Boost Mobile operates as a prepaid wireless service provider using T-Mobile. This carrier doesn’t lock you into annual contracts, and cell phone plans upfront. However, Boost Mobile offers the best discounts for its new and existing customers. Customers experience a robust network thanks to T-Mobile and awesome perks such as free hotspot data and 5G network capability. Today, the discussion is about Boost Mobile reviews on various aspects, and below are more updates about Boost Mobile.

    If you plan to switch to a contract-free prepaid carrier in the United States, Boost Mobile is one of the suitable options around. The carrier has a comprehensive collection of premium and affordable smartphones and offers many deals on devices and plans. However, the biggest concern is that Boost Mobile’s pricing is relatively more expensive than many other mobile virtual network operators’ (or MVNOs). But, the extra coin on its cell phone plans is worth the features.

    Most importantly, Boost Mobile provides some of the cheapest cell phone plans for Bring Your Own Phone customers. If you opt to bring your own cellphone, note that there is a one-time $25 activation fee not advertised online. Before purchasing a new device from Boost Mobile or ordering a SIM card, you must proceed to a Boost Mobile store first to ensure that your cell phone is compatible with the plan you want to purchase.

    Boost Mobile Family Plan

    Boost provides some promotional deals on its family plans. For Boost mobile family plans, only Boost’s $50 and $60 unlimited plans provide discounted lines to be added to build a family plan. In this case, Boost’s $50 plan enables customers to add a line for $30 per month, and its $60 plan enables customers to add a line for $40. This offer is a bit cheaper than purchasing four single unlimited data lines at $50 or $60 each.

    Besides, you can add up to five lines of service to your Boost Mobile account. This way, you can easily manage your bills and ensure that everyone in your family gets all the talk, text, and data required. While you can have Boost’s unlimited plans for just one phone line, family plans provide the best value. Notably, the first line of unlimited data costs you $50 per month, but after that, each additional line costs $30 per month or $40 per extra line on Unlimited Plus.

    Boost Mobile Prepaid Plans – Choose Your Best Ones

    Boost Mobile is a prepaid wireless provider. It offers 10 different prepaid plans, but prices vary based on the plan. However, boost mobile prepaid plans allow you to purchase a plan for one month at a time, but you can also opt to pay for three or 12 months in advance. Boost Mobile’s prepaid plans feature unlimited talk, text, and the capability to share your data through a mobile hotspot.

    On the downside, international features aren’t featured with Boost Mobile plans, but they’re available for an extra fee. Boost Mobile’s international add-ons feature International Minute Packs that enable you to call and text to a designated country for $3 with a message-only option of 10 cents per text. Roaming add-ons are “Todo Mexico Plus” for $5 per month and “International Connect Plus” for $10 per month. You can combine and stack Boost Mobile’s prepaid plans to build a multi-line family account.

     However, an additional line adds to a primary customer’s account on the $50 or $60 unlimited plan and gets discounted by $20 per line. Additionally, Boost Mobile provides a “3 for 100” plan, which reduces to $30 per line after the first month.

    Boost Mobile Free Phone – An Exciting Offers

    There are several ways of getting a Boost Mobile free phone. First, you can switch your service to Boost, transfer your old phone number, and get the powerful Samsung A32 5G entirely free. Prepaid carriers such as Boost Mobile assume that if you port in your old number, you will likely stay with their service.

    However, there are requirements for getting a free device. You can get a free device through 24 monthly bill credits when you switch or activate a new line on an unlimited qualifying plan, trade in your old device, or buy one get the promotion of one free product.

    Another way to get a free Boost Mobile phone is through the government. If you qualify for the lifeline and the Affordable connectivity program, you can apply and get a free device from Boost Mobile. Low-income families meeting the income and program participation criteria qualifies for free boost mobile plans and phones.

    To qualify for Lifeline assistance, you must have an income at or below the 135% according to the Federal poverty guidelines. Programs that qualify include supplemental nutrition assistance programs (SNAP), Medicaid, and Supplemental security income (SSI), among others.

    Boost Mobile Deals For The New And Existing Customer

    Boost Mobile offers its customers fantastic deals, including the latest mobile phones, tablets, and services, without annual service contracts. You can get everything you’ve ever wished for from a wireless carrier combined into one convenient option and build up your plan to match all your desires. You’ll receive mobile hotspots, unlimited data, unlimited music streaming, and 99% nationwide coverage through shopping for Boost Mobile phone deals.

