How to Switch to Mint Mobile

If you feel the need to shift to Mint mobile as your new carrier, but you don’t know where to begin, then this article has got you covered. The page will answer the question; how to switch to Mint Mobile? However, before exploring the steps to make your switch, it is significant for you to understand the carrier better and also to know what benefits you will enjoy.

You may access 4GLTE and 5G networks with nationwide coverage thanks to Mint Mobile, an MVNO owned and operated by T-Mobile, one of the largest network service providers in the United States. Moreover, the internet provider is also one of the MVNOs renowned for offering the most excellent and economical phone plans, including multi-line plans, Wi-Fi calling, and many more.

Additionally, the company offers Prepaid services, which demand upfront payment once you buy a SIM starter KIT. Also, it would help if you bought a transferable credit before using any mobile service; this credit can be used to make calls, send texts, or use data on a cell phone. Furthermore, the business offers excellent phone bargains, budget-friendly plans, and a three-month free trial of its services.

How to Switch to Mint Mobile

How to Switch to Mint Mobile

For you to switch your carrier to this cell phone service provider, continue as follows:

i) Unlock Your Phone

unlocking your phone is the first step toward switching to a new carrier; this enables your phone to operate on a different carrier’s network. To learn how to unlock your phone, visit the official website of the mobile provider.

ii) Check Compatibility

Not all phones can function with Mint Mobile. You can use the IMEI checker available on their website to verify your phone’s compatibility. The 15-digit IMEI code, also known as the International Mobile Equipment Identity code, is required for this process.

iii) Choose the Right Time to Switch

Wait until the conclusion of your billing month to cancel your old plan. The carriers will not refund your unspent minutes or data if you cancel your subscription early; make the switch when the month is nearly over.

iv) Keep Your Phone Number

While changing providers, Mint Mobile makes it simple to keep your number. A “Cheat Sheet” detailing how to transfer to each carrier is available online. Moreover, below is a list of the general steps to be followed:

  • Ask your previous carrier for your account number.
  • Obtain the account’s password, passphrase, or PIN.
  • Know the zip code and billing address
  • Activate it at

Bottom Line

With today’s MVNOs, one can switch from one carrier to another; since most prepaid network providers don’t charge termination fees. Mint Mobile is among the most affordable mobile service providers in the United States; hence, if you wish to switch to the carrier, you should follow the steps listed in the article.