Consolidated Communications is a USA-based broadband and business communications service provider headquartered in Mattoon, Illinois. The company provides internet, data, voice, cloud, and IT services to business customers. It also offers its customers phone, internet, TV, and home security services. The company is among the top ten fiber providers in the US, with about 36,000 fiber route miles serving consumers in 23 states. We will learn about consolidated communications internet plans later.

    To use the company’s services, you should purchase the right plan that suits your needs. Internet service providers usually require you to purchase plans with specific amounts of data, whereby every plan has different charging. The more a plan costs, the more you pay. The company offers plans for business and home use. As people develop the habit of working from home, the Consolidated Communications data plans can be suitable for such a scenario.

    Furthermore, the company has been operating for a long time and has a reputation for being an excellent service provider. It started its operations in 1894, which is about 128 years ago. The company began as the Mattoon Telephone Company before advancing its services to the current ones. Up to date, the company has made a lot of acquisitions of other companies in an attempt to expand its empire. The latest acquisition was in 2017, when it acquired FairPoint Communications. That led to the expansion of its service area to 24 states.

    Consolidated Communications internet plans – A Pretty plans

    As I mentioned earlier, the internet is one of the products you can get at Consolidated Communications. There are various internet plans from the company that you can purchase for home or business use. The plans vary from one state to the other. Generally, the plans are as follows.

    1) 50 Mbps

    The plan has download speeds of 50 Mbps. That is where it takes its name. It goes for $35.00 per month. With that speed, you can download large files such as movies, games, and so on faster. You can also carry out a live stream to connect with others in online conferences.

    2) 250 Mbps

    Another plan you can get from the company is the 250 Mbps plan. It allows you to download files online at superfast speeds meaning that you can download files such as movies. It goes for $60.00 per month.

    3) 1 Gig     

    The plan gives you 1 Gbps per second. That is fantastic as you can do a lot of work within a few minutes. You can be sure that files will download as fast as lightning. If you own a movie shop, you can find it suitable for downloading movie series and making money. The plan costs $70.00 per month.

    Looking at the plans, they are affordable to most Americans. The $35 per month plan is suitable, especially if you are a light data consumer. The rate is very competitive in the market as most service providers charge a price far higher than that of Consolidated Communications. In most cases, you find them charging $50/mo. You can see a huge difference.

    Again, the different plans at Consolidated Communications do not differ too much in price. We only have a difference of $10 per month, making it easy for consumers to switch to the other plan if they need higher speeds. Above all, the minimum plan can serve you well for basic internet usage like social media access, browsing and checking emails, streaming, watching online videos, and so on. You can use multiple streaming gadgets without buffering.

    Reasons to choose Consolidated Communications as your internet provider

    There are various reasons why you can find Consolidated Communications the best service provider in the country. The perfect combination of internet service speeds, affordable prices, friendly, local customer service, and support makes the company unique. The following are the reasons that make the company among the best.

    1. 30-day satisfaction guarantee
    2. No data cap
    3. 24/7 technical support
    4. Online storage space
    5. Email accounts & email storage

    Also, the company has a service called The Network Care Plus Wireless program that offers consumers a low-cost, convenient way to receive a wireless router for use with their Consolidated Internet service. The router includes free troubleshooting support plus equipment replacement. You can get the device for $11.95 per month. The Network Care Plus Wireless includes:

    1. A free lease on the four-port wireless router
    2. 24/7 technical support
    3. Free expert Internet installation
    4. End-to-end maintenance and installation of new wiring, if needed.
    5. Replacement of leased wireless gateway when broken. The service also includes support if the wireless gateway malfunctions or becomes obsolete.

    Consolidated Communications low-income internet offers

    Consolidated Communications offers low-income internet through the Affordable Connectivity Program. The federal government funds the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) to help low-income households access the internet. Qualified Non-Tribal households can get a maximum monthly credit of up to $30 per month for their broadband discount.

    Also, those living on qualifying Tribal lands can get a maximum monthly credit of up to $75 per month. You must qualify to apply for the service. The company also offers Lifeline program services, and you can get low-income internet if you qualify.

    Consolidated Communications TV services

    The company offers various TV services to its users to stream using their data plans. They include the following.

    i) DirecTV Stream

    The TV service gives you 140+ channels available with Spanish and premium channel add-ons. You also get live TV and On-Demand content. Again, you can access your favorite apps from one device, including Netflix.

    ii) Fubo TV

    Once you start using the Fubo TV services, you can enjoy over 100 channels with premium, sports & international add-ons. The service is mainly for sports lovers with a mix of entertainment plus news channels. Moreover, you can get Live and On-Demand content. The service has no contract whatsoever.

    iii) Philo TV

    Philo TV has over 60 channels available with premium add-ons. The service is mainly for lifestyle, entertainment, and drama lovers. It is budget-friendly and gives you Live and On-Demand content. The service has no contract.

    Bottom line

    Consolidated Communications is a USA-based broadband and business communications service provider headquartered in Mattoon, Illinois. The company provides internet, data, voice, cloud, and IT services to business customers, among other services. Its internet plans are among the cheapest and fast in the country. You can also access affordable internet through the Affordable Connectivity Program as long as you qualify.