    As part of Boost Mobile phone deals, iPhones, Samsung Galaxies, and plenty of other quality phones await you. Boost even provides some sweet discounts for new customers. You can enjoy boost mobile upgrade deals and choose the device you want anytime as you’re on a prepaid contract.

    Boost Mobile offers low-cost monthly plans and extra discounts for selected plans if you pay several months in advance. For instance, the unlimited plan offers a 50% discount on the monthly price by enrolling in a 12-month package.

    Most importantly, new customers get better deals, including a free phone when you switch. You can look for the latest offers through Boost online mobile deals from their official website. Boost Mobile deals offer you free or discounted cell phones to all qualified customers. Existing customers can benefit from Boost Mobile upgrade deals on plans and devices.

    Boost Mobile gives three months of 5G data for just $45. Besides, this deal features unlimited talk, text, and mobile hotspot. New customers receive a free SIM kit at $9.99 value and free shipping at $4.99 value.

    Boost Mobile iPhone Deals

    If you are looking for Boost Mobile iPhone deals, Boost Mobile covers you with even more deals on their upgrade deals website. Below are the best upgrade deals on iPhones deals you can take advantage of from Boost Mobile:

    • Apple iPhone 12 for $629.99 ($100 off)
    • Apple iPhone 11 for $349.99 ($150 off)
    • Apple iPhone SE (3rd Gen) for $379.99 ($50 off)
    • Apple iPhone XS for $799.99 ($100 off)
    • Apple iPhone SE (2nd Gen) for $199.99 ($200 off)

    Boost Mobile Phones For Sale

    Boost Mobile provides the same excellent service you expect from the T-Mobile network at a consumer-friendly cost. However, you can get a wide selection of the best cell phones from Boost Mobile. 

    The boost mobile phones for sale include the latest iPhones, or Samsung Galaxy releases at a low price. You can find the best phone deals today from Boost Mobile. Then, get instant savings, account credit, or gifts with a purchase online.

    However, if you currently have a cell phone you won’t let go of, you can bring it to Boost Mobile. Most unlocked cell phones manufactured in the last few years will be compatible. You can check your phone compatibility using your IMEI checker if you’re unsure if you have a compatible device.

    Boost Mobile Samsung Phones

    If you’re hunting for high-performance and quality devices, like Samsung phones, you can proceed to boost the mobile store for great offers. You can get the newest prepaid and no-contract cell phones from boost mobile at a very affordable price. 

    However, boost mobile Samsung phones include unlocked devices such as Samsung galaxy note 10, Samsung Galaxy A51, Samsung Galaxy A50, Samsung Galaxy A32 5G, Samsung galaxy s22, and Samsung galaxy s21 5G, among others. The current upgrade deals on Boost Mobile Samsung phones include the following:

    • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 for $1,399.99 ($400 off)
    • Samsung Galaxy A53 for $199.99 ($250 off)
    • Samsung Galaxy A13 for $79.99 ($170 off)
    • Samsung Galaxy S21 FE for $399.99 ($300 off)
    • Samsung Galaxy A71 for $249.99 ($180 off)
    • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 for $599.99 ($400 off)
    • Samsung Galaxy A03s for $59.99 ($60 off)
    • Samsung Galaxy A02s for $49.99 ($60 off)

    Boost Mobile Switching Phone Plan

    You can boost mobile packs with a few free phones when you switch to their in-store service. Getting an excellent deal on your next cell phone is more accessible with Boost mobile switch phones. With a Mobile Virtual Network Operator like Boost Mobile, you can find great deals on cell phones when you switch. Boost Mobile regularly provides deals on new phones that can give you significant discounts. If you switch, you can even get a Boost Mobile plan with a free phone.

    However, switching to Boost Mobile is easy, but you’ll have to check a few things first. You must ensure your current phone is unlocked, meaning it’s not tied to any specific carrier and compatible with the Boost Mobile network. You can confirm your cell phone’s compatible quickly through your IMEI number.

