Where Can I Buy Assurance Wireless Phones

Assurance Wireless is a subsidized telephone service by the Lifeline Assistance program. It was founded in 2009 and provides low-cost phone service to eligible customers. The company caters to individuals with limited financial means or credit history who need wireless services. It offers affordable cell phone plans and wireless devices so users can make and receive calls, text messages and emails without spending much money.

Assurance Wireless is only available online or through select partners at this time. You can buy your new Assurance Wireless phone from third-party sellers like Amazon, Walmart and eBay, but you won’t be able to activate it until you buy an Assurance Wireless SIM card directly from the company. Keep reading to know details about where can you buy Assurance Wireless phones.

Where Can I Buy Assurance Wireless Phones

Where Can I Buy Assurance Wireless Phones

You may have heard of Assurance Wireless before and have pretty much idea about the cell phones of this company. It is one of the best wireless providers highlighting the Lifeline program, which is available in 40 states. There are various online shops where you can buy phones of Assurance Wireless. But there are three online places that you can fully believe. These are – Amazon, Walmart and eBay.

You can buy an Assurance Wireless phone from Amazon at a reasonable price. You can also buy SIM cards directly from Amazon. You won’t get any Assurance Wireless cell phones at Walmart. Phones that are compatible with service of Assurance Wireless are provided free or purchased at the Assurance Wireless website if a customer wants to upgrade to an advanced version.

At eBay, customers can buy any phone of Assurance Wireless as they sell both cell phones and smartphones. Apart from that, you can bring your own phone to Assurance Wireless.

Assurance Wireless Compatible Phones

You can buy any unlocked phone or use your own device with Assurance Wireless as long as it’s compatible with the company’s network. To find out if your phone compatible with Assurance Wireless, refer to the list of compatible devices below.

  • Samsung Galaxy A10e 4G LTE
  • Apple iPhone 7
  • ZTE Blade A5 2020 (32GB, 2GB)
  • Nokia G10 
  • (Renewed) Samsung Galaxy A10e
  • OnePlus Nord N200
  • Blackview A80 
  • TCL 10 SE Unlocked Android Smartphone
  • i12 Pro MAX Unlocked Smartphone
  • Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro
  • Motorola One 5G 
  • TCL 20 SE 6.82″ Unlocked Cellphone
  • Nokia 1.4
  • Samsung Galaxy A21s

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a low-cost cell phone, then Assurance Wireless is a good option. The company offers a variety of different plans, each with a different number of minutes and texts. You can add more minutes or texts to your plan at any time and add a new line to your account for just $25 per month. If you’re interested in buying an Assurance Wireless phone, you can visit one of the company’s retail stores or use the Lifeline wireless website.