Does CenturyLink Have 24 Hour customer service

Have you ever wished to contact CenturyLink at any time of the day but doubted about the carrier’s customer service operation hours? Does CenturyLink have 24 hour customer service? We have discussed that in the content below. We shall also check on how you can contact the carrier’s customer service to get all your issues attended to.

At times issues arise with one’s devices or plans, and hence you require attention from CenturyLink customer service. If the carrier avails the customer care services for 24 hours, you are assured that you can contact them anytime and get assisted. Notably, CenturyLink offers high-speed internet services for residents and businesses.

If you wish to order any CenturyLink service, you can order online from the carrier’s website or call 1-833-465-1986. You can get a plan with a maximum download/upload speed of up to 940Mbps through a wired connection. If you have questions about these plans or other services, troubleshooting CenturyLink internet equipment, billing, and reporting suspected outages, you will direct them to customer service.

Does CenturyLink have 24 hour customer service

CenturyLink has 24-hour customer service that allows existing customers to have all their questions and issues attended to at any time of the day. You can use online means to contact them or call them via phone. The carrier has several numbers that you can use to reach them. You can contact them at 1-866-987-0357 or 1-866-642-0442 to speak with a customer service representative.

You can use the live chat option to get technical support from CenturyLink available 24/7. Moreover, you will only wait a minute to get a representative on the other side of the chat. The live chat is available on the CenturyLink website. You should ensure you are clear and courteous to get the best help possible.

Before contacting, it is recommended to follow the following steps to quicken the process:

  • Call CenturyLink’s registered phone number to reach customer service. It makes it easier for the agent to locate your information and provide you with assistance quickly.
  • If you have trouble remembering it, have your CenturyLink account number in front of you.
  • You should have a pen and paper on hand when troubleshooting any technical issues so that you may jot down all the instructions and refer to them later.
  • You may always ask CenturyLink from the call to set up a technician for you if you need help with gear or equipment that you could not fix. This one will allow you to address your issue face-to-face.

Bottom line

CenturyLink is a popular internet service provider in the US. It offers high-speed internet, fiber, voice, phone, and TV services for residential and business purposes. If you have issues with your plans or equipment or need any technical support, you can contact the carrier’s customer service. You can contact them via phone or use the live chat from the website. It is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.