    If your current device is incompatible, there are options to buy a new phone through Boost Mobile that won’t leave you out of pocket. You can find the latest flagship phones from the best phone manufacturers like Samsung, Apple, Motorola, and others.

    Boost Mobile Internet Plan

    If you want a high-performance cell phone plan, you should probably subscribe to one of the “big three”: T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon. However, the good thing with Boost mobile internet is not that they provide a better performance, but at lower prices. Boost Mobile unlimited, $60, is Boost’s best-unlimited data plan which costs the same price as T-Mobile’s Essentials plan. This pricing is just a few dollars cheaper than most unlimited plans from AT&T and Verizon.

    However, the only downside with the Boost Mobile internet plans is fast and consistent data speeds. However, you will get faster speeds through the 5G network connectivity, although Boost Mobile is subject to data deprioritization. In other words, data deprioritization means that the network parent company (T-Mobile) will reduce your data speed during network traffic.

    While T-Mobile customers may have enough data to watch an HD movie, Boost customers may experience a pixelated mess when they try to stream a Youtube video. Notably, data deprioritization affects users differently, based on the time and location, but generally, it will mean slower data speeds overall.

    Boost Mobile Hotspot Coverage And Plan

    On all Boost Mobile plans, a mobile hotspot is included on hotspot-capable phones. As a result, you can turn your cell phone into a hotspot and enable users to utilize your data services when in a coverage area. Boost Mobile hotspot consumption will draw from the high-speed data allotments of that plan, so if you require more high-speed data before your next monthly plan starts, you can buy more high-speed data for $5/month for 1GB or $10/month for 2GB. You can toggle on the hotspot functionality on your cell phone by accessing your phone Settings.

    However, the Mobile Hotspot feature is available only for select devices. Hence you need to check your device features or user manual to check if Mobile Hotspot is available. If the data amount on your cell phone plan has been completely consumed, you will have to purchase a monthly Data Pack for continued hotspot use, or you can do a plan restart. For dual-mode 3G/4G hotspot-capable smartphones, you can connect up to 8 Wi-Fi-enabled devices. If you receive an unlimited plan, speeds will slow after consuming a certain amount of data, depending on which plan you purchase.

    Boost Mobile Phone For Fee

    Unlocking your cell phone will not necessarily make it compatible with the Boost Mobile network. In other words, a cell phone designed for one network is not compatible with another network merely by unlocking it. “locked” typically refers to a device that can only work with Boost Mobile and cannot be activated on any other carrier’s network. However, an “unlocked” device is no longer locked to Boost Mobile services, and you can activate it on another carrier’s network. 

    Notably, there are generally two ways for device unlocking. Eligible customers can initiate a domestic SIM unlock or request the associated MSL Code by contacting Boost Mobile Customer Care at 833-502-6678 for free. Besides, the unlock request can take up to two business days to process for cell phones not currently under a BoostUP.

    Instalment plan. To learn how to unlock a Boost Mobile phone, you need to understand the general eligibility for unlocking. Boost Mobile will help you with unlocking a device under the following circumstances:

    1. The device is SIM unlock capable
    2. The cell phone is not reported as lost or stolen or listed as ineligible to be unlocked
    3. The associated account is active and in good standing
    4. The device has been active on the associated account for at least 12 months

    If you meet the above criteria discussed above, Boost Mobile will respond to your unlock request within two business days. If Boost approves your request, they will offer you can unlock code, but if your request is canceled, Boost Mobile is expected to explain the basis for that denial.

    After your device is unlocked, you can use it on another network. When applying for device unlock, ensure the name on your account, your phone number, and the account billing PIN are ready. The PIN may than your password and is often the last four digits of your SSN.

    Boost Mobile Bring Your Own Phone Program – Checking Compatibility

    BYOP means “Bring Your Own Phone,” and in this case, it means to bring your own phone. If you switch to Boost Mobile with your iPhone or Android cell phone, you’ll qualify for better cell phone deals on your Boost cell phone plan. When switching through Boost Mobile bring your own phone; you must ensure that your cell phone is unlocked and replace your SIM card with a Boost Mobile SIM card.

    On the other hand, you can check your phone’s compatibility at boost mobile website. The Boost Mobile SIM Card Activation Kit works with most unlocked cell phones, so you can maintain your current cell phone when you switch to Boost. When you switch to Boost Mobile, you’ll get affordable bring your own phone plans that can save you several dollars on your cell phone bill.

