When relocating to a new city, choosing an internet service provider should be at the top of any relocating person’s “To Do” list. Google’s Fiber internet and phone services may be a fantastic alternative, depending on where you live. Google Fiber is one of the best options for real Gigabit residential internet and phone services. Let’s take a closer look at the best Google Fiber internet plans and what they offer regarding bundles and cost.

    Google Fiber, launched in 2010 and is currently part of Alphabet’s Access subsidiary, is a broadband internet company that is a leader in bringing fiber connections to homes. This was an innovative product at its inception, as few carriers could match Google Fiber speeds. The number of Google Fiber locations has steadily increased over time, yet it tends to thrive in cities where it establishes itself due to its low cost and lightning-fast connection speed. Google’s internet service is still one of the best available.

     As someone who values high-speed internet and is ready to pay a premium for it, I believe Google Fiber is worth investigating. Few fiber providers, let alone cable or DSL providers, can match Google Fiber’s speed potential. When looking for internet service in your location, you’ll want to think about more than just speed. But first, let’s go through what you can anticipate from Google Fiber’s internet services.

    Reasons To Choose Google Fiber Internet Plans

    There are a few points to think about while considering whether or not to go with Google Fiber over another provider.

    • There are no installation or equipment fees with Google Fiber. Most customers receive free installation and the necessary equipment for their services, such as a router, fiber connector, or network box.
    • There are no contracts or data caps with Google Fiber internet. The internet service provided by Google Fiber does not need you to sign a contract. That means you can cancel your service anytime without incurring a cost for doing so (ETF). You also won’t have to worry about Google Fiber internet restricting your speeds after a specific amount of data has been used.
    • Google Fiber provides free Google Wi-Fi. Google Wi-Fi is a smart, mesh Wi-Fi 6 system that can provide a robust Wi-Fi connection across your home.

    Google Fiber Internet Plans And Pricing 

    Google Fiber has two plan options: fast (1 Gig, 1Gbps) or super-fast (2 Gigs, 2Gbps). While fiber companies and most cable providers offer gigabit service, AT&T, Frontier, Xfinity, and Ziply Fiber are the only significant providers with multi-gigabit plans. And it’s often only available to a limited percentage of members.

    Instead of the standard copper wires used by cable and DSL (telephone line) internet, Google Fiber uses fiber-optic lines that transfer data through hair-thin glass fibers. This results in speeds up to 100 times faster than cable and DSL connections, as well as fewer occurrences of neighborhood slowdowns during high usage hours, as with all fiber internet providers.

    1) 1 Gig internet plan

    Internet that can keep up with your entire house and everyone who lives there, including 200+ connected gadgets.

    • Downloads are up to 6 times faster than cable internet.
    • Uploads are up to 77 times quicker than cable internet.
    • Google Wi-Fi is integrated, with up to two access points.
    • Installation by a professional is free, or you can use a self-install kit.

    2) 2 Gig internet plan

    Large families, smart homes, big-time entertainment lovers, and serious gamers all need a lot of speed and bandwidth.

    • Downloads are up to 12 times faster than cable internet2.
    • Uploads are up to 77 times faster than cable internet2.
    • Included are a Wi-Fi 6 router and a Mesh Extender.
    • Professional installation is provided at no cost.

    Google Fiber Internet Plus Phone Plans And Prices

    Google Fi Phone can be added to Google Fiber internet for an extra $10 per month. It’s a conventional VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) digital connection, but you’ll need to supply your own landline phone yes, those still exist.

    Google Fiber also had its own live streaming TV service, but it has since been stopped. Instead, it now directs subscribers to YouTube TV (owned by Google, of course) or fuboTV, which are excellent internet-based television options.

    Package Price Maximum speeds Phone type
    1 Gig + Google Fiber Phone $80.00/mo 1,000Mbps download, 1,000Mbps upload Digital VoIP
    2 Gig + Google Fiber Phone $110.00/mo. 2,000Mbps download, 1,000 Mbps upload Digital VoIP

    Details Of Google Fiber Internet Plans Pricing

    Because Google Fiber has no introductory pricing, you won’t have to worry about a price hike after a year. That’s not to say the price won’t go up in the future, but there’s no guarantee it will after a set period.

    Google Fiber options include unlimited data (no overage fees) and no contracts with a minimum period of service (so no early termination fees). ISPs are increasingly offering unlimited data and no commitments.

    Even yet, some big-name carriers will demand you to sign a contract to obtain the best deal or will charge you $50 or more in overage fees if you exceed your data limit.

    Process Of Google Fiber Internet Plans Measure Up To Competitors

    In general, Google Fiber offers faster speeds at lower pricing than its competitors, as well as more flexibility with unlimited bandwidth and no long-term contracts. However, it is only available in a few regions, meaning that most people do not have access to it.

    Google Fiber will have a higher beginning price than other fiber providers — or any ISP. AT&T Fiber ($55), CenturyLink ($50), Frontier Fiber Optic ($50), and Verizon Fios ($40) all have lower monthly starting pricing, but keep in mind that these plans come with much slower speeds.

    Google Fiber will be difficult to surpass if you’re looking for a gigabit service. Google Fiber’s gig service starts at a lower price than Frontier and Verizon (both around $80 per month), and while it’s more expensive than Optimum ($50 per month) and CenturyLink ($65 per month), the free equipment rental makes it a better deal in the end. You won’t be able to get 2Gbps service from either of those companies.

    Bottom Line

    If you need speed, there may be no better option than Google Fiber — assuming the service is available in your area. Google Fiber boasts some of the best gig service rates. It’s the only major provider with a 2Gbps package that isn’t AT&T.

    Favourable service terms, such as free equipment rental, unlimited data, and no contract constraints, add to the value of Google Fiber and are likely to contribute to the company’s excellent customer satisfaction rating.