After merging with Sprint, T-Mobile moved up from third to second among cellphone carriers in the US. Its expansion is a result of the fantastic T-Mobile offers and discounts offered to both new and existing users, including savings on phones and other accessories. With its unrivaled combination of a free phone, customers can profit when you switch to T-Mobile or through their promotions. Below, you’ll find how to get a free phone from T-Mobile. Take a look, and perhaps you’ll be able to save some money when you make your next smartphone purchase.

    T-Mobile is one of several mobile phone providers that frequently has promotions where you may receive a new smartphone for free. You may get a brand-new phone practically for free if you move to T-Mobile at the right moment or upgrade your cell phone plan at the appropriate time. You will probably have to pay some taxes and fees with your new phone, but that’s better than paying full price for the newest gadget, so you’re not disappointed when it comes time to check out.

    Every free cell phone offer comes with a bill credit that (typically) expires after two years. You receive a free phone, but you agree to have the credit applied throughout the contract’s life, so it’s a bait-and-switch situation. You must continue using T-Mobile until the balance on your phone is completely paid off, or you must pay the remaining debt in full. However, if you want to be a T-Mobile customer for the foreseeable future, you will receive a fantastic offer on a free phone.

    How to get a free phone from T-Mobile

    1) When you switch to T-Mobile

    Customers who switch to this wireless provider and sign up for a new line with a 24-month commitment can choose from free cell phone possibilities. For a constrained period, qualifying T-Mobile customers can get a FREE:

    • Samsung Galaxy A11
    • Samsung Galaxy A12
    • Mobile REVVL 4
    • T-Mobile REVVL 4+,
    • OnePlus Nord N200 5G
    • Motorola moto g play
    • LG Aristo 5

    However, a credit on your monthly account for 24 months will cover the cost of the phones above. T-Mobile will charge you for the remaining balance on the phone if you keep your account active for the whole two-year period. Therefore, you can only receive the phones for free if you stick with T-Mobile for the whole term of the offer. No trade-in is necessary to obtain these cell phones, unlike most of the bargains on the T-Mobile website.

    • Most essential, to qualify for the phones above via monthly bill credit, you must:
    • With the new device, activate a new line under an acceptable pricing plan.
    • Purchase the device using your freshly activated line’s 24-month plan.
    • At the time of purchase, pay any required down payment and applicable taxes on the pre-credit device price.
    • On a voice rate plan, remain active and in good standing.

    If you cease using wireless service, credits can end, and you might be obliged to pay the remaining debt on the necessary financial arrangement.

    2) When you trade in your old device

    With T-Mobile’s phone trade-in program, you may sell your old phone and receive credit toward a new one. However, the smartphone you are exchanging must be in flawless functioning and unlocked from any carrier agreements. On T-Mobile website, Mobile’s you can find out more if you’ve chosen to receive money for your old cell phone. Customers who trade in their phones can receive enormous sums, which may be sufficient to cover the full cost of a new handset.

    You might be able to obtain the Galaxy S22 for free, depending on your plan and whether you have a device to trade-in. Although there are ways for both new and existing customers to save money, the offer is better if you’re activating a new line of service. The available variation is as follows: Obtain a Galaxy S22: Free when you trade-in and get a new line. Offer valid only with trade-in and saves up to 50%.

     By moving to T-Mobile and trading in your old handset, you can receive many phones for free or at a significant discount. You must switch to T-Magenta Mobile’s Max plan, which starts at $47/line, to receive these iPhones for free. The package includes free Netflix, unlimited bandwidth on a 5G network, and up to 4K UHD streaming. You can still receive up to $800 off a new iPhone with an approved trade-in, even if you wish to keep your current T-Mobile contract.

    3) Through BOGO deals

    A BOGO campaign is a type of sales promotion where clients receive an additional item for free or at a discounted price when they buy a second, comparable item at full price. You’ll get special rates if you buy two devices at once through a specific arrangement with T-Mobile.

