Given that it debuted in 2015, US Mobile is a rather established MVNO today compared to some of its rivals. It is a stand-alone operation that depends on T-Mobile for GSM connections and Verizon for CDMA coverage.

    US Mobile’s mission is to offer its clients variety, flexibility, and affordability. With options for voice and text, data only, by-the-gig, and unlimited plans, their plans may be had for as little as $5 per month. This post will show you the cheapest US Mobile plan and how to use the MVNO to cut costs.

    With the new Unlimited Premium and Unlimited Basic plans, US Mobile has redesigned its prior unlimited offers and entered the competition for the best unlimited MVNO plans. With Unlimited Premium, you can receive unlimited talk, text, and data with 100GB of Warp Speed 5G speeds for just $45 a month.

    In addition, the carrier offers 10GB of foreign roaming data and a whopping 50GB of hotspot bandwidth, which is unheard of by smaller carriers. That is a deal you hardly ever see for such a robust plan.

    Even better, depending on which 5G network you’re connected to, you’ll get the ultimate quickest mmWave 5G speeds while still enjoying superb coverage on either the T-Mobile or Verizon networks. Want to join in the fun with some of your friends or family? When you set up a family plan, you may pay as little as $30 per line while still getting access to benefits like HBO Max, Audible, and Apple TV+ streaming subscriptions.

    Our Picks Top 5 cheapest US mobile plan

    There are just two fundamental ways to create a US Mobile plan. Either you can purchase unlimited service or reduce your access to save money. Even better, all US Mobile plans now come standard with free Warp speed 5G access. However, there are so many levels of talk and text that choosing one can be difficult.

     If you are looking for the cheapest US Mobile plan, you should consider the following;

    1) Unlimited Premium family plan- Cheapest family plan

    Save money (per line) when you add more lines to the Unlimited All plan. You only need to pay:

    • $80/month for two lines ($40/line)
    • $105/month for three lines ($35/line)
    • $120/month for four lines ($30/line)

    Additionally, you can access US Mobile’s plethora of streaming benefits when you build a package with three or more lines. Select either one three-line membership or two four-line subscriptions from various options, including the Disney Bundle, Pandora Plus, Spotify Family, Netflix, and more.

    2) Build your own plan- Overall cheapest

    The Build Your Own Plan feature is US Mobile’s main selling point. Each household member can have their own unique plan with as much or as little talk, text, and data as required. Technically, you could create your own plan for as little as $5 per month if you only wanted the bare necessities but required all three.

    Each custom plan includes excessive speeds up to 250 Mbps and hotspot access up to your data cap, which helps slightly improve them. As the top tier of each plan service will put you at a $37 per month plan, you’ll probably get the most value if you keep your consumption moderate.

    3) US Mobile Unlimited Talk & Text- Cheapest talk and text plan

    The US Mobile Unlimited Talk & Text plan can be ideal if you value data usage cost savings. Without having to pay for costly data you don’t use, you’ll have the minutes and texts you require to stay in touch with anybody you like. This plan’s starting price of $12/month reminds us how much more the majority of internet addicts are forced to spend for mobile data.

    You can also tailor a US Mobile plan to your needs, starting with data as little as 50MB if you find that you need some mobile data for the infrequent times you need to check your email or use the internet.

    4) Pooled data Plan- Cheapest shared plan

    You can share a pool of data among a family or business for just $9 per line and $2 for each GB. Choose the number of lines and the shareable data size you desire. Every line comes with unlimited talk and texting! On the PC, you may now create a pooled plan!

    In addition to your shared data plans, you can have individual lines on your account. You may, for instance, have a pool of three lines and eight individual lines on your account. You can increase the number of lines in your pool or remove lines and add them to particular plans.

    5) US Mobile 5GB Plan- Cheapest plan for low-data users

    For people who enjoy using their mobile data but don’t frequently view videos or play games, the US Mobile 5GB plan is the best option. The 5GB restriction may be somewhat restrictive during some months, but average data users may get away with purchasing this US Mobile package.

    This plan’s unusual cost for value in the market at $10 a month is what we particularly like about it. While 5GB-8GB plans are reasonably widespread and in demand, few others have prices as low as this one. This should undoubtedly be on your radar if you’re looking for a low-data plan.

    Does US Mobile offer any discounts or referral programs on their service

    US Mobile provides free SIM cards, a student discount, and a referral program. A unique referral code is given to each US Mobile user. You receive a 50% discount (up to $10 in value) on your subsequent US Mobile bill for each friend you recommend. Additionally, your buddy will receive a first-month service discount of up to $10. The discount is valid on up to 6 bills.

    To receive two free SIM cards and $20 in account credit, enter the code “STETSON” (without the quotes). Additionally, students are qualified for a monthly discount of 20% off all plans. You will also receive an incredible 25% monthly discount on your US Mobile payment if you attend one of the participating colleges or universities.

     Bottom line

    The cheapest plan for you is typically the one that meets your usage at a low price, as we frequently mention when proposing plans. It’s simple to create a flexible plan with US Mobile, which appears to be the least expensive choice, but most families will be lured to the new unlimited plan reductions, which is the least expensive family plan. Additionally, all plans now include 5G connectivity at no additional cost, so the availability of strong Warp-speed 5G need not be your deciding decision.