How Much Does Pure Talk Cost

You may be thinking of switching to pure talk as your new mobile service provider, but then you ask yourself: How much does a pure talk cost? Look no further; this article is all you will need to answer your question. However, before diving into the carrier’s cost, it is crucial to learn more about the company’s benefits and services.

Pure talk is a prepaid mobile virtual network provider that uses the 4G LTE and 5G networks to provide nationwide coverage and quick internet speeds. Additionally, the carrier offers inexpensive plans starting at $25 per month. Network users can benefit from low-cost family plans and Pure Talk programs for seniors, such as the visible unlimited bundle.

Some of the features included in the plans that the company offers include; Unlimited Talk & Text and high-speed Internet service up to 5G. You will also enjoy voicemail, call forwarding, video conferencing, and call waiting. Pure Talk’s mobile phone services have no data overage fees. Therefore, you will only pay for what you use, and there will be no surprising prices compared to other carriers.

How Much Does Pure Talk Cost

With mobile plans starting at $25 per month for a single line and $16 per line for a family of four, Pure Talk is one of the most cost-effective MVNOs in the United States. If your phone is compatible with the MVNO’s network, they will let you use it, saving you the expense of purchasing a new one. Additionally, the carriers provide a selection of phone deals that meet your budget and come with no commitment and no activation fees if you want to get a new phone.

How Much Does Pure Talk Cost

The carrier has a wide selection of the newest, highest-tech iPhones and Android phones. For instance, the price of the Nokia 5.4 is $50, the Blu G91s is $50, the Apple iPhone SE 3rd Gen is $179, and the Apple iPhone 12 is $479. Additionally, your phone must be GSM-compatible for you to bring it. You can use your phone’s IMEI to check compatibility on the official Pure Talk website.

The company offers seven standard cell phone plans, which are:

  • The Simply Smarter plan goes for 20$ and provides; 2GB of high-speed data (only available to subscribers with 2 or more lines).
  • $25/mo Simply Smarter plan; 4GB high-speed data
  • With $30 per month, you will get the simply smarter plan that offers 6GB of high-speed data.
  • The $35/mo Simply Smarter plan offers 10GB of high-speed data.
  • The $45 per month Simply Smarter plan; comes with 20GB of high-speed data.
  • $55 per month Simply Smarter plan; that provides Unlimited data plus a 15GB hotspot.
  • $65 per month Simply Smarter plan; Unlimited data + 25GB hotspot

Bottom line

Pure talk is among the most affordable MVNO in the United test; with only $25 per month, you can access high-speed data under the AT&T network. Moreover, with $55 per month, you can access unlimited data with a 15 GB hotspot. In addition, the carrier also offers new smartphone deals; from as low as $50, you get Nokia 5.4 and many more phone choices that fit your budget.