    The device you are purchasing and the device receiving the discount must be enrolled on an approved plan to be eligible for a T-Mobile BOGO deal. If the item you’re buying is kept on a qualified plan for the duration of the cycle, the discount can be kept. On the other hand, the device you’re buying must be used for at least six months on an approved plan.

    Another requirement is that the discounted cell phone must cost the same as or less than the item you’re buying. Both devices require regular monthly payments. You must also add a promo credit to your monthly bill to cover the entire or a portion of the “get one” phone’s monthly price.

    Most crucially, depending on the type of plan you choose, the value of various BOGO offers may alter. For additional information on the finest cell phone offers, it is advisable to be aware of the promotion’s eligibility requirements. Know what you’re getting into before participating in a buy one, get one free phone campaign.

    Use this excellent T-Mobile offer on the Galaxy A32 5G if you want to purchase two low-cost phones. You must enroll a new service line on an eligible plan and buy a new Samsung Galaxy A32 through a monthly payment to maximize your savings from this offer. On the T-Mobile website, click “See how to get one FREE when you activate a line.” for additional information.

    How to get more savings for Free Phones with T-Mobile

    T-Mobile offers a variety of discounts, offers, and promotional codes that make saving possible. While enjoying dependable connectivity on the most robust network, you may learn about the various promotions and cost-saving advice. To save money on your next phone or plan, try online coupons.

    i) Check Out T-Mobile Deals

    Open the T-Mobile website to see fantastic deals. Choose from reconditioned iPhones and Android devices or search for deals on new models. T-Mobile keeps phone rates low by offering seasonal and holiday discounts, gift cards, and price reductions. T-Mobile frequently posts bargains on new phones and weekly specials.

    The following are T-Mobile deals right now;

    • Switch to T-Mobile and get up to $1000 cash back
    • Get $450 off the OnePlus 10 pro with trade-in
    • Save $800 on Galaxy phones
    • Trade-in for a free iPhone 13 or iPhone 12
    • Get a free Samsung Galaxy S22 with trade-in

    ii) Join T-Mobile Tuesday’s program

    Every Tuesday, as a way of saying “thank you” for choosing T-Mobile as your carrier, the company runs a promotion called T-Mobile Tuesdays. Additionally, you occasionally have the opportunity to win incredible rewards like fantastic trips, the newest smartphones, gift cards, and more.

    Anyone with a qualified branded monthly rate plan from T-Mobile, Sprint, or Metro by T-Mobile is eligible to participate. Most monthly voice and data plans for consumers and businesses qualify as qualifying rate plans. Every qualified line deemed to be in “active status” is eligible to participate.

     iii) Enroll In the Email Program

    Get T-Mobile internet discounts delivered to your inbox when you subscribe with your email. Following the application, the business sends emails containing details, special offers, and coupon codes for the many services and goods offered. Additionally, you receive notifications when there are new printable coupons and printable discount chances so you can plan your upgrades.

    Does T-Mobile offer a free government phone

    T-Mobile does not provide free government phones, even though it does offer Lifeline service in a few states and only where it is recognized as an Eligible Telecommunications Carrier. The Lifeline discount of up to $9.25 is available to eligible Lifeline customers on most T-Mobile rate plans. Federally recognized tribal land residents who meet the requirements may also get a discount of up to $25 per month. There are no federal USF taxes or fees to pay.

    T-Mobile offers the Federal Lifeline Discount on all of its generally accessible consumer rate plans. In particular, T-Mobile offers the Federal Lifeline Discount on its $20.00 tax-inclusive Basic Rate Plan, which includes unlimited talk and text.

    Bottom line

    T-Mobile is one of the US carriers that give away free phones to customers, but there are requirements. The truth is that although you can acquire the phone for free and without having to pay anything upfront, you will eventually have to cover the total cost of the item.

    As previously said, you can switch providers or use an installment payment plan to trade your equipment in exchange for a free cell phone. If you come across such free offers, make sure you know all the terms and conditions before proceeding.