    However, Boost Mobile makes it quick and easy to buy a SIM card kit online and have your new plan up and running within a few days. Whether you’re hunting for family plans, unlimited data, unlimited talk, and text, or a basic plan, Boost Mobile has something for everyone.

    Preliminaries Of Bringing Your Own Phone To Boost Mobile

    • You will require to buy the Boost Mobile SIM card kit online or by going to a Boost Mobile store.
    • Additionally, Boost Mobile Customer Care agents can sell you a Boost Mobile SIM card kit.
    • If the cell phone has been activated in the past on Boost Mobile, there will be a reactivation fee.


    1. Check Eligibility – Check if your cell phone works on the Boost Network.
    2. Get a SIM card – Purchase a SIM kit in-store or online, or utilize your own Boost SIM card.
    3. Activate – Activate your cell phone on a Boost plan.

    Boost Mobile Compatible Phones

    Most unlocked phones manufactured in the last few years will operate with Boost Mobile, but you can use your phone’s IMEI number to ensure it’s one of the Boost Mobile compatible phones. Using the Boost Mobile IMEI checker is the quickest way to check if your cell phone is compatible with Boost Mobile. If your current cell phone is incompatible, you can still get affordable prepaid cell phones online with various devices, from basic cell phones to the latest flagship smartphones.

    Notably, if your phone was bought through a plan with Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile, you’ll have to confirm whether the phone is unlocked. Cell phones with the big three are locked to their network, but after the contract ends, provided the cell phone has been paid off, the carrier unlocks the handset for you.

    Any device that is compatible and unlocked will be compatible with Boost Mobile cell phone plans. Thus, if you decide to use a Samsung Galaxy cell phone with your Boost Mobile plan, you can easily do that. On the other hand, if you want to switch to using an Apple iPhone with your Boost Mobile plan, you can still do that.

    Boost Mobile Online Activation

    You may utilize the online activation tool to activate your Boost Mobile phone for free. The activation tool is accessible for both Boost Mobile-purchased phones and unlocked devices. However, Boost Mobile activation works on Android, iPhone, and Windows devices. Fortunately, there is no price to activate it.

    Steps To Activate Your Boost Mobile Purchased Phone

    1. Proceed to Boost Mobile activations page.
    2. Choose ‘New Customer’ from the ‘Make a Selection option,’ then ‘Activate New Device.’
    3. Select whether you want to receive a ‘New Number’ or ‘Port an Existing Number.’
    4. Input information about your mobile device, including the ESN or Serial Number.
    5. To finish activating your Boost Mobile account, follow the on-screen steps.
    6. You may now use a Boost Mobile SIM card on your cell phone.

    To Activate a Boost Mobile (BYOP), Follow Below Steps:

    1. Proceed to Activate Boost Mobile primary activations home on the Boost Mobile website to get started.
    2. Through the drop-down option, select ‘New.’
    3. Choose ‘Use My Own Device.’
    4. Pick whether you want to obtain a ‘New Number’ or ‘Port An Existing Number.’
    5. Choose if or not you want to add more lines to your account.
    6. Then, to complete the activation procedure, follow the on-screen instructions.

    After effectively activating your Boost Mobile phone, you may choose the plan that you think would work best for you.

    Best Way To Get Boost Mobile SIM Card Online

    To obtain a Boost Mobile SIM card kit, you can purchase it online, walk in a Boost Mobile retail store at Walmart, Target, Best buy, or an authorized dealer. Besides, Boost Mobile Customer Care agents can sell you a Boost Mobile SIM card kit.

    Most importantly, all you have to do is contact Boost Mobile customer care and inform them what type of cell phone you have or the SIM size you’re after. Then, Boost Mobile will send you the sim card kit.

