d like to use

    Use the IMEI of your phone to check on the next page to see if it is compatible with the US Mobile Super LTE network. Continue with the Super LTE network if it is compatible. Choose the GSM LTE network if it isn’t compatible—it works with most devices.

    The Verizon network offers better coverage than the T-Mobile network; thus, I advise activating the Super LTE SIM card. In addition, the Super LTE SIM card comes with 75GB of data on the Unlimited All plan instead of the GSM card’s 35GB. You must manually set the APN settings on the GSM card as well.

    You must input your device’s IMEI number if you select Super LTE as your connection type (the same as its identification number).

    3rd Step: Enter the SIM card number

    To go to the following step, enter your SIM card number, a 19–20 digit number, or pick it from a list of SIMs supplied. The correct SIM card number will then be automatically retrieved from your most recent order by US Mobile. To confirm your choice, click the number and select “Continue with Super LTE.”

    4th Step: Pick a new number, or let US Mobile know which number you’d like to keep

    Select “Get a new number” or “Transfer my number” from your former carrier in this step.

    Enter your ZIP code if you want a new number. This will enable US Mobile to find a local phone number for you. US Mobile has no control over the new number selections or the area codes; they are chosen randomly, ideally according to the ZIP code.

     If you would like to transfer your number over to US Mobile, select your old carrier, and enter your phone number, the account number, and PIN from the previous carrier. Click “Continue with a New Number.”

    5th Step: Build a plan that fits your needs

    Choose your plan right now. There are four main alternatives available to you:

    1. A Data Bucket plan has unlimited minutes and texts with 1GB, 5GB, 12GB, 18GB, or 30GB of data
    2. The Unlimited All plan with unlimited minutes, texts, and 75GB on Super LTE, 35GB on GSM LTE
    3. A Custom Plan where you pick your amount of minutes, texts, and MB of data
    4. A Pooled Plan (a shared data pool for all of your lines. Data is $2 per shared GB, and each line costs $9 for unlimited talk and text.

    Click “continue with this plan” to complete the checkout procedure after making your options.

    6th Step: Fill in your billing information and preferences, and submit.

    For your preferred payment method, provide your billing information. If you want to use a coupon or referral code or avoid missing payments, turn on AutoPay (it can be added where it says “Code” above the Total cost). To accept US Mobile terms and privacy policy, click the checkbox. When you’re prepared, activate your line.

    You can now put the US Mobile SIM card in your handset and start using it immediately if you acquire a new number. You can continue using your former provider’s SIM card while your number is being ported since US Mobile will email you when it is ready to use.

    Please take note of the error message at the top of the page and contact US Mobile support by chat, phone, or email at if the activation is unsuccessful.

     How to Activate US Mobile phone with an eSIM card

    Okay, so what exactly is this eSIM business? If you’re unfamiliar, eSIM stands for “Embedded SIM card,” indicating that your phone’s logic board contains the SIM card.

    You activate the US Mobile card by downloading an eSIM profile or scanning a QR code rather than inserting a SIM card as you would in earlier models. The eSIM card may be activated in 3 simple steps:

    Step 1: Make sure your phone is compatible

    The iPhone XR, SE, 11, 11Pro, 11 Pro Max, XS, and XS Max may use eSIM now. There is currently no support for the iPhone 12 and 13 series. For Google enthusiasts, the Google Pixel 4a, 5, 5a, and 6 are currently compatible with eSIM.

     Step 2: Add a phone line and choose a phone plan

    You can sign in to your account in the top right corner of the webpage after making sure your device will function, or you can establish a new account.

    “eSIM activation” will appear on the left side of the screen after you log in. After confirming that your device is compatible, it will request the IMEI number.

    After entering the IMEI, you can select to

    • Add a new number
    • Transfer your current phone number over to US Mobile. 

    If you transfer, you will want your current account number, current account PIN, and billing zip code. Enter your zip code and press the next button if you want a new number.

    You can select from several unlimited plans or create a custom plan. There might be some choices for add-ons, and then you’ll select “Continue with This Plan” and checkout. 

    Step 3: Scan Your QR Code

    When you’re finished, US Mobile will provide a QR Code for you to scan. Select Add Cellular Plan under Settings > Cellular. At the bottom of your screen, tap “Scan or Enter Code.”

     Step 4: Give a new plan a label

    When you scan the QR Code, a message indicating the availability of a cellular plan should appear (in some situations, US Mobile may be utilizing a different network, such as Verizon, in which case the message will read “A cellular plan from Verizon is ready to be added”). You must provide a label to your new plan, such as “home,” “work,” or a label you make yourself.

    Step 5: Choose the default line and submit

    The next step is to select a default line. You will use this to call or text someone who isn’t on your contacts list. You don’t require to worry about deciding if you only have one line.

    If you have more than one line, you must decide which one you wish to use for cellular data, FaceTime, and iMessage. If necessary, your phone can switch networks while on a call if you choose “Allow Cellular Data Switching.” You could always turn it off and turn it back on later.

    Click “Done,” and you’re done! If you change your mind, you can always return and modify these options in the future.

    Bottom line

    Your SIM card can be easily activated in just a few minutes. Once your US Mobile SIM card is active, your US Mobile phone will also be instantly activated. As a result, you don’t need to worry about separately activating your US Mobile smartphone. If you received a new number, you could immediately begin using it by placing the US Mobile SIM card in your handset. When your number is ready for use, US Mobile will email you to let you know if you are porting a number.