    Notably, to activate the Boost Mobile SIM card, you need to visit a Boost Mobile store, or you can activate it following the below steps:

    1. Boost Mobile SIM Card Activation
    2. Follow the below easy steps to get your cell phone activated with a Boost Mobile low-cost prepaid plan
    3. Check your cell phone’s compatible and unlocked
    4. Select and order your Boost Mobile SIM card kit online
    5. When it arrives, insert your SIM card into your cell phone and follow the activation instructions

    Boost Mobile Payment Plan

    BoostUp is a Boost Mobile payment plan that allows existing customers to upgrade to a new cell phone with a down payment and taxes payment upfront. This program takes a commitment of 18 monthly payments to pay off the device. However, financing is available on eligible mobile phones exclusively for loyal Boost Mobile customers. You must cover the down payment and applicable taxes and pay off the balance in 18 easy monthly installments.

    To determine if you qualify for a Boost Mobile payment plan, you’ll have to check your eligibility on your Boost account. If you confirm that you’re eligible for the “BoostUP” program, you can upgrade to a new mobile device and opt for a payment plan to settle it off over 18 months. Your Boost Mobile monthly bill will include your data and cell phone payment plan.

    If you are eligible, you can buy a BoostUP-eligible phone by signing into My Account. In the My Devices section, you will find ‘You are eligible for BoostUP Instalment Billing’. Tap on the ‘Start Shopping’ link or proceed to any participating Boost retailer.

    Steps To BoostUp Payment Program

    1st Step – Check Eligibility

    Proceed to your Boost account to check if you are eligible for BoostUP.

    2nd Step – Upgrade to an eligible cell phone

    Click the ‘Start Shopping’ link and select any cell phone eligible for BoostUP.

    3rd Step – Checkout

    Complete the Instalment Billing Agreement, and pay the down payment and taxes.

    4th Step – Pay it down

    Pay for the cell phone in 18 simple monthly payments, starting on your next bill.

    Boost Mobile Pay Bill Online – The Ways

    Typically, you have the option to pay with cash, credit card, or debit card when it comes to Boost mobile pay bills. You can also pay in person, online, or by phone. There are 3 ways to pay online:

    1) AutoPaySM

    This method is the best way to keep your service operational without interruption. Activate AutoPay by logging in to My Account. Then tap on ‘Payments’ and ‘Enroll in AutoPay’ from the menu on the right. And then, choose AutoPay and put your debit or credit card information.

    2) Transfer money to a friend or family member’s account

    Go to give a gift. You’ll require your friend or family member’s Boost Mobile phone number, plus a credit/debit or Re-Boost card. You can immediately add $10 to $99 to their account.

    3) Proceed to My Account to make a one-time payment

    Sign in to My Account and tap on the ‘Re-Boost Now’ button. You can use a debit or credit card to make a one-time payment or redeem a Re-Boost card.

    3 Ways to Pay Using Phone

    • Open the My Boost app and tap ‘Make Payment’ Use your debit card, credit card, or Re-Boost card to add funds.
    • Dial #ADD and follow the voice prompts to pay with your credit/debit card or redeem a Re-Boost card.
    • Dial #ADD (#233) – Free (no charge)

    Boost Mobile Lifeline Program – Checking Eligibility

    Lifeline Program is a US Federal Government initiative with wireless providers such as Boost Mobile to offer internet services to low-income families. However, to receive a free or discounted government cell phone from Boost mobile, you must qualify for the boost mobile lifeline program. To qualify for boost mobile free government phone, you must be a resident of California. Additionally, you must meet other program eligibility or income-based requirements below:

    i) Income-Based Qualification

    Generally, you qualify for Boost mobile free government phone if you have a total annual household income of 135% or below the federal poverty guideline. Besides, you need to provide documentation such as pay slips to prove that your annual household income is at the recommended range by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC).

    ii) Program-Based Qualification

    If you don’t qualify through the income provisions above, you can still qualify based on government-aided program participation. In this case, you are eligible if you or any other family member participates in any public assistance program. These eligible programs include and are not limited to the following:

    1. Medicaid
    2. Federal Public Housing Assistance or Section 8
    3. Food Stamps or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
    4. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
    5. California work opportunity and responsibility to kids
    6. Head Start
    7. Food Distribution Program in Indian Reservations
    8. Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance
    9. Federal Veterans and Survivors Pension Benefit Program.

    Additionally, if you qualify for the Boost Mobile lifeline program, you benefit from several exceptional benefits. These deals include a discount of $9.25 on monthly phone bills and up to $34.25 monthly discount if you live on tribal land.

    Boost Mobile Affordable Connectivity Program

    The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is the latest program launched by the federal government program that’s implemented by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This program gets funded by Congress to offer a discount on broadband services for qualifying households to remain connected to healthcare, jobs, and virtual classrooms. Thus, to be eligible for ACP, your income levels should be at 200% or below and qualify for other Lifeline programs.

    However, Boost Mobile is proud to help you get free internet and devices through the Affordable Connectivity Program. After being qualified for the Boost Mobile affordable connectivity program, you must actively utilize your monthly services to qualify for an ACP subsidy. Besides, only a single ACP subsidy per household, not per person, apply, and the benefit may only be applied to one mobile broadband service, regardless of your service provider.

    Eligible households receive a $30 per month subsidy of any eligible Boost Mobile cell phone, tablet, or mobile hotspot plan. Again, eligible households residing on qualifying Tribal lands receive up to $75 per month, and it’s limited to one per qualifying household.

    There is also a one-time discount on connected devices. In this case, you must give a copayment ranging from $10 and not more than $50 to get a discount of $100 towards purchasing a desktop computer, laptop, or tablet.

    Boost Mobile Customer Service

    Boost Mobile is a low-cost, prepaid wireless service in the United States. Many subscribers are attracted to Boost Mobile due to its affordable wireless options and services, plus exceptional customer support. To get Boost Mobile customer service, proceed to Boost Mobile support and choose any of the following options.

    1. By Chat

    You can engage with live chat agents through texts to help. You can get help making a payment, retrieving your PIN, updating your address, and more. When opening their website, tap the orange chat icon to get started.

    Chat Hours

    • Mon-Fri: 4am – 8pm PST
    • Sat-Sun: 4am – 7pm PST

    2. By Phone at  (833-502-6678)

    Business Hours

    • Mon-Fri: 4am – 8pm PST
    • Sat-Sun: 4am – 7pm PST

    Moreover, Boost Mobile customer service is available by chat, by phone, or by going to a physical store. Contact Boost Mobile customer service at (833) 502-6678. Customers with Android devices can dial 611 to connect to a Boost Mobile customer care agent.

    Customer Service Hours

    • Available Monday-Friday 4 am-8 pm PST
    • Available Saturday-Sunday 4 am-7 pm PST

    A Boost Mobile Phone Customer representative can offer the following services:

    1. Start service
    2. Investigate billing disputes
    3. Retrieving your PIN
    4. Help you buy new devices
    5. Explain different plans and services
    6. Sign you up for various plans and services
    7. Answer questions about billing and charges
    8. Sell you a Boost Mobile SIM card kit for the company’s “Bring Your Phone” plan

    Boost Mobile Network Coverage

    As mentioned earlier, Boost Mobile operates using T-Mobile network towers, one of the leading carriers with advanced 5G network coverage. Therefore, Boost mobile 5G brings customers blazing-fast, high-capacity mobile technology supporting the next wave of mobile wireless innovation.

    Notably, the 5G network can give much greater capacity than current LTE systems, enabling Boost to provide significantly faster speeds, improved network capacity, and an overall better customer experience.

    Most importantly, with a 5G compatible device, you can access the fast 5G network (where it’s available) at no additional cost with Boost Mobile 5G plans. The T-Mobile network delivers the fastest data speeds and 5G coverage in the United States. Thus, it will help offset the sluggish data speeds experienced by MVNOs like Boost Mobile.

    Most importantly, all Boost’s Mobile data plans will offer you access to T-Mobile’s 5G network. This coverage is excellent for Boost customers who reside in major metropolitan or suburban areas. Notably, all Boost Mobile plans feature 5G access using compatible devices and unlimited voice calls and texts in the US.

    Final Words

    Boost Mobile is a no-contract carrier that has the best customer reviews. You can get excellent discounts on cell phones and plans for new and existing customers. The carrier represents a better customer experience that helps you stay connected by bringing your own phone, free phones from lifeline and the affordable connectivity program, free phones when you switch, and the best 5G coverage thanks to T-Mobile.

    However, you can find Boost Mobile upgrade deals with a well-planned Boost Mobile payment plan. Boost Mobile allows customers to switch between different plans and customize their family plans. You can have more details about Boost mobile reviews in